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  1. INTp type and subtype description from socioniko.narod.ru [Balzac]
  2. Gamma Quadra humor and jokes
  3. Gamma forum has the least posts - why?
  4. Gamma recommended reading books/authors
  5. LIE thoughts: Insights into the minds of ENTjs
  6. Examples of possible famous/celebrity ILIs-INTps
  7. ENTj driving friends and co-workers away
  8. Differences between mirror types LIE (ENTj) and ILI (INTp)
  9. Gamma Quadra attitudes towards money
  10. Why do ILIs-INTps need their dual SEE-ESFp?
  11. Ancient history
  12. ILIs-INTps: outer self-control, inner turmoil
  13. Examples of possible famous/celebrity ESIs-ISFjs
  14. INTps who act extroverted, loud, and engaging
  15. ESI-ISFj description written for socionics.wsphere.com
  16. New ENTj description
  17. ESIs-ISFjs handling conflict and crisis situations
  18. ISFjs ARE EVIL!!!!!
  19. ENTjs acting like jerks - how can I get along with them?
  20. Do you know any ESFps?
  21. Married to ISFj
  22. LIEs-ENTjs and lying
  23. SEE girl going out with ILI guy
  24. Are INTps and ENTjs generally absent-minded with lowered awareness of their surroundings?
  25. ESFp subtypes, sudden emotionality and temper
  26. Is this ILI-INTp description accurate for you?
  27. Hello Gammas
  28. Famous ESFPs, why did you change THIS post Pedro????
  29. Gamma Quadra: exclusivity and sense of elitism
  30. Are INTps really pessimists after all?
  31. Where to find/meet ESIs-ISFjs?
  32. ISFj pictures
  33. post some pics of gammas here
  34. What is an INTp in Oldham-speak?
  35. How to communicate with an ILI-INTp
  36. What do INTps want?
  37. LIE/ENTj subtypes
  38. Gamma Quadra Movies and TV Shows
  39. Some possible famous/celebrity LIEs-ENTjs (reboot)
  40. Examples of possible famous/celebrity SEEs-ESFps
  41. Examples of possible famous/celebrity female ILIs-INTps
  42. Do you find ISFjs intimidating?
  43. Gamma Quadra need for active lifestyle, outside activities
  44. ENTj-ISFj duality: examples of LIE-ESI couples
  45. LIEs-ENTjs being creative, clever and original
  46. Two subtypes of ESFps (SEEs)
  47. Different "styles" of ILI (INTp)
  48. Attitude of LIEs-ENTJs towards alcohol/getting drunk
  49. Gamma SFs
  50. ESIs-ISFjs and stubbornness: resisting doing what they are told to do
  51. A Fi rant on the V-Tech shootings
  52. ENTj/ISFj duality description by Meged and Ovcharov
  53. INTp/ESFp duality description by Meged and Ovcharov
  54. Approaching and getting acquainted with an ESFp
  55. Gamma Music
  56. How to dump Gamma women 2.0
  57. Are ILIs whistle blowers?
  58. Serious romantic relationship with an INTp, what went wrong?
  59. Gammas post your experiences with Deltas
  60. Social behavior of INTps - laughing and joking despite Fe Polr
  61. How to argue with ESIs-ISFjs
  62. How to make up with an ISFj
  63. Discussion of Si PoLR in LIEs-ENTjs
  64. ISFj uncovered
  65. Difficulty and distance in socializing with INTps
  66. Do INTps copy others more than other types?
  67. Do ISFjs prefer old-fashioned clothing?
  68. Are LIEs-ENTjs into gadgets?
  69. Examples of INTp Fe PoLR remarks
  70. How Gammas perceive other quadras
  71. How does superego block manifest in ESFps (Si,Fe)?
  72. Post your stories, observations, and experiences with SEEs-ESFps
  73. ESI-ISFj creative extraverted sensing Se - examples?
  74. How does gamma quadra prefer to spend their free time?
  75. Photo of an ENTj
  76. ENTj women: where to find, how to spot female LIEs?
  77. How to deal with an out of control ESFp ?
  78. analyze this ESI criticism
  79. ENTj Appreciation Thread
  80. ISFjs frequently sighing - common?
  81. INTps enneagram type 5w4?
  82. INTp uncovered
  83. ILIs-INTps being night owls
  84. Which type would seem more harsh to Ti/Fe types INTp or ISFj?
  85. ILI description at Wikisocion
  86. ESFps & irrationality
  87. ESFp looking for an INTp
  88. Extraverted sensing Se hidden agenda of LIEs-ENTjs
  89. Gammas and Grieving
  90. Do ILIs-INTps have good memories and easily absorb information?
  91. what are the strengths of ESFps?
  92. INTp-ESFp duality discussion and examples (ILI-SEE)
  93. How important is money for LIEs-ENTjs?
  94. Where is a place to find/meet SEEs-ESFps?
  95. Videos of Gammas
  96. Fictional Gamma Quadra Characters In Movies and Literature
  97. How do you get an ENTj to like you?
  98. Gammas working to seem normal and acceptable
  99. ESFps and being manipulative and socially exclusive
  100. Reconciling with an INTp
  101. My relationship with this INTp guy
  102. ISFjs covering up their motivations and lying
  103. ESFps and insincerity, faking emotions and interest
  104. an aspect of ENxj/ISxj interactions from a Gamma perspective
  105. Fears and anxieties specific to Gamma quadra
  106. Question for ESIs-ISFjs about long-term planning and foresight
  107. Can ESFps ever turn off their playing games and be serious?
  108. Gamma words and images
  109. ISFjs diverting their eyes when laughing or smiling
  110. too bad you're not us
  111. -
  112. Gamma NT Bosses: ILI/INTp and LIE/ENTj
  113. liveandletlive appreciation thread
  114. INTps ending up in the worst situations ever
  115. Gamma Quadra Views on Other Quadras
  116. ditzy ILIs-INTps
  117. hey gammas what'd you do today?
  118. Gamma parties
  119. Gammas openly criticizing others: sign of care or lack of tact?
  120. Stereotypes of ESFps in relationships
  121. the ILI club
  122. Gamma quadra values
  123. Why are so many ENTj women single?
  124. Props to ISFj
  125. Is it possible to ask an ENTj girl out????
  126. General observations, typical traits and behavior of Gamma types
  127. Gamma fun
  128. What are ILIs-INTps like as children?
  129. INTp experiences with other quadras
  130. Possible description of INTp-ESFp duality
  131. Do you think I am gamma?
  132. What is introverted intuition Ni like for Gammas?
  133. Gammas, what do you think about your unvalued information elements?
  134. ESIs
  135. Subtypes of Gamma members
  136. Where to find/meet ILIs-INTps?
  137. ENTjs messaging "I'm too busy" - is this a rejection?
  138. Do you think that I am Gamma?
  139. Examples of ESFp thinkers and intellectuals
  140. Manifestations of INTp's suggestive/dual-seeking Se?
  141. niffweed and ILIs
  142. Experiences, observations, and stories of ESIs-ISFjs
  143. How to help an SEE-ESFp overcome depression?
  144. VERY offensive description of SEE-ESFp
  145. Gamma vs Alpha, a Declaration of War
  146. Songs about ILIs and ESIs
  147. leaning towards ILI
  148. Stress, INTps and not having any emotions/feeling numbness
  149. Milk your Ni for me
  150. Brain Hemispheres Test (Gamma)
  151. The stereotype of ESFps as promiscuous
  153. High energy "ESFp" characters in RPGs
  154. Stories, observations, and experiences with LIEs-ENTjs
  155. My observations of ESFps and ISFjs
  156. Are ILIs-INTps capable of falling in love?
  157. INTp-ILI Subtypes
  158. Offensive description of LIE-ENTj
  159. Can ESIs-ISFjs truly be described as "aggressors"?
  160. LIEs-ENTjs lack of punctuality: not watching time or schedules
  161. ESIs as artists/Artistic ISFjs
  162. ESIs-ISFjs wanting control in relationships
  163. A special gift from me to INTps
  164. ISFjs, how do you experience minus Fi (-ethics of relationships)
  165. Statement about Fi, Te
  166. Se and recklessness and impulsivity of SEEs-ESFps
  167. Brag about ESFps here - SEE appreciation thread!
  168. INTp Appreciation Thread: brag about ILIs here
  169. Brag about ISFjs here
  170. New Experiment: PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS (Gamma Version)
  171. NiTe grouped together works like an algorithm
  172. Gammas what do you like about other Gammas as opposed to other quadra?
  173. MBTI ENTJ traits shared with the socionics LIE?
  174. Hi guys! I'm coming here from now on
  175. Right and wrong, with discojoe
  176. INTp rant thread
  177. Your thoughts about "society"
  178. Yo INTps! What do you want?
  179. Dramatic re-entry after a long hiatus
  180. Videos and Scenes of Gamma Quadra
  181. Gammas and feeling mature for their age: "I've always been 30"
  182. My secret fantasy: ILI puppy
  183. Comparing INTp and ISFj in receiving advice
  184. Do ISFjs prefer to date "bad boys"?
  185. LIEs-ENTjs and dominance/domination complex
  186. VERY offensive description of ESI-ISFj
  187. I am LIE now
  188. So I spent the weekend
  189. i'm leaving gamma
  190. i'm joining gamma
  191. INTp Appreciation Thread
  192. rappers have a gamma attitude
  193. Who will be the Next leader of Gamma?
  194. the flag of Gamma quadra
  195. Differences between ISFj-ENTj and INTp-ESFp dualities
  196. Role and development of ethics in ISFj-ENTj duality (minus Fi)
  197. Is Ezra Gamma?
  198. The organizational aptitude of LIEs-ENTjs
  199. ESFps: what do you think of white logic (Ti) types ?
  200. I'm SEE now
  201. ILIs-INTps do you dislike expressions of excitement and positive emotion?
  202. Religious Soap Box
  203. Gamma appreciation thread
  204. Group Project
  205. ESFP rich boy goes to jail
  206. Gamma insights on ideal relationships
  207. Points of Bonding between Quadras
  208. gamma field guides
  209. Gamma activity relations
  210. Female ESI faces: examples of ISFjs
  211. Your God And Your King
  212. What is Gamma introverted feeling Fi like?
  213. Gammas what do you think of this man?
  214. Acting like an INTp
  215. ENTjs backing up compliments with reasons
  216. ILI-INTp use of creative extraverted logic Te
  217. When would an ISFj or ESFp want some Ti?
  218. ISFjs feeling insecure and anxious
  219. ESFps, what made you realize that SEE was the right type for you?
  220. Welcome FDG
  221. I'm SEE now!??!!?
  222. ISFj vs. ESFp and going back on previous agreement
  223. VERY offensive description of LIE-ENTj
  224. New ESFp guy on the forum introducing himself
  225. How does your type tend to handle parties or other large social gatherings?
  226. Subtypes of ESFps and ISFjs - how to tell them apart?
  227. ESI's you are complicated
  228. a dualized SEE?
  229. My conversation with an ILI on ILE and SEE in MY EIE eyes
  230. Edited ESFp wikisocion.org page
  231. An observation
  232. ENTjs poor at making themselves look attractive
  233. We've lost a man to the dark side
  234. fuck alphas
  235. SEE-ESFp jobs/careers: what occupations are ESFps good at?
  236. Maybe
  237. I've decided to be ESI from now on
  238. How to recognise Gamma groups (offensive)
  239. Lets make an awesome Gamma quadra page for wikisocion
  240. About my ESFp best friend (SEE-SLE)
  241. How does activating Te manifest in SEEs-ESFps
  242. fuck you, hoodrat
  243. Gammas opinion on social expectations and norms
  244. To all you ESFp's
  245. Gamma commercial?
  246. How does it feel to be Gamma ?
  247. The suggestibility/pliability of INTps and ENTjs
  248. SEE's are cool
  249. Gammas and the Ad Hominem fallacy
  250. ILIs-INTps have a good poker face