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  1. ESTj type and subtype description from socioniko.narod.ru [Shtirlits]
  2. INFj type and subtype description from socioniko.narod.ru
  3. ENFp type and subtype description from socioniko.narod.ru [Huxley]
  4. ISTp type and subtype description from socioniko.narod.ru [Jean Gabin]
  5. Delta Quadra Spirit
  6. List of INFjs
  7. Delta forever article
  8. Importance of freedom and privacy to the ENFp-ISTp duality
  9. IEEs and Ti PoLR (ENFp)
  10. The Craftsman and the Psychologist (ISTp-ENFp) by Meged and Ovcharov
  11. Balance of ISTp's introversion with curiosity for surrounding world
  12. Asking ISTp personal questions and evasiveness
  13. A survey for ISTp people
  14. ENFp-IEE Subtypes
  15. The good and bad sides of ISTps from ISFp's point of view
  16. Different types of ENFps
  17. Ways to ENFp's heart: how to woo/attract an IEE
  18. INFjs handling conflicts and forgiveness
  19. SLI-IEE duality discussion (ISTp and ENFp)
  20. ENFp-IEE Uncovered
  21. Inactivity of Delta
  22. INFjs and introverted logic Ti as a role function
  23. Delta Mood Thread (Inspired by beta and alpha)
  24. The Delta Census
  25. ISTp and romantic poetry?
  26. ENFps gaining satisfaction in relationships and thinking of greener pastures
  27. Deltas pretending they know everything
  28. ENFps who are not "life of the party"
  29. ISTp description from socion.info
  30. A day in the mind of an ENFp
  31. A day in the mind of an INFj
  32. ENFps saying or doing something that they later regret
  33. Forgetfullness, is this common among ENFps?
  34. The Directive ESTj socion.info description
  35. ENFps do you identify with the "typical beliefs" and paranoid tendencies in your profile?
  36. Are ENFps just fakes?
  37. Do ESTjs lie during conflicts to save face?
  38. ENFps in a relationship seeking new relationships
  39. Does this quote sound ISTp to you?
  40. ENFps and revenge
  41. The Delta Music Thread
  42. Understanding Fi of EIIs-INFjs and the origins of their empathy
  43. ENFps and accepting particular emotions
  44. ENFp confidentiality: keeping private conversations private
  45. The Rebellion against the Evil Beta Empire
  46. ENFps have a Mona Lisa smile
  47. ENFp Appreciation Thread
  48. ENFp & INFj: an explanation of functional analysis
  49. ISTp & ESTj: an explanation of fucntional analysis
  50. Dating male INFjs and ENFps
  51. How to find/recognize ENFps: characteristics, observations, and styles
  52. Delta relaxed nature and sleep patterns
  53. Question about living with an ISTp
  54. INFj profile contradiction: expressions of Ne, Ni, and Fi in INFjs
  55. Why are so few ESTjs interested in socionics?
  56. How can ENFps and INFjs learn self-control
  57. ISTps facing uncertainty and indecisiveness
  58. ENFp's silly switch and cheerfulness
  59. dem joy-killing istps!
  60. where are the deltas?
  61. How does the 7th (ignoring) function show in INFjs?
  62. How does the 7th function manifest in ISTps?
  63. Delta Council
  64. How to recognize an INFj: characteristics, style, traits, and real life observations of EIIs
  65. ENFp Humor
  66. Delta McNew!
  67. What's the best way to react to an ENFp in a bad mood?
  68. Is ISTp an antonym for reciprocation?
  69. Understanding ESTjs: stereotypes vs. actual LSEs
  70. Delta T-Shirts
  71. INFjs/ENFps and being passive-aggressive
  72. Misconceptions? INFj superiority and quietly destroying others
  73. Differences between EII-INFj and IEE-ENFp
  74. ESTj friend? I haven't the faintest
  75. IEEs what do you do for a living? Occupations and jobs for ENFps.
  76. INFjs and switching to Se PoLR
  77. Are ENFps spendthrifts?
  78. Delta "maturity" and being "older" quadrant
  79. ENFps seeing multiple possibilities and switching roles irrationality
  80. ESTj characters in movies
  81. Delta: what's your social scene and partying style
  82. Differences between mirror types SLI-ISTp and LSE-ESTj
  83. Real life observations of ESTjs
  84. INFjs as aggressors and enemies, how do they behave?
  85. ISTps and anger management
  86. Let's have a deep and meaningful conversation
  87. Examples of possible INFjs
  88. ENFP type descriptions
  89. Examples of possible famous/celebrity LSEs-ESTjs
  90. ENFp behavior in high pressure stressful situations
  91. Possible ENFp celebrities
  92. the ESTj strut
  93. How to dump Delta women
  94. ENFp, negative feedback and shitty times
  95. Some possible ISTps
  96. IEEs-ENFps getting lost with too many options and possibilities
  97. IEEs-ENFps visualizing and simulating future situations
  98. SLIs-ISTps: very different in different situations/environment?
  99. EIIs-INFjs demontrative Ni, foreseeing/predicting the future and de ja vues
  100. The delta kind of story
  101. EIIs-INFjs and weakness in sensing
  102. Your guide to SLIs-ISTps
  103. Cheers to INFjs!
  104. INFjs walk strange?
  105. ISTps and spilling water on their shirts
  106. How to find/recognize ESTjs: characteristics, style, traits, and real life observations of LSEs
  107. Delta type descriptions: INFj, ISTp, ESTj by Gulenko
  108. 16 Types: Ego Functions
  109. Delta Survey
  110. Advice for INFjs
  111. What do you hate about INFjs?
  112. Typical INFj problems (and solutions)
  113. When EIIs get mad (possible IEI)
  114. What strongly annoys IEEs-ENFps?
  115. Joy's ESTj description
  116. ISTp going into crisis mode
  117. ENFps generalizing and omitting specifics
  118. ISTps and health
  119. INFjs trusting at first but unforgiving of betrayal later?
  120. Things that Deltas can't stand and feel annoyed by
  121. IEEs-ENFps in endless search for themselves
  122. ISTp friend Doomed?
  123. Trait of INFjs or just her personality?
  124. Gulenko's descriptions of INFjs and ENFps
  125. Spewing ENFpness
  126. How do ISTps experience Si
  127. SLIs what do you do for a living? occupations and jobs for ISTps
  128. Deltas not liking enthusiasm and being motivated/cheered up
  129. ISTp-SLI Subtypes
  130. Can I crash here a bit?
  131. Which Delta type performs best in school?
  132. Siblings or Only Child?
  133. Questions for Deltas, tell a little about yourselves
  134. ENFp sincerity and fake personalities
  135. Are ISTp bums of a similar shape?
  136. Delta photos
  137. ENFps acting 'tough' and courageous, mimicking ESTps and ESFps
  138. SLIs-ISTps do you relate to Delta Quadra values?
  139. INFj and Si
  140. ISTPs and privacy
  141. ISTps only like the sound of their own voice?
  142. Obligations
  143. Examples of male EIIs (INFjs)
  144. ISTps and social skills/competence
  145. Frustrations with descriptions of IEEs-ENFps
  146. Outgoing and socially involved SLIs-ISTps
  147. INFjs - letting off steam
  148. Another pathetic ISTp thread :(
  149. How charming are ENFps really?
  150. Unreliable IEEs-ENFps
  151. Examples of attractive female ESTjs
  152. ISTp-ENFp conversation and Asking/Taciturn Reinin trait
  153. IEE Description (Gilligan)
  154. IEE/ENFp Reinin dichotomies: Serious and Negativist
  155. What are ESTjs like in relationships? How do you express love?
  156. ISTp question
  157. ESTj?
  158. INFj jobs/careers/occupations: what do EIIs do for a living?
  159. ISTp's/Duals as friends?
  160. Actually being an ISTp is cool
  161. Si
  162. The ISTp and Inspiration
  163. ISTps what color is your hair?
  164. EIIs-IEEs and heightened interpersonal sensitivity towards everyone
  165. Delta rant about the state of the universe - <3 Ishy
  166. Delta on the good stuff about the universe
  167. How to find/recognize ISTps: characteristics, style, traits, and real life observations of SLIs
  168. SLIs-ISTps and "Princess on a Pea" syndrome
  169. how could you be certain of being an enfp
  170. ISTp are higher education
  171. suitable relationship types for ISTp(guy)
  172. How many ENFps (and/or INFjs)
  173. ISTps and relationships
  174. eligible for delta?
  175. What qualities do INFjs respect in other people?
  176. INFj stereotypes concerning determination and willpower
  177. ESFps disliking being told what to do and given orders
  178. ISTPs - impatient?
  179. Impression of EIIs-INFjs you know IRL
  180. Feeling down, depressed ISTp
  181. ISTp accidentally offending an INFj
  182. Discussion of INFj description from socionics.com
  183. EII/INFj Subtypes
  184. Delta behaviors
  185. LSE/ESTj Subtypes - discussion and examples
  186. Examples of Deltas
  187. ISTp-ENFp duality: I've found four ISTps and it didn't work out!
  188. How can you tell if ISTp likes you? How do ISTps express interest?
  189. music with Delta mood
  190. Dating tips for the ISTp
  191. Examples of ISTp-ENFp Duality in Movies and Literature
  192. relationships
  193. Tribute to the INFj
  194. INFj and talking to yourself
  195. ISTps what are your views on education?
  196. EIIs-INFjs analyzing the past and having regrets
  197. ISTps holding grudges and forgiveness
  198. INFJs: yet another thread for you to talk about yourselves!
  199. Could ISTps be players and dating
  200. ISTp clenched teeth smile
  201. when ESTj's Ne goes haywire
  202. Deltas has anyone told you that you're too serious?
  203. IEE leave
  204. INFj gone bad
  205. ENFps the introverted extroverted type
  206. Old delta census
  207. Delta and laziness and unproductivity
  208. Why delta will take over the world
  209. Delta: Where are you on the Eneagram?
  210. Ethical Debate
  211. I don't want to be an INFj
  212. ENFps feeling klutzy, unaware of physical surroundings
  213. Delta Quadra Movies and TV Shows
  214. ENFps and horse riding as a hobby
  215. INFj-ESTj duality descriptions by Meged, Gulenko, Agusta (EII-LSE)
  216. ISTp/ENFp duality description by Meged and Ovcharov
  217. ISTPs and grocery stores
  218. ISTp-ENFp duality complementary subtypes (IEE-SLI)
  219. Quotes by LSEs-ESTjs
  220. Does this video seem ENFP to you?
  221. The ENFp in solitude/isolation And change
  222. Female SLIs/ISTps: how to identify them? what do they find attractive?
  223. Appreciation thread for ethical subtype ENFps
  224. Drunk ISTps outgoing and blatantly outspoken
  225. IEEs-ENFps and inadvertent flirting
  226. How Deltas perceive Alpha, Beta, and Gamma quadras
  227. Advice about my mom
  228. Delta videos
  229. Your experience and stories with LSEs-ESTjs
  230. Personal Growth for EIIs-INFjs: achieving your maximum potential
  231. How to deal with a hostile INFj?
  232. Delta recommended reading books/authors
  233. Attractive ESTjs
  234. INFj Uncovered
  235. Okay, I got an ENFP's number
  236. Delta Comedy and Humor
  237. Creating a social 'group'
  238. ENFp Ne-subtype observer of social situations
  239. ENFp teachers
  240. EII-INFj attitudes towards sex and relationships
  241. How do IEEs-ENFps see if someone is attracted to them?
  242. Do Deltas withdraw from emotionally expressive people?
  243. kay
  244. Been made fun of at your expense
  245. Deltas and feeling of guilt for good circumstances
  246. Examples of famous/celebrity SLIs-ISTps
  247. SLIs-ISTps are so mysterious
  248. ESTj prominent figures
  249. INFj-ESTj duality examples and stories (EII-LSE)
  250. SLIs-ISTps liking fantasy and mystical stuff