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  1. Relations of benefit
  2. Types of relations
  3. critique of dual relations
  4. The Role of IQ in duality relationships
  5. Relations of activity INTj - ISFp (LII-SEI)
  6. INTJ and ESFJ conflicts
  7. Dual Sex and Information Exchange
  8. Socionics and Type/Intertype Patterns in Families
  9. Intertype relations at your work place
  10. Knowing about socionics intertype relations - what's the point?
  11. I need help - relational dynamics of potential job
  12. watching identicals
  13. LII-IEE relations of supervision (INTj & ENFp)
  14. ENTp INFj relationship (supervision)
  15. Superego relations & feeling nauseous
  16. Relationship questions for INTjs and ENTjs
  17. ISTp's view of ENTps: are ILEs evil?
  18. Physical touch importance in Duality
  19. Identical relationship ENTj-ENTj
  20. Story of My Dual Experience
  21. A test for intertype relations?
  22. Socionics Dual Interaction
  23. Those evil ISTjs! from ENTp's point of view (ILE-LSI supervision relations)
  24. Socionics: relations of supervision
  25. Semi-duality Relations [description from socion.info]
  26. Relationships of Activity description from socion.info
  27. Relations of benefit description from socion.info
  28. Relationship of Supervision description from socion.info
  29. Are all Dualities equal?
  30. Super-ego relationship description from socion.info
  31. help! i'm an ENTp in love with an ISTp
  32. Please comment if you have had an illusionary relationship
  33. Socionics and MBTI best type matches
  34. Are dual relations best?
  35. Do you already know someone of your dual type?
  36. ESI-IEE Supervision Relations (ISFj and ENFp)
  37. SLE-SLI Extinguishment/Contrary relations (ESTp & ISTp)
  38. Quasi-identical relationship description from socion.info
  39. Intertype Realtionships according to Model-A
  40. Are conflict relationships impossible to fix?
  41. Attraction to same romancing styles group
  42. LII-ILE mirror relations (INTj and ENTp)
  43. Gonna wing it and try to seduce an ISFj
  44. Identicals in relations taking on Dual roles
  45. Is it possible for any "good" intertype relations to be bad in reality??
  46. How do subtypes affect intertype relationships?
  47. Dual relationship lacking fireworks
  48. Identical Relations: ENFp with ENFp
  49. Dual relationships and business
  50. ESI-LII Superego Relations (ISFj & INTj)
  51. Accelerated learning in Mirror relations
  52. Extinguishment: how do you feel about your contrary type?
  53. Supervision Relationship - should it be avoided?
  54. Basic intertype relations
  55. IEI-LII Benefit relations (INFp and INTj)
  56. duals and supporting subtypes
  57. Do you instantly realize if someone is your dual?
  58. ENFp's who have been with INTps [mirage relations]
  59. Use for activity relations?
  60. ESTP/INFJ relationship ?
  61. Relations of Supervision
  62. Attraction in Supervision relations and getting along reasonably well
  63. Duals not understanding each other
  64. Remembering intertype relations
  65. Identical relations: INFj and INFj
  66. Identical Relationships: Bad blood?
  67. Different Subtypes in Identical Relations
  68. 1st and 7th functions in relations of supervision and conflict
  69. ENFp and ENTj benefit relations (IEE and LIE)
  70. Why are relations of activity called relations of activity?
  71. Empirical Justification of Intertype Relationship Theory?
  72. Informal Analysis of Dual Relations
  73. Intertype relationships
  74. ILE-IEE Kindred/Comparative relations (ENTp & ENFp)
  75. Mirror Relations
  76. EII-SLE Conflict Relations (INFj & ESTp)
  77. Are all intertype relations equal?
  78. EIE-IEE Quasi-Identical Relations (ENFp & ENFj)
  79. Relationship chart
  80. problem with dual marriages
  81. Quasi-Identical Relations: Stories and Experiences
  82. INTJ and ISTJ relations
  83. ENTj-ISFp interaction?
  84. Best way to break up identicals
  85. Hey you in the mirror (mirror relations)
  86. I think my 5 year old neice is my dual!!!!
  87. INFj and ENFp approach to relationships NeFi vs FiNe
  88. ESE-SLI supervision relations (ESFj & ISTp)
  89. LSE-IEE activity relations (ENFp & ESTj)
  90. IEE-ESE Benefit Relations (ESFj and ENFp)
  91. Minimalist supervision descriptions
  92. Intertype relations of long-term couples
  93. Is this duality? Possible ESFj INTj couple
  94. IEI-LSE Conflict Relations (INFp and ESTj)
  95. Supervision relations: does your supervisee exhaust you?
  96. Duality descriptions by Aushra: ENTj-ISFj and ESTj-INFj
  97. Video of ENTp-ISFj conflict
  98. What do relations of activity between introverts look like?
  99. INTJ dates psychopathic INFJ
  100. I met my dual!!
  101. Types of your rofessors / lecturers and how you get along with them
  102. comparative vs look-alike, illusionary vs semi-dual
  103. Semi-duality Relations: Stories & Experiences
  104. What kind of intertype relation is this?
  105. Meeting dual in a relationship
  106. Supervisor / Benefactor lattice
  107. Failed Dual Relationships
  108. How do you feel about your mirror?
  109. I'm attracted to an alpha SF collegue
  110. ENFp supervises ISFj
  111. Missing the girl
  112. IEI-SLI Super-ego Relations (INFp and ISTp)
  113. Growing up under conflicting functions/quadras
  114. Do introverts close up around their duals?
  115. Duals forcing each other to deal with unpleasant subjects
  116. Benefit relations: so this is how my beneficiary sees me
  117. Socionics success stories
  118. Experiences with Conflicting Relations
  119. Benefit Relations between Victim and Aggressor types
  120. Erotic Attitudes: the line between "Aggressor" and "Victim"
  121. Minimalist descriptions of duality
  122. What's the chance you'll ever meet a dual who's single
  123. LSI-IEE Conflict Relations (ISTj and ENFp)
  124. Observing Alpha "Childlike-Caring" Relationship & Enneagram Question
  125. Unfavorable socionics intertype but good marriage?
  126. Rankings/Ratings of Intertype Relations
  127. Types of my co-workers
  128. Does that show the limits of socionic relationships ?
  129. Illusionary/Mirage Relations: Stories and Experiences
  130. Can an ENFp give ISFj advice that would work out? (IEE-ESI supervision)
  131. ENTp and ISTj supervision relations (ILE-LSI)
  132. Do you need your dual?
  133. SLE-IEE Superego Relations (ESTp and ENFp)
  134. Why Duality is better than Mirror relations?
  135. ESI-IEI Benefit Relations (ISFj & INFp)
  136. Discussion of Benefit Relations
  137. Which intertype relation feels energizing? Activity?
  138. Liking the concept of your dual
  139. sweet - my roommates
  140. Intertype relations: energizing, soulful, comforting
  141. What do you think of duality?
  142. ENFj Actor and ISTp perception of him/her
  143. Benefit relations: befriending your beneficiary
  144. Duality in friendships, non-romantic dual relations
  145. INTp and ISFj activity relations (ILI-ESI)
  146. Interdyad superrelationships
  147. Benefit, Supervision, and putting people on pedestals
  148. I've fallen for my super-ego and now i don't know what to do
  149. Experiences with Identical Relations
  150. NT Conference
  151. Possible simpler names for symmetrical relationships
  152. An example of celebrity duality
  153. Identical relations: INTj - INTj
  154. so this ENFj girl has a crush on me.. an INTj (semi-duality)
  155. Conflict
  156. Extinguishment/Contrary Relations: stories and experiences
  157. Relations of benefit similar to relations of activity?
  158. which relation is this?
  159. Dual parents?
  160. What is going on here?
  161. SLI-EIE Conflicting Relations (ISTp and ENFj)
  162. what relations/functions can you see from this conversation?
  163. Business/Look-alike Relations: Stories and Experiences
  164. INTj and ESFp conflicting relations (LII-SEE)
  165. LII-EIE semi-duality relations (ENFj & INTj)
  166. Which intertype relations are the most competitive
  167. Subtypes in supervision relations
  168. Superego is a stupid name
  169. Result of: "how your quadra views other quadras"
  170. Quasi-identical relations "modelling"
  171. Supervision marriages
  172. ISTp + ISTj Quasi-identicals (LSI-SLI)
  173. Superegos You Dislike
  174. BSNES vs ZSNES
  175. Would a dual relation ever appear identical?
  176. ILI-EIE Supervision relations (INTp and ENFj)
  177. Dual interaction & instigation / making moves
  178. Is this quasi-identical or mirror relations?
  179. My ENFp brother and INTj-ENFp family interaction
  180. Types, Quadra: Fidelity vs Infidelity
  181. Supervision description not fitting experience
  182. Being around your Benefactor and Supervisor Dual Pair
  183. Duality and PoLR
  184. Relationships between introverts
  185. Have you ever gone on a dual hunt?
  186. Attractiveness of super-ego relations
  187. determining relations with parents
  188. Supervision: difficult to spot if supervisee is above the supervisor?
  189. Conversation with your dual vs conflictor
  190. Advice for ESE-SLI supervision relationship (ESFj & ISTp)
  191. On the Victim + Aggressor Relationship
  192. Super-ego relations "modelling"
  193. Have you ever felt supervised by your quasi-identical?
  194. Dual-seeking (and dual-finding)
  195. ESI-LSE Semi-Duality Relations (ISFj and ESTj)
  196. Identical Relations: INFp & INFp
  197. "Talking past" someone and intertype relations
  198. Is anyone here actually dating their dual right now?
  199. Why sometimes LII and SEI can't activate each other (INTj-ISFp)
  200. LIE-LSI Mirage/Illusionary relations (ISTj & ENTj)
  201. Interaction of Functions in Duality
  202. SLE-SEE comparative/kindred relations (ESTp & ESFp)
  203. Advice? The Decline and Fall of an ENFp-ISTp Love
  204. Romance styles: Aggressor and Childlike types
  205. INFp hearts ISFj (IEI-ESI benefit)
  206. Should an ENFj and ISTp try to get back together?
  207. Supervision in a Class Setting
  208. The Importance of Static/Dynamic Dichotomy in Duality
  209. Duality makes life easier
  210. Gender differences in intertype relations
  211. Favorable intertype relationships besides duality
  212. What do you dislike about your conflictor?
  213. ESE-SEE quasi-identical relations (ESFj & ESFp)
  214. LIEs how often are you attracted to IEIs? (ENTj INFp)
  215. Learning about yourself through dual interactions
  216. The role of IQ in dualization
  217. Identical relations: INTps + INTp
  218. Meeting 'immature' identicals
  219. INFjs in relationships with Se ego types
  220. Any relations kicks ass
  221. Does Illusionary ever look like Semi-dual?
  222. EII-SLI Activity Relations (INFj and ISTp)
  223. What do "caring" types like about "childlike" types?
  224. LSE-ESE Business/Look-alike relations (ESTj & ESFj)
  225. Lets talk about Activity Relations, your stories and experiences
  226. SLI-LIE Supervision Relations (ISTp and ENTj)
  227. LSE-SEI Supervision relations (ESTj & ISFp)
  228. The Dilemma with Duals
  229. Some activities with your Identicals, Duals, etc
  230. activity relations (as opposed to duality)
  231. Business/look-alike relations good for business ventures?
  232. Duality and introverts feeling inferior
  233. A question for all you victims out there
  234. What relation is this?
  235. LSI-ILI Benefit Relations (ISTj & INTp)
  236. SEI-SEE extinguishment/contrary relations (ISFp & ESFp)
  237. IEE-LIE Benefit Relations (ENTj & ENFp)
  238. What relationship does this seem like?
  239. Why are my worst types most into me?
  240. What's your least favorite thing about your identicals?
  241. Supervisor's effect on supervisee's ideas
  242. Supervisee poll
  243. SEI-IEE Semi-Duality Relations (ISFp and ENFp)
  244. Threesome experiences
  245. "Victim" and "Caring" types: mutually uncomfortable?
  246. Experiences with Kindred or Comparative Relations
  247. "Caring" style behavioral breakdown
  248. IEI-IEE extinguishment relations (contrary INFp & ENFp)
  249. Mirror Relations: Stories and Experiences
  250. Compatibility vs. Attraction in Intertype Relations (thread split)