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  1. am I SLE?
  2. Looking for someone to type me over voice chat
  3. Cosmic Teapot DCNH Subtype
  4. I'm not typing myself anymore.
  5. Introduction
  6. Care to give a consensus on my type?
  7. An Apology to Sol
  8. VI type me
  9. VI my grandma
  10. Tell me why you think Iím SLE
  11. Tell me why you think Iím EIE/SEE
  12. Type this girl (MBTI ENFP)
  13. New to Socionics
  14. sbbds does a questionnaire thoroughly
  15. +Fe
  16. Some people decided to soft-Int sbbds's thread
  17. voider's questionnaire
  18. My life
  19. [Socionics] Type Armalite
  20. [hotelambush questionnaire]
  21. Member Questionnaire (shanestarr006)
  22. [Socionics] Do you type me ??
  23. Type Me HotelAMBush Questionairre
  24. Member Questionnaire (Eskrim)
  25. v.i. this guy please
  26. Type me based on this video interview
  27. Type me based on this video interview
  28. Member Questionnaire (The Unmentionable)
  29. Member Questionnaire (The Unmentionable)
  30. the flaming questionnaire
  31. I think I know my type
  32. I would like to be typed, but...
  33. Visual Type Me NOW
  34. Type Coeruleum
  35. Member Questionnaire (Vee)
  36. [Socionics] Type me, take two (Questionnaire in text)
  37. What do you think my type is?
  38. [Socionics] Want to fit into this typology system, but at the same time just want to be happy
  39. did anyone else have this problem
  40. One last time: MY TYPE
  41. [VI] what's her type?
  42. Need help figuring out my DCNH type
  43. my questionnaire
  44. Type this joke
  45. Member Questionnaire (aLIEve)
  46. Questionnaire of Associative Psycho-diagnostics
  47. Whatís my type? pls help
  48. New WSS Typing Video
  49. What's my type?
  50. Could you please help me figure out my type?
  51. Am I really an EII ? If not, type me please (;
  52. [VI] what's my VI type after jaw surgery?
  53. Guess my type according this description of my total contrary (x
  54. [VI] what is the socionic type of this woman?
  55. [VI] Bored? Help me find my DCNH subtype (video)
  56. Trying the Extended Questionnaire
  57. Type me based on me talking into a camera
  58. Member Questionnaire (nevermissabeat)
  59. Member Questionnaire (nevermissabeat)
  60. [Socionics] Member Questionnaire 1 (nevermissabeat)
  61. hm. on the brink of a nervous breakdown
  62. What's my type?
  63. Member Questionnaire (URBRS)
  64. Still questioning after a year of info gathering, so type me!
  65. [Socionics] Can you help me with mine and my boyfriend's types? I wonder, are we each other's Duals?
  66. So, is this SLE-Ti or SLI-Te?
  67. What is my type? (VI and questionnaire inside)
  68. [Socionics] FULL 40Q. Please help type me. TIA
  69. Hey, How can i know my socionics subtype?
  70. What's my type? (Video attached)
  71. Which instinctual variant?
  72. Can you vi type instinctual variants?
  73. Bent between a couple types, SEI, LII, IEI, maybe something else
  74. Member Questionnaire (Jodi Link)
  75. [Socionics] hotelambush Questionnaire (RBRS)
  76. Aramas Type Poll
  77. Please type me based on my answers to the 40q questionnaire
  78. Coming from MBTI as an INTJ, but I don't like the stereotype and box-like vibe. I think I have Fe? Can you share your first impressions? :)
  79. Questionnaire for Member aixelsyd
  80. is he a ladykiller or is it IE related?
  81. [Socionics] Short questionnaire to help type me
  82. So this is where people get typed, eh?
  83. [Socionics] I typed this once but it disappeared and I redid it once again. Please recognize my efforts and type me
  84. Can you VI me?
  85. Continuation! (a video this time)
  86. What's blue and smells like red paint?
  87. [Socionics] hotelambush Questionnaire (nevermissabeat)
  88. Tally of people's typing of me
  89. Type me!
  90. [Socionics] My LSI Brother?
  91. Member Questionnaire (COVID 007)
  92. Member Questionnaire
  93. type me maybe?
  94. I'm pretty sure I'm a Beta NF - just not sure which one. Help! (Member Questionnaire seare825)
  95. EII, IEE or ESE? type me bois!
  96. Type me: quarantine shit edition
  97. VI my best friend; text included
  98. Could you help me type myself? (Video questionnaire)
  99. Member Questionnaire (chriscorey)
  100. [Socionics] Type my psycho coworker
  102. Member Questionnaire (itseffinwarm)
  103. [VIDEO] Can you type me? You probably won't understand me...
  104. Member Questionnaire (Beshoy)
  105. Member Questionnaire (Beshoy)
  106. Transtypers don't exist
  107. All advice greatly appreciated by this new lurker
  108. [VI] [VIDEO] : can you videotype me?
  109. Could you type me ? Questionaire filled.
  110. Fast typing, help me know my type??
  111. Video trying to define an idea - what do I come off as?
  112. I'm not sure if I'm INTj or INTp
  113. Questionnaire I use for associative psycho-diagnostics
  114. [VI] her type!!
  115. [VI] Visually type me!
  116. Video Interview (Questionnaire) [Long Form]
  117. video typing
  118. [VI] Visually type her!
  119. 30 questions. 30 answers. Type me?
  120. Please VI this guy
  121. Type Me If You Can ;)
  122. Need some help typing myself
  123. Member Questionnaire (Paperchasa710)
  124. Your consensual typing of forum members
  125. Type me questionnaire
  126. Help me to type my friend
  127. What type do you think I am?
  128. Type Taffy! (The Extended Questionnaire v3.0)
  129. OOO
  130. [Socionics] SEI or EII?
  131. [Socionics] SLI or IEE.. help mee
  132. [Socionics] ILE or ESE?
  133. [VI] VI me if you have the guts
  134. Hello again..getting two conflicting types and trying to relearn the theory...
  135. Questionnaire
  136. [VI] Short typing video
  137. [VI] what does socionics type me as?