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  1. Article: Making Duality Work by V. Meged
  2. Information Metabolism - Kempinsky
  3. Article: Energy model of a socionics object. Structure and Function. (by V. Gulenko)
  4. Article: Model A
  5. Article: Socionics: Typology - Small Groups - Reinin's Book (Translation required)
  6. Article: Man as a System of Types
  7. Article: Socionic "Masks": How They Hinder Us and Help Us
  8. Article: Socionics Type Subtype Descriptions by V. Meged, A. Ovcharov, and V. Gulenko
  9. Article: Socionics: Four Quadra
  10. Article: Socionics Duality Descriptions by V.Meged, A.Ovcharov
  11. Article: Duality Descriptions (Filatova)
  12. Article: Aspects Semantics (Prokofieva)
  13. Article: On Vectors of Social Progress by A. Dovgan
  14. Article: Gulenko VI Method
  15. Article: "Accentuated Functions" by Gulenko
  16. Article: DCNH Subtypes: The Empirical Portrait by Vera Borisova
  17. Article: Plus/Minus Functions and Quadra Values by Victor Gulenko
  18. Article: INFp description by Filatova
  19. Article: Metabolism of Information
  20. Article: ESFj description by Filatova
  21. Article: INTp description by Filatova
  22. Article: ISFj description by Filatova
  23. Article: ENTp description by Filatova
  24. Article: ENFj description by Filatova
  25. Article: ISFp description by Filatova
  26. Article: ESFp description by Filatova
  27. Article: ENFp description by Filatova
  28. Article: ISTp description by Filatova
  29. Article: ESTj description by Filatova
  30. Article: ENTj description by Filatova
  31. Article: INTj description by Filatova
  32. Article: ESTp description by Filatova
  33. Article: ISTj description by Filatova
  34. Article: INFj description by Filatova
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  36. Article: Forms of Cognition by Victor Gulenko
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  39. Article: Huxley, Female Portrait, ENFp by Beskova
  40. Article: Dumas, Male portrait, ISFp by Beskova
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  42. Article: Esenin, Female portrait, INFp by Beskova
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  44. Article: Hamlet, Female portrait, ENFj by Beskova
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  47. Article: Zhukov, Male Portrait, ESTp by Beskova
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  49. Article: ENFj The Mentor profile by Gulenko
  50. Article: ISTj The Inspector profile by Gulenko
  51. Article: Chapter 10 from Psychological Types by C. G. Jung
  52. Article: Socionics Information Elements Primer
  53. Article: Supervision: The relations of social control
  54. Article: On Waves of Aging and Renewal: Progress Orientation in Combination with Jungian Aspects by V. Gulenko
  55. Article: Napoleon, Female Portrait, ESFp by Beskova
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  57. Article: Superego Relations
  58. Article: Benefit: The relations of social request
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  61. Article: Mirage Relations
  62. Article: Activity Relations
  63. Article: Mirror Relations
  64. Article: Kindred Relations
  65. Article: Relations of Semi-duality
  66. Article: Extinguishment Relations
  67. Article: Gabin, Female portrait, ISTp by Beskova
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  69. Article: Hugo, Female portrait, ESFj by Beskova
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  71. Article: Dostoyevsky, Female portrait, INFj by Beskova
  72. Article: Erotic Attitudes
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  74. Article: Dreiser, Male portrait, ISFj by Beskova
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  76. Article: Maxim, Male Portrait, ISTj by Beskova
  77. Article: Maxim, Female Portrait, ISTj by Beskova
  78. Article: Dimensionality of functions
  79. Article: War against Terrorism: New Challenges to Military Personnel
  80. Article: Reinin Dichotomies
  81. Article: Signs of Functions of Model A (+/-)
  82. Article: Quasi-Identical Relations
  83. Article: Conflict Relations
  84. Article: Business Relations
  85. Article: Identical Relations
  86. Article: Quadra Progression by dolphin
  87. Article: Quadra Progression by Gilly
  88. Article: Temperaments
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  96. Article: Robespierre, Female Portrait, INTj by Beskova
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  98. Article: SP, SX, SO Instincts and Stackings
  99. Article: MBTI: Foundations and Personality Types
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  103. Article: Socionics Type Portraits by Ekaterina Filatova - Beta Quadra
  104. Article: Socionics Type Portraits by Ekaterina Filatova - Gamma Quadra
  105. Article: Socionics Type Portraits by Ekaterina Filatova - Delta Quadra
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  107. Article: Semantics and Vocabulary of Information Elements
  108. Article: Roles, Archetypes, and Energetic Qualities of SP, SX, SO Instinctual Subtypes
  109. Article: Classification of Socionics Intertype Relations According to their Purpose and Activity Orientation by Victor Gulenko
  110. Article: The Hidden Agenda and Point of Least Resistance (PoLR)
  111. Article: MBNI: Philosophy Unveiled by Lane Friesen
  112. Article: MBTI: The Physiology of Type: Jung's Four Functions
  113. Article: Socionics Intertype Relations Chart
  114. Article: What the IEs are not...
  115. Article: Socionics Type Examples with Videos
  116. Article: Dual Nature of Man by Ausra Augustinaviciute (translation needed)
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  122. Article: An Introduction to Jung's Lexicon: O-Z
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  129. Article: Advice for each type when facing daily life problems — by Reinin
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  132. Article: Sociotypes: Profiles by Functional Assignments: INFp, ISTj, ENFj, ESTp
  133. Article: Sociotypes: Profiles by Functional Assignments: INTp, ENTj, ISFj, ESFp
  134. Article: Sociotypes: Profiles by Functional Assignments: INFj, ENFp, ISTp, ESTj
  135. Article: labster's explication of functions
  136. Article: On the Nature of Four: Jung’s Quarternity, Mandalas, the Stone and the Self
  137. Article: Introduction to C.G. Jung
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  144. Article: Visual Type Identification
  145. Article: The Centripetal Law of Communication. Estimate Your Chances in Business Competition
  146. Article: Socionics: Model A: Blocks and Functions of the Socionic Model of the Psyche
  147. Article: Accepting-Producing Characteristic of Functions
  148. Article: Speaking Different Languages, Striving for the Same (Socionics vs American typology)
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  155. Article: ENTp The Seeker profile by Gulenko
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  157. Article: ISFp The Mediator profile by Gulenko
  158. Article: INTp The Critic Profile by Gulenko
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