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  1. Life Scenarios: From Ethical Feelings to Sensory Attraction by Gulenko
  2. Socionics articles and books - translation
  3. ESFj type description by function
  4. Please translate this:
  5. Gender Roles by Socionics Type (Filatova)
  6. Socionics Gazette
  7. Articles from the International Socionics Institute
  8. Recommended reading for learning Socionics
  9. ENTj type description by functions
  10. Systran Pro translation software and articles
  11. The best descriptions in the world (IMHO)
  12. Filatova's book
  13. Socionics.com article by Sergei Ganin: "How to convert MBTI types into Socionics types"
  14. Socionics.com article by Sergei Ganin: "Notes on Visual Identification"
  15. ISTp type description by interaction of functions
  16. Gulenko's Subtype descriptions
  17. The Centripetal Law of Communication. Estimate Your Chances in Business Competition. by Gulenko
  18. Stratiyevskaya: INFp
  19. Stratiyevskaya: ENFp
  20. Stratiyevskaya: INTp
  21. ENTj profile by Stratiyevskaya: revised version
  22. BPMs: Find Your Quadra!
  23. ISTj functional description by Stratiyevskaya
  24. Sexual Compatibility in the Quadras by Bukalov
  25. Stratiyevskaya: ENFj
  26. Stratiyevskaya: ESFp
  27. ISFj description by Stratiyevskaya
  28. Stratyevskaya's description of Ne in ENFps
  29. What is the "law of the removability of kvadr"? by
  30. Reinin Dichtomies (NOT machine translated!)
  31. Stratiyevskaya: ESTp
  32. Stratiyevskaya: ESTj
  33. Stratiyevskaya: ISTp
  34. Stratiyevskaya: INFj
  35. integrated types etc
  36. books and articles burried on my hard-drive
  37. [Translation Request] Stages of Personality Development
  38. Stratiyevskaya: INTj
  39. Stratiyeveskaya: ENTp
  40. Stratiyevskaya: ISFp
  41. Recovered desriptions of Reinin Dichotomies
  42. Reinin Dichotomies Study [untranslated]
  43. One of the ways of dualisation (c) Prokofieva, Udalova
  44. Full type and subtype descriptions by Meged and Ovcharov
  45. Stratiyevskaya: ESFj
  46. War against Terrorism: New Challenges to Military Personnel
  47. INFp description (Filatova) edited version!
  48. ESTp description (Filatova) edited!
  49. INFj description (Filatova) edited!
  50. Sexual Behavior and Subtypes
  51. INTp description (Filatova) edited!
  52. ENFj description (Filatova) edited!
  53. ESFj description (Filatova) edited!
  54. Russian articles/essays
  55. INTj description (Filatova) edited!
  56. ESFp description (Filatova) edited!
  57. ISFp description (Filatova) edited!
  58. ENTp description (Filatova) edited!
  59. ISFj description (Filatova) edited!
  60. ISTj description (Filatova) edited!
  61. ENFp description (Filatova) edited!
  62. ISTp description (Filatova) edited!
  63. ESTj description (Filatova) edited!
  64. ENTj description (Filatova) edited!
  65. LIE-ENTj type description by socioscope
  66. Harmonization of Relations in Duality Pairs by Meged
  67. Socionics Article Index
  68. Compilation of Duality Descriptions by Meged and Ovcharov
  69. Information Field and Information Elements from Socionics.org
  70. Behaviour of Children by Socionics Type excerpt from Ovcharov's book
  71. Visual Identification Resources: External Features
  72. Stratievskaya's Se in the SLE-ESTp
  73. Short type profiles from Socioniko.net
  74. Perspectivist Revolution in Socionics by Dovgan
  75. Socionics recommended in Brazil as a tool in law enforcement
  76. Quadra Estafet: Silhouettes of Time Through Succession of Types by Gulenko
  77. Socionics Anthology russian machine translated articles
  78. A Augusta: Reinin Dichotomies
  79. Semantic Content of the Symbols utilized in Socionics by Augusta
  80. Articles by Victor Talanov
  81. [Translation Request] Bukalov on the dimensionality of functions
  82. Comparison of typologies : Socionics and Psychosophy
  83. who will be the next leader of articles?
  84. P Stands for Phenomenon by Sergei Ganin
  85. Te in LIE's (translated from Stratiyevska's LIE description)
  86. Stratiyevskaya machine translations
  87. Socionics Books on Amazon
  88. Descriptions of Functions in Model A
  89. Socionics and Ideal Partner Study
  90. Information Metabolism by Dmitri Lytov
  91. Are the socioscope descriptions any good?
  92. Book: Socionics: Scalability of Complex Social Systems
  93. About Aspects and Functions in Socionics by Prokofieva
  94. Plus/Minus by Victor "El Diablo" Gulenko
  95. Quadra Romancing and Erotic Styles
  96. Eglit, Pyatnitskii: Study of fears in one-dimensional functions
  97. "the Russians" and differing socionics views
  98. DCNH subtypes by Vera Borisova: Dominant, Creative, Normalizing, Harmonizing
  99. Chapter 10 from Personality Types by Carl Gustav Jung
  100. DCNH: Incomplete groups by Bannov
  101. Theory of Subtypes: DCNH System by Gulenko
  102. On the correct understanding of dichotomy Logic/Ethics in Socionics
  103. Temperaments and Channels of Perception by Ledin
  104. Socionics types and stress resistance by Gulenko
  105. [VI] Portraits by E. Filatova
  106. Gulenko's Descriptions of the DCNH Subtypes
  107. Visual Identification by Gulenko
  108. Filatova's book published in English
  109. Translation: Model A
  110. General Principles of the Dominant Functions
  111. Reinin's Book
  112. "Man as a System of Types" by Gulenko
  113. Four Quadra translation from socionics.org
  114. "Accentuated Functions" by Gulenko
  115. Any More Socionics Ebooks?
  116. [VI] Type portraits from socionics.org (visual identification)
  117. International Institute of Socionics
  118. Any threads/sites in particular I should read to learn socionics?
  119. MBTI and Socionics: Legacy of Dr. Carl Jung by Sergei Moshenkov - has anyone read this book?
  120. Frustration at the Lack of Socionics Research
  121. Socionics Interpretation of Russian National Character by Kramarenko and Davidson
  122. Random Indicators of Information Elements by Meged and Ovcharov
  123. Conflict relations--various authors (machine trans)
  124. Activity relations--various authors (machine trans)
  125. Duality relations--various authors (machine trans)
  126. Quasi-identical relations--various authors (machine trans)
  127. Mirage/illusionary relations--various authors (machine trans)
  128. Identical relations--various authors (machine trans)
  129. Supervision relations - various authors (machine trans)
  130. Benefit relations--various authors (machine trans)
  131. Superego relations--various authors (machine trans)
  132. An American Institute of Socionics
  133. What are some of the best russian socionics sources?
  134. Article: Periodic System of the Socion
  135. Socionics: Primary Sources?
  136. socionics research journals
  137. Visual representations of information aspects by Anna Mitrohina
  138. Best Type Profiles Ever
  139. Filatova's: Duality as Complementation between Strong/Weak Functions (Alpha Edition)
  140. Filatova's: Duality as Complementation between Strong/Weak Functions (Beta Edition)
  141. CPT - 99 Failed experiment of typing
  142. Filatova's: Duality as Complementation between Strong/Weak Functions (Gamma Edition)
  143. Filatova's: Duality as Complementation between Strong/Weak Functions (Delta Edition)
  144. Socionics Article Project
  145. [Translation Request] Translation of "The Dual Nature of Man"
  146. Philosophy of Types (Gulenko)
  147. Defining Specialized Logical Functions by Gulenko
  148. Socionic "Masks": How They Hinder Us and Help Us
  149. On Vectors of Social Progress by Dovgan
  150. Thank you Translators for all the Articles!
  151. Signs of Functions (+/-) article from School of System Socionics
  152. Dual nature of man, section 5
  153. Article: About Aspects and Functions in Socionics by Prokofieva
  154. Where can I find Socionics articles & research to help with translation?
  155. Translation Req. Paul Kuleshov's Type Descriptions
  156. Aspects of Valued Functions (Dmitry Golihov)
  157. Visual Identification article by Kamenskaya and Kukharev
  158. Type profiles by Pavel Kuleshov: ENTp, ISFp, INTj, ESFj
  159. Type profiles by Pavel Kuleshov: ESTp, INFp, ISTj, ENFj
  160. Type profiles by Pavel Kuleshov: ESFp, INTp, ISFj, ENTj
  161. Type profiles by Pavel Kuleshov: ENFp, ISTp, INFj, ESTj
  162. Type Descriptions by Tatyana Prokofieva / Marina Kuzmina
  163. Hi anyone! Gulenko English type descriptions - are now available on my web site!
  164. [Translation Request] INFp-Esenin description by Aushra
  165. Article: Psychological functions and Information metabolism models by T. Prokofieva, M. Kuzmina
  166. Translation Request: On Possibility of Falsifying Type
  167. [Translation Request] Practical application of horizontal blocks Model A
  168. Translated article: Main Properties and Directing Emotions of IM functions
  169. Socionics Magazine on Facebook
  170. On Directing Emotions and the Model of TIM
  171. General Characteristic of Functions by Reinin
  172. Please help me find "Making Duality Work"
  173. Article: Examination of Gender Roles by Sociotype by E. Filatova
  174. check this out its sooooo simple - introduction to socionics
  175. Article Translation Requests (Please put your requests here!)
  176. The Main Problem of Typing (Meged and Ovcharov)
  177. Sociotype Diagnosis: Interviewing Method (Gulenko)
  178. Victor Gulenko Video Interview and Transcript
  179. Video Lectures from School of Humanitarian Socionics (Gulenko)
  180. Test for Temperament (Meged)
  181. Socionics Temperaments (Gulenko)
  182. On Development of the Socion (Gulenko)
  183. Equifinal Groups (Gulenko)
  184. School of Associative Socionics Articles by Olga Tangemann
  185. Statistics of Intertype Relationships in Married Couples (Bukalov)
  186. Reinin Trait "Asking-Declaring": Testing Hypothesis by Experiment (Gulenko)
  187. Proofreading request - Theory of subtypes by O. Tangemann
  188. Ne - School of Humanitarian Socionics meets 'western' socionists
  189. Compatibility and Duality
  190. Gulenko subtypes translations?
  191. Quadral Complexes and Characteristics by Stratiyevskaya
  192. Type Descriptions (School of System Socionics)
  193. Classification intertype relations under the directives on the type of activity.
  194. Theatre Teams Assembled Using Personality Profiles Can Improve Predicted Teamworking Scores
  195. Random Strat stuff: Fractals and Reinins
  196. Criteria for assessing preferences in art through the prism of typology
  197. A new Perspective on Dichotomies in Socionics - Pyramid Diagrams, Draft
  198. Debate in Russian about socionics subtypes
  199. Client centred approach to type diagnostics based on the questionnaire of O.Tangemann
  200. Article: Functions of model A. The four dimensions of a function
  201. SRSI's view on Socionics and MBTI (in Russian)
  202. Aleksandr Bukalov's Model B
  203. Socionics & MBTI, Model B. Author: A. V. Bukalov
  204. Articles from SSS website on valued functions (in Russian)
  207. Type descriptions by Victor L .Talanov
  208. "On Waves of Aging and Renewal" by Victor Gulenko
  209. Article: Temporythms of Communication by Shiyan
  210. Augusta's Commentary on Jung's typology
  211. What do you need to know about vulnerable function
  212. [Translation Request] "Typing methods without questionnaires" [behavioral nonverbal and common] by V. Talanov
  213. [VI] Filatova portraits and composites database
  214. [Socionics] Review of the socionic model of information metabolism at individual, interpersonal and societal levels
  215. [Socionics] TPE subtype theory. Associative Socionics.
  216. Book by O.Tangemann "PERSÖNLICHKEITSTYP UND KUNST" (German edition)
  217. Socion or The Foundation of Socionics, and other articles by Aushra Augusta
  218. Evaluation of a person according to basic criteria by Victor Gulenko
  219. He was named Sergei Yesenin (autotranslation)
  220. [Socionics] Rat Experiment and DCNH Subtyping System in Humanitarian Socionics
  221. Psychosophy: Type descriptions
  222. [Socionics] Differential Diagnosis Articles by Talanov (Am I [Type] or [Type]?)
  223. Why the Conflicting Partners Get Married - Bukalov(2003)
  224. Ti Function Dilemma Explained
  225. [Socionics] Book in Focus Personality Type and Art Associative Psycho-Diagnostics By Olga Tangemann