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  1. Time is money
  2. Philosophy of existence
  3. Caution: Metaphysical Bullshit - where did socionics come from?
  4. Attempt to redeem the travesty that is modern epistemology
  5. The Philosophies of a Meaningless Life
  6. My issues with the common Judeo-Christian view of God:
  7. Why do things fall up instead of down?
  8. Essential metaphysical question: what constitutes an object?
  9. Anti-morality
  10. economics
  11. Malcolm Gladwell and Blink
  12. "The Value of Philosophy" - Bertrand Russel
  13. Which theory is your theory?
  14. What is love?
  15. Tarot cards - real or not
  16. Lody Dody
  17. Genetics and their relation to psychological type
  18. A paragraph of bullshit
  19. women's rights and employment
  20. 9/11 Documentary - Awesome conspiracy stuff
  21. I got my results back for the Genographic Project!
  22. And even better test Religion and Philosophy
  23. the moon landing
  24. Proof of God's Existence
  25. Abortion
  26. I hate Ayn Rand
  27. Montreal Shooting
  28. I hate Chomsky
  29. The Earth problemthing
  30. The Greenhouse Effect is Real
  31. Does Absolute Evil Exist?
  32. Should marriage be legally recognized?
  33. What is God?
  34. Cops need to be smacked in the face
  35. Integral Types of Countries/Nations
  36. Shooting in VA 22-32 DEAD at University
  37. Will Kucinich pwn Cheney?
  38. The Alignments Revealed
  39. Rioting in Tallinn
  40. Nature or Nuture?
  41. Optimum Population Trust
  42. Existence
  43. Is Hillary Clinton an Al-Qaeda Sympathizer?
  44. The notion of redemption in religion
  45. The Ideal State
  46. Liberalism is in its death throes
  47. Quiz Link: How Liberal or Conservative Are You?
  48. Make It Right
  49. I know who will be the next US president, can I bet on this?
  50. Political Poll
  51. Natural Selection
  52. Don't call it a cult
  53. The 5 Love Languages
  54. To Whom It May Concern:
  55. Apparently it's not the 21st century
  56. Clinton uses the 'C' word
  57. Socialism/Communism Sucks!
  58. ProChoice vs ProLife
  59. heavy post about living in poverty
  60. New definition of "wave"
  61. Gas prices set to destroy United States
  62. Money is power
  63. Time, Life, Big Existential Stuff
  64. Socionics Types and the Brain
  65. Happy 4th of July!
  66. bad news for obama
  67. John Stossel explains why socialized health care is retarded
  68. I might have been wrong about oil
  69. The Illusion
  70. Gun control cartoon
  71. cannibalism
  72. Palin: A Genuine Danger to America, the World
  73. yet another topic about the election
  74. I for one am voting for Barack Hussein Obama
  75. Evolution vs Creation in public schools
  76. Why Communism Isn't Inconceivable
  77. Should Sarah Palin be impeached?
  78. Obama Wealth Spread
  79. Prisons don't work to protect us, and they spoil criminals
  80. US Military Debate
  82. Why is gay-bashing hurting gays but Bible-bashing is obsessing over Christian shit?
  83. Why is the president of the United States so dishonest?
  84. Political Test relating to European parlamentary elections
  85. Why Bad Beliefs Don't Die (+ Advice for the Skeptic Frustrated with "Stupid" People)
  86. Time Perception
  87. Internal vs external reality
  88. People are selfish
  89. Four Interesting Health Care Uh Things
  90. Obama's Speech to School Children
  91. Guess the amount of welfare money in holland
  92. Nobel Peace Prize 2009
  93. Musings on human society
  94. Evidence of the Climate Hoax
  95. Post-Lacanian Feminism
  96. Nature's most bizarre, outrageous and gruesome mating habits
  97. Stagnation
  98. The United States finally catches up!
  99. Gun Control Wisdom
  100. Is it a human right to procreate?
  102. Has Arizona gone completely nuts?
  103. I've made the decision ~ to believe in love again
  104. The Nature of Man and His Government
  105. Proposition: boycott corporations who don't hire?
  106. The Hiring Freeze
  107. hi
  108. Thank you
  109. The Arguments against socialism
  110. Micro-economic Lessons
  111. The arguments for socialism
  112. The Lady Macbeth Effect
  113. USSR
  114. The Moral Life of Babies
  115. Socionics: It's All in the Mind
  116. Communist (Red) China
  117. The Alex Jones Thread
  118. USA
  119. Heavy
  120. "BP finally stops oil spewing from Gulf gusher"
  121. Is college debt justified
  122. Sociology is nonsense
  123. Microcurrency in the EU
  124. My view on political ideologies
  125. Jimbean is not a Klaxon
  126. The collapse of the Soviet Union
  127. "Attraction runs in the family"
  128. Animal Rights
  129. Immunize yourself against the myths of monopolies in ten minutes
  130. Look what I found
  131. "Estonian Singing Revolution"
  132. E-Cigarettes and the FDA
  133. The Broken Window Fallacy
  134. discojoe was correct about the oil spill
  135. :(
  136. List of things invented in America
  137. California's Prop 8 (Gay Marriage) Overturned
  138. Racism in US justice system: evidence
  139. Gustave de Molinari (1819-1912)
  140. The Individual and the Market
  141. kazakhstan
  142. North Korea
  143. Greatest American victory
  144. Alex Jones and the Brain Eating Vaccine Conspiracy
  145. Mosque on Ground Zero; Requested Split Topic
  146. Iran starts its first nuclear reactor today
  147. Argentina's economy-case in point
  148. Country #14 Uzbekistan
  149. lol @ the nazis
  150. Cuba's continuing shift from the fangs of Socialism
  151. Greece's economy-case in point
  152. "Autarchy" by Robert LeFevre
  153. Conclusion: sociology is bullshit
  154. Will the economy rebound next year?
  155. Prognosis for the 2010 Congressional Elections
  156. "50 Mind Blowing Facts About America That Our Founding Fathers Never Would Have Believed"
  157. "Is There Anything Good About Men? And Other Tricky Questions"
  158. United States Joint Forces Command Warns that Huge US Debt Might Lead to Military Impotence, Default or Revolution
  159. Canada censors science research
  160. A Proposal of a View of Morality
  161. "Skinny Jeans, John Wayne, And The Feminization Of America"
  162. who are we after we die?
  163. Te/Fi was finally overturned by Ti/Fe in Sweden
  165. So the US government is fucked up
  166. Weather Modification
  167. we are more alike than different
  168. Government Agents Seize Oath Keeper's New Born From Hospital
  169. RIP Glenn Beck
  170. The Israeli–Palestinian conflict
  171. Does Power Corrupt?
  172. Rudimentary cyborg
  173. The New Atheism - John N Gray
  174. Straw Dogs - John Gray
  175. Laughlin on the Future of Carbon and Climate
  176. fuck the pope
  177. The Praxeology and Ethics of Traffic Lights
  178. Bush's biggest regret
  179. Corruption per country
  180. Election day in 6 days!
  181. Copying is not Theft!
  182. Democracy doesn't work
  183. Comedy Central presents the 112th Congress!
  184. Evil at work in Alaska
  185. Democracy Works!
  186. the free market taking care of our technological competitiveness in the future
  187. Great Silent Majority
  188. The Utility of Force
  189. Great Silent Majority 2
  190. British Space Pioneers
  191. Christopher's Anti-Rationalist Beliefs
  192. The New Machiavelli: How to Wield Power in the Modern World
  193. The US post WWII economy - cliff noted to keep it simple
  194. Quantitative Easing explained
  195. Creationism vs Noncreationism
  196. Mathematical talent
  197. Moral Realism and the Proof/Persuasion Question
  198. What is your view on the theory of evolution by natural selection?
  199. Iso presents his existentialism (because I'm bored)
  200. Strength vs Weakness
  201. That which does not kill me makes me stronger
  202. Absolute knowledge is separate from existence
  203. "Watchmen" style justice in Seattle
  204. Does Sarah Palin intend to become a dictator?
  205. Spiritual Belief System Selector Quiz
  206. 2012 Presidential Candidate Selector
  207. The Irish Subjugation
  208. NASA to hold press conference "to discuss an astrobiology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life"
  209. Wikileaks
  210. Hayek vs Keynes Rap
  211. WTF?
  212. Julian Assange thread split from a What's My Type? thread
  213. Is it love?
  214. Any physics people? About infinity
  215. Yo SubT
  216. Definition of the Engineering Method
  217. Exactitudes - individualization through conformism
  218. aids has been cured
  219. "cutting the pay of public sector execs may improve their quality"
  220. Scientist Survey
  221. If you stop a cell
  222. Liberal or Conservative?
  223. They Rule
  224. Is your son a hacker!?!?!
  225. Talk about your 180 degree turns
  226. You're gonna love this one
  227. What Technology Wants
  228. Politics and the dismantling of complex institutions
  229. your face has been cured
  230. get out your rulers - possible link betwixt amygdala size and social facility
  231. Ten species of crocodiles
  232. Predictions for 2012
  233. Read this it's amazing
  234. Afterlife
  235. The Culture Wars turn hot
  236. What's Your Placement on the Vosem Chart?
  237. Correlated genotypes in friendship networks
  238. On the benefits of emphasis of the subjective perspective
  239. On the nature of concepts
  240. Political Opinions
  241. Democracy in Egypt?
  242. Contingent a priori truth?
  243. Health care law
  244. Why Letting Yourself Make Mistakes Means Making Fewer Of Them
  245. Pirsig's metaphysics of Quality
  246. I have an infinite stack of turtles on my back
  247. Supernatural Romania law on psychics
  248. the magical uses of Gaff tape!
  249. Defector admits to WMD lies that triggered Iraq war
  250. Berlusconi headed to the slammer