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  1. Favorite movies
  2. Any artists here?
  3. What fictional character do you most relate to?
  4. The music topic
  5. What music do you listen to?
  6. ArtPad - post your drawing!
  7. Songs you would like to die to
  8. Funny comics
  9. Best bands of the mid-90s
  10. Music to dance to?
  11. Your Ultimate Emotional Songs
  12. Favouritest Lyrics Thread
  13. What is your favourite movie of all time
  14. your sickest most pathetic cheesy love song ever
  15. Whats' favourite song of all time, or at the moment
  16. I just watched 1984 again
  17. Hey, people who read books
  18. I Saw Harry Potter and The Meaningless Name last night
  19. Possible Harry Potter spoilers! You were warned!
  20. Post Your Music Thread
  21. Music: The 80s Station
  22. The 90's station
  23. Power Music
  24. what genre would you descibe this as?
  25. Non-Gory (But Good) Horror Films
  26. Post your Photography/Art
  27. No Country For Old Men
  28. The Dangerous and Violent Thread
  29. Worst movies of all time
  30. Life Before Death: Photo Essay
  31. What's your favorite movie?
  32. The Awful German Language by Mark Twain
  33. The Dark Knight
  34. Summer Pics
  35. I'm looking for a substitute for the X-files series
  36. Please recommend me esoteric and classical literature
  37. Songs for when you’re having “one of those days”
  38. what is your favorite instrument?
  39. Thread for winter photographs
  40. Eagle vs Shark
  41. Music That Reaches To Your Soul
  42. No more dirty harrys
  43. Thread for Norwegian music lol
  44. A Music Thread
  45. Forum Member Theme Songs
  46. 90s greatest hits thread
  47. Priceless!
  48. What kinds of fiction do you read?
  49. post music that used to be popular
  50. Ever Decreasing Circles
  51. The 16 Types Adventures
  52. Classical Music
  53. 17 Moments of Spring
  54. Spring '10 Pics
  55. How many books did you read last year?
  56. great one hit wonder songs
  57. Post good art here
  58. Poetry!
  59. what are you listening to?
  60. what are you listening to? (archived '10-'18)
  61. Bridget Jones Diary
  62. [NSFW] Favorite Visual Artists
  63. Favorite movies
  64. Self-representation through images
  65. Music from movie scores/soundtracks that makes you feel good
  66. Love Songs
  67. Freaks and Geeks
  68. Metal
  69. My Lengthy Thoughts on Poetry and Subjectivity
  70. Solar Fields
  71. Express your mood with media
  72. kassie music thread
  73. Galen's 30 Day Song Challenge
  74. What are you listening 2011-14
  75. Your favorite song and what it means to you
  76. B-movie clips
  77. Breaking Bad Finale Discussion(Spoilers from previous episode, if you haven't seen it don't read)
  78. first artsy thread
  79. Would you listen to this?
  80. My first song on t16t
  81. Drive
  82. Silk Weave
  83. +1 to all the user created music threads
  84. ear worms
  85. Songs of the Night
  86. dolphins pond of high ramblings
  87. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  88. cool sites for free ebooks
  89. Can anyone explain Episode 22 of Code Geass R2 to me?
  90. Smartphone Audio
  91. post the next song thread
  92. A question for Mr Cyrano
  93. The 16 Types Adventures, Volume II
  94. Irvine Museum's Two-Faced Artist: Granville Redmond
  95. 16TA Official Class List Thread
  96. great paragraphs from what you're reading
  97. Emotional Depth in Art/Music
  98. teaching art
  99. The 16 Types Adventures Trading Cards: You too can be one!
  100. The16Types Adventures: The Other Side of the Socion
  101. Thread Split from The 16 Types Adventures: The Other Side of the Socion
  102. Forum Member Theme Songs #2
  103. What kind of acting have you done?
  104. Anno 2070
  105. truck's music video thread
  106. twilight vs harry potter
  107. Psychoville
  108. Should I buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 101?
  109. video games were so much cooler back in the day
  110. Contemporary City of Brea Gallery and Vintage Irvine Museum Exhibit
  111. The saddest song?
  112. The Hunger Games is scaring me
  113. carrie 2002 remake (not carrie 2)
  114. I wanna be a Sith Warrior!
  115. Inspiring, Beautiful, Impressive, Cute and Mind-Blowing pictures
  116. I'm already bored with skyrim
  117. k0rpsound
  118. Live video feed of bg's cat
  119. nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga
  120. Korpsey's music corner
  121. no_id musicz
  122. I made a song poetry thing
  123. dethmetal
  124. KICE 319FM
  125. cpigs pirate satellite radio
  126. Everyone should hear this
  127. Music and Sexy Times
  128. Please homosexuality, neuter retarded ninja ron Current listens
  129. Recommend some must-read literature
  130. Best Emotional Porn Ever
  131. From our favorite band of misfits - Burning Heroes
  132. 16Types Adventures In Space!
  133. someone help me
  134. Absurd's Socionics Composers
  135. Starfall's magic box
  136. Funeral Kings
  137. an incredible street artist with an awesome instrument
  138. No! These aren't photographs
  139. Grand Theft Auto radio
  140. dfkjdahfjkhadskj
  141. Eurovision 2012: ugh
  142. Socionics MMO
  143. Why Is America So Intent Upon Ugliness?
  144. kill me
  145. discuss
  146. I'm in love with two cartoon characters
  147. The Human Centipede
  148. Micro Sculptures
  149. Iron Sky
  150. creepy?
  151. Gource OS Tool
  152. Are you an audiophile/videophile?
  153. Post a Song For the Person Above You
  154. Diablo IV: Sam and Wookie Style
  155. Book recommendation thread
  156. how wide is your taste in music?
  157. Aqua/bg slash fiction
  158. Post words you find beautiful
  159. Leona Lewis story
  160. 16types Adventures: Maritsa Mini-Series (10 Chapters)
  161. I hereby expand the food forum to include FASHION!
  162. I have always been in love with Ernest Hemingway
  163. Gilly's Media Thread
  164. Sam/Sean Love Story
  165. whatareyoulisteningto? (now w/spoilers)
  166. analyze these pictures
  167. ITT Everybody post a picture of your floor
  168. PT2 analyze these pictures
  169. I guess this is what Korea is like IRL
  170. Linkin Park's Living Things
  171. (NSFW) cruelty - marina abrimov rhythm o
  172. hip hop/rap
  173. The Newsroom
  174. quick, easy, at least slightly thought provoking books
  175. Lets see one of your bookshelves
  176. This is amazing
  177. The Green Mile
  178. People Staring At Computers
  179. goodreads
  180. Late 90s Early 2000s Music Thread
  181. Post your favorite songs of the last 7 years here
  182. The Korean Music War
  183. For you all music critics
  184. Team Tolstoy or Team Dostoyevsky?
  185. Team Jacob or team Edward?
  186. Covers/Remixes That Are Better than the Original
  187. Red Hot Chili Peppers at Lollapalooza
  188. Isn't Octo cute?
  189. Artistic Uniden Video
  190. DJ Arendee's Music Channel
  191. Post music that god listens to
  192. analyze these pictures #3
  193. some of my photos
  194. You Ain't Never Heard Baroque
  195. how to read poetry
  196. Instagram Sharing Thread
  197. Anna Gurji
  198. Post songs on your mind, in spoiler tags
  199. Tears of a clown
  200. Fifty Shades of Turtle
  201. I dedicate this song to Baby
  202. Official Book Thread
  203. absurds monthly visitor
  204. Atlas of True Names
  205. Type my characters
  206. A Poem I wrote for my girlfriend
  207. Day(z) of the Dead
  209. Empire of the Sun
  210. ITT: Epic Choral Music (That Is Not Carmina Burana by Orff)
  211. Christmas Music 2k12
  212. artistic musings
  213. molfin's pond of high ramblings
  214. 3D Sound
  215. Skyfall
  216. Random Acts of Poetry
  217. Hewp
  218. Warren Farrell - The Myth of Male Power
  219. Songs You Want Played at Your Funeral
  220. PWP/Viznut
  221. Top 20 TV Shows of All Time (in the mind of hitta)
  222. Contemporary Jazz Appreciation Thread
  223. TestPress EP 5, feat Yours Truly
  224. the Share Something Nice thread
  225. ITT: Type/Analyze Tumblrs (if you want)
  226. Minimalistic Living -- Micro Homes & Spaces
  227. The song I was named after
  228. Sol Seppy
  229. Walking Music Videos
  230. Ukraine has a tallent! Video!!!
  231. do you write poetry?
  232. Songs About Drugs!
  233. Coming soon on HBO
  234. Upcoming Movies Thread
  235. Nudity: What makes the difference bt porn and art for YOU? (Possible NSFW)
  236. Absurd's Socionics Merchandise
  237. This Song Deserves Its Own Thread
  238. Magic the Gathering Concept Album?
  239. movies you never get sick of watching
  240. Post music with a description
  241. Don't let it go to your head thread
  242. Duets receptacle
  243. The artist who killed a cat and masturbated on it
  244. the new season of arrested development
  245. Forum members who remind you of fictional characters
  246. The Nostalgia Thread
  247. Better than Bieber
  248. "Songs Of Autumn" Debut EP
  249. Nostalgic Electronic Pop