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  1. ISTj type and subtype description from socioniko.narod.ru [Maxim Gorky]
  2. ENFj type and subtype description from socioniko.narod.ru [Hamlet]
  3. INFp type and subtype description from socioniko.narod.ru Yesenin
  4. ESTp type and subtype description from socioniko.narod.ru [Zhukov]
  5. Season, element, and spirit of the Beta quadra
  6. IEI - SLE Duality discussion and stories (INFp-ESTp)
  7. DCNH subtypes: different psychoforms of IEI-INFps
  8. Are IEIs/INFps good at composing music?
  9. INFps searching for identity: "who am I?"
  10. Angels and devils - good and bad INFps
  11. IEIs/INFps running from their own shadow
  12. This Topic
  13. Let's brag about Beta!!!
  14. Subtypes in IEI - SLE duality (INFp & ESTp)
  15. To all Betas - help needed
  16. Socionics depiction of ESTps as being "badass"
  17. Description of SLE/ESTp from ENTp's point of view
  18. Any ENFjs had positive relations with their dual ISTj? (EIE-LSI)
  19. INFps and self-deprecating humor
  20. List of ISTjs
  21. The Serious ISTj - typographical LSI description from my website
  22. Prevalence of Beta types on this forum
  23. The sacrificial EIE-ENFj type description for socion.info Poll
  24. Some examples of famous/celebrity LSIs-ISTjs
  25. Beta forum conversation starters
  26. Beta quadra moods
  28. Beta - the most sex obsessed quadra?
  29. Male IEIs/INFps: what are they like? Your experiences.
  30. Observations and experiences with female SLEs-ESTps
  31. INFp jobs/careers/occupations: what do IEIs do for a living?
  32. SLE/ESTp description, can anyone relate?
  33. INFp boyfriend is driving me INSANE
  34. ESTp uncovered profile
  35. ISTj description written by ISTp from socion.info
  36. A day in the life of an INFp
  37. Helping an INFp gain self-confidence
  38. A day in the life of an ESTp
  39. INFps and attention deficit ADD/ADHD
  40. LSI/ISTj having problems with feelings and acting aloof
  41. INFp descriptions similar to enneagram type 4
  42. Quotes from life of ESTps you know
  43. INFps anger and revenge (inspired by Kim)
  44. INFps and romance
  45. Beta Hobbies
  46. INFp relationship guide: how to love IEIs?
  47. Our favorite ESTps
  48. How can IEI/INFp catch attention of SLE/ESTp?
  49. INFps, we must change the course of society!
  50. Beta music
  51. IEIs-INFps, please help write your type description
  52. Beta council: Artemis
  53. Question for EIEs-ENFjs: how well do you relate to this list of "typical beliefs"?
  54. Rorschach test for Beta
  55. Famous Betas
  56. IEI-INFp and EIE-ENFj profiles - description from fuctional analysis
  57. LSI-ISTj and SLE-ESTp profiles - description from fuctional analysis
  58. How to get closer to an IEI-INFp girl?
  59. To all INFps
  60. Why do IEIs-INFps want/desire attention?
  61. Beta careers and occupations
  62. subtypes of IEIs/INFps on this forum
  63. INFp & ISTj play w/toys
  64. Why I Hate Being IEI-INFp
  65. IEI-INFp Subtypes
  66. Beta Punctuation
  67. How to find/spot LSIs-ISTjs: observations, stories, experiences
  68. Laters
  69. EIE/ENFj style, dress sense, and Si PoLR
  70. Remember Our Moods?
  71. Differences between LSI-ISTj and SLE-ESTp
  72. ISTj jobs/occupations/careers: what do LSIs do for a living?
  73. Observing/ignoring Introverted Sensing Si in SLEs/ESTps
  74. The Fattest Quadra
  75. Betas have BY FAR the biggest penises
  76. ESTps, do you relate to this short play?
  77. How serious are ISTjs and sense of humor
  78. The Mountain of Despair beyond the River of Fire
  79. Beta Humor
  80. whats that with INFps and being naked?
  81. ESTp (female) and INFp (male) duality
  82. ?
  83. HAI
  85. That's why they call me Slim Shady
  86. Positive qualities of SLEs/ESTps
  87. IEI/INFp and semi proud of it
  90. Hello Betas:
  91. Analogy for IEI-INFp creative Fe
  92. BOOBS BOOOBS BOOOOOOBS!!!!!!!!11111
  93. Discovering friend's type is SLE/ESTp - Wow!
  94. IEIs/INFps don't like being called cute?
  95. Yay! met a male INFp!
  98. Why Kraus loves INFps:
  99. How do you hold on to an ISTJ?
  100. Which country is most INFp/ESTp/ISTj/ENFj?
  101. LOL P'S
  102. ESTp Becoming the pirate captain
  103. Socionists assuming political leaders as EIEs-ENFjs by default
  104. Hidden Agenda of IEIs-INFps: introverted logic Ti
  105. IEI/INFp struggle separating reality from fantasy
  106. How do I find other betas in public?
  107. UNBIASED SLE/ESTp type descriptions!
  108. Whoa
  109. XoX's type Yo Yo Beta
  110. Hey superman
  111. For Beta members only: My type relations with you
  112. Beta Quadra Meeting!
  113. Mirror differences: INFp-IEI and ENFj-EIE
  114. Delta alert!
  115. click here!
  116. ESTps, cuts, bruises, stories and scars
  117. Why people try to harm the INFp
  118. Question for ISTJs
  119. "Moods" Part IV
  120. Welcome Kristiina!
  121. Betas do you seek pressure and work better in pressing situations?
  122. I have a goal
  123. isfp traiting bitches and all
  124. I'm going outside
  125. I love my INFp friend!
  126. How to dump Beta women
  127. Some possible examples of famous/celebrity SLEs-ESTps
  128. Some possible examples of famous/celebrity EIEs/ENFjs
  129. INFp-ESTp duality poll!
  130. Some possible examples of famous/celebrity IEIs-INFps
  131. I have a question for all INFps
  132. which is the most annoying type?
  133. EhINFps
  134. IEI/INFp tendency? Behaving like the opposite of people you meet.
  135. IEIs and SLEs secretly think each is smarter than the other? (INFp and ESTp duals)
  136. hey ppl listen plz
  137. Community created by IEIs-INFps - values and expected behavior
  138. SLE description written by an SLE [deleted]
  139. Beta recommeded reading books/authors
  140. Hi everyone!
  141. Do IEIs-INFps think of their helplessness as attractive?
  142. Beta Quadra Anything Goes
  143. Coming out of the closet
  144. 101 Reasons Beta Rocks
  145. IEIs/INFps, how do you use your Ni?
  146. Beta Survey
  147. Hello Beta
  148. Black humor
  149. SLE/ESTp - Function Analysis
  150. Haha, wtf? meeting another INFp
  151. The mean side of IEI/INFp
  152. IEI - EIE mirror relations, your thoughts? (ENFj & INFp)
  153. Writing from SLE/ESTp point of view
  154. Discussion of LSI-ISTj Subtypes
  155. Unromantic, business-oriented IEIs-INFps - a myth?
  156. SLE/ESTp roomate - help!
  157. How dooes one know if SLE/ESTp is sincere or manipulative?
  158. Approaching ESTps and being the "ambassador"
  159. Why do ESTps say "pwned" or "owned" at strange times?
  160. Description of SLE/ESTp Extroverted Sensing Se
  161. WHAT?! half as many posts in Beta than Alpha!!
  162. I have a theory
  163. How to meet/recognize/seduce an ESTp
  164. This Thread Is Not About ESTps
  165. Emo-Jadae... kicked from Delta Quadra
  166. Your stories and experiences with LSIs/ISTjs
  167. Beta pet peeves: things members of the Beta Quadra can't stand
  168. How to find/recognize ENFjs (EIEs): what are they like?
  169. IEI-LSI activity relations (INFp and ISTj)
  170. Pictures of Betas
  171. Future advice for younger SLEs/ESTps
  172. ESTps as children / SLE kids
  173. Random and spazy, or elegant and dreamy IEIs/INFps
  174. How do IEIs/INFps behave when attracted to someone?
  175. is discojoe beta? warning: strong language
  176. ENFj/EIE Subtypes
  177. Sorry Beta's
  178. My point of view on Beta:
  179. Beta Types and Compulsive/Mushy/Lovey-Dovey Affection
  180. I have been thrown out of Gamma
  181. QUICK, ESTps!
  182. LSI/ISTj coping with hidden agenda and Ne PoLR
  183. Type descriptions by IEIs/INFps
  184. I don't want to be EIE-ENFj
  185. SLE/ESTp when single and in a relationship
  186. IEIs/INFps and receiving gifts
  187. INFp with Intuitive subtype description of traits (Ni-IEI/Ni-INFp)
  188. Fictional ESTp & INFp Dualities in Movies and Books
  189. INFps and Body Dysmorphic Disorder
  190. Survey questions for Beta Quadra members
  191. IEI/INFp planning what to say, organizing thoughts
  192. I had a Beta Mood today :-D
  193. Random shit
  194. SLEs/ESTps and depression episodes
  195. Beta Quadra Movies and Themes
  196. Se-ESTp client from my commercial inspection today
  197. IEI/INFp vulnerability and niceness
  198. LSI/ISTj reckless daring in youth, responsible career-oriented when older
  199. Weheehee!
  200. ISTj musicians
  201. Is it possible to talk to anyone without presumptions?
  202. IEI-INFp profile by Gilligan
  203. Betas that dislike other Betas
  204. Yet Another IEI-INFp Description (this one by me)
  205. How to help SLE/ESTp picking fights for attention?
  206. IEIs/INFps going from positive idealistic phrase to seeing negatives
  207. ISTJ stress
  208. Famous Beta Artists, Writers, and Thinkers
  209. Two subtypes of SLEs-ESTps: which one are you?
  210. Living an IEI-INFp life and Te PoLR
  211. why SLE/ESTp might be bad at sex?
  212. Apologizing to an IEI/INFp in relationship
  213. ENFj and ESTp: the most competitive types?
  214. When ESTp's attack: Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell
  215. pictures of Betas
  216. EIEs/ENFjs and ditziness
  217. Reasons you hate SLEs/ESTps
  218. ENFj and ESTp activity relations (SLE-EIE)
  219. ISTj's in popular tv shows
  220. I met my dual - EIE (ENFj)
  221. Are these kinds of arguments or debates typical of LSIs/ISTjs?
  222. YAWN
  223. EIEs/ENFjs who are into cooking?
  224. LSI-EIE Duality Discussion and Examples (ISTj and ENFj)
  225. Would an ESTp say this? "Life's a bitch"
  226. Oh beta beta beta, how do i love thee?
  227. SLEs/ESTps - the loudest type?
  228. Examples of SLEs/ESTps
  229. Example of Quality Discussion
  230. IEIs/INFps and Si: elegance, health, appearance
  231. Beta types experiences working with others
  232. Examples of ISTj-ENFj Duality in Movies and Books
  233. INFp-ESTp duality and expectations: IEI male + SLE female
  234. What does romantic mean? Are all IEIs/INFps romantics?
  235. How can you tell if a Beta loves someone?
  236. How to not scare away Ni types especially women?
  237. Working with an INFp, a few questions
  238. just a casual thread about how I still don't want to be an EIE-ENFj
  239. What are good professions/occupations for an SLE-ESTp?
  240. do IEIs/INFps enjoy mind games?
  241. EIEs/ENFjs experience with depression
  242. IEI-INFp: the hybrid type of INTp and INTj
  243. IEIs/INFps do you have difficultly expressing yourself verbaly?
  244. Do EIEs/ENFjs find Fe a hindrance at times? Fe and losing train of thought.
  245. Socionics Beta types Examples
  246. ESTp/INFp duality description by Meged and Ovcharov
  247. ISTj/ENFj duality description by Meged and Ovcharov
  248. How do EIEs/ENFjs feel about sex and marriage?
  249. Share your stories and experiences with IEIs-INFps
  250. Descriptions of IEIs/INFps