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  1. ENTp type and subtype description from socioniko.narod.ru [Don Quixote]
  2. ISFp type and subtype description from socioniko.narod.ru [Dumas]
  3. ESFj type and subtype description from socioniko.narod.ru [Hugo]
  4. LIIs/INTjs type and subtype description from socioniko.narod.ru [Robespierre]
  5. Alpha Quadra spirit
  6. LII's PoLR function and warped thought patterns
  7. Question about Socionics.com INTj description
  8. Identifying INTj's weakest functions: Fe, Si, Te, Ni
  9. The Complexities of the Analyst (INTj uncovered)
  10. Dont let anyone get you down (advice for ENTps)
  11. hello, friends
  12. ESFj Uncovered (description for ESEs)
  13. Quotes of Alpha Quadra
  14. INTjs in romance and relationships with other types
  15. The Beatles
  16. Is Hilary Duff an ESFj?
  17. ESFj's and a wide range of facial expressions
  18. Are ILEs-ENTps the fastest at receiving information?
  19. Are INTjs the slowest in receiving information?
  20. Do INTjs think that the "Holy Trinity" is logical?
  21. INTJ Bloody INTJ
  22. One vauge way to make difference between the ENTp and INTj
  23. Alphas what kind of humor do you like? (INTj, ESFj, ENTp, ISFp)
  24. How to get romantic with LIIs/INTjs? How do they flirt?
  25. INTJ and cooking
  26. INTj needs help dealing with ENTj or ENTp girl
  27. ENTps and sleep patterns
  28. The tiny habits of INTjs
  29. The tiny habits of ENTp
  30. ENTps and their reputation as inventors (ILE creativity)
  31. INTj's are supposed to establish Truth
  32. Do many INTjs wear spectacles?
  33. INTj and IxTp relationship
  34. Romance in Alfa
  35. Question for INTjs and ENTps: how do you spend money?
  36. How do "childlike" traits manifest in ENTps?
  37. ENTP: Masters of the Sleight of Mind
  38. INTj: Weak functions under pressure
  39. INTj socially not fitting in and friendships
  40. Are ILEs-ENTps the most valued type in capitalist society?
  41. Critical Examination of ENTp Type Descriptions
  42. CYNICISM! The old Greek philosophy for ENTps!
  43. Introverted Sensing Si Hidden Agenda of LIIs/INTjs
  44. Descriptions of INTj's appearance VI
  45. INTj's personality is one of disorder?!
  46. Dangers of Socionics and its potential evils
  47. Recommendations for INTjs Gulenko
  48. Model A for INTjs profile Ti-Ne
  49. ESFjs external appearance and manner of speaking Gulenko
  50. Do any men truly like INTj women?
  51. Self-obsessed groupie INTjs
  52. motherly types: healthy?
  53. ENTps and psychological distance
  54. What types of business are excellent for INTjs to set up?
  55. INTJ and ENTP: A fun story for the whole family (profanity)
  56. ISTjs having hard time saying "no"
  57. Questions for the ISFps
  58. To all the ISFp chicks out there, lend me your ears!
  59. Now that I am certain and everyone else is certain I am ENTp
  60. Do ESFjs tend to have particularly round eyes?
  61. Those beautiful beautiful ISFps! ENTp's point of view
  62. The inventive ENTp [ENTP's point of view]
  63. Another trying to figure out a person question
  64. Example of ENTP chaos
  65. LII-ESE Duality Relations: discussion, examples (INTj and ESFj)
  66. The Peaceful ISFp from socionicswsphere.com website
  67. How to tell if an ESFj is interested in you?
  68. INTjs dealing with depression
  69. Female ENTps/ILE women
  70. ENTps and EMT work?
  71. About ILE-ENTp subtypes
  72. ILE/ENTp Subtypes
  73. Those evil evil ENTps! ENTp spilling the beans!
  74. ENTps what is a deal-breaker for you?
  75. ESE men/ESFj males in love
  76. Questions for the ESFjs!
  77. Self consciousness, an ENTp quality?
  78. Tips for time management for an ENTp
  79. why do Borderlines love me???
  80. why?!
  81. Alpha Moods
  82. INTj uncovered
  83. INTjs: At what age did you lose your virginity?
  84. female ENTps
  85. Pics of ENTps
  86. How to love and care for an ISFp, what do they like?
  87. INTj jobs/careers/occupations: what do LIIs do for a living?
  88. What is the perfect type for an INTj to fall in love with?
  89. ISFp feeling like having nothing worthwhile to say
  90. Do LIIs-INTjs feel comfortable initiating relationships?
  91. Japan: Land of ENTps
  92. Are there more male INTj's than female INTj's?
  93. INxj female and ESFj male
  94. What do you do when you hurt an INTj's feelings?
  95. Wonderful INTJ's (ISFP point of view)
  96. Functional Analysis of The Analyst (INTj)
  97. ESFj typology description from socion.info
  98. Schizoid Personality Disorder
  99. INTj and ENTp: Part two FOR THE WIN!!! (vulgarity warning)
  100. Talking to ENTps about unpleasant personal matters
  101. Alpha recommended reading/books and authors
  102. INTjs are vulnerable in the emotional area?
  103. ENTp relationship and friendship issues
  104. This goes out to all the INTj's
  105. LIIs/INTjs social skills, meeting new people, shyness and leadership
  106. Batman: INTj
  107. Analyse This
  108. a day in the mind of an ENTp
  109. A day in the mind of an INTj
  110. ENTps, would you just say what you mean?!
  111. INTj's tendency to think rather than act
  112. ENTp jobs/careers/occupations: what do fellow ILEs do for a living?
  113. Are Australian and Hispanic cultures ESFj in nature?
  114. A male ISFp's road to self-discovery
  115. A day in the mind of ISFp
  116. ENTps are totally screwed when it comes to relationships
  117. INTjs have best bullshit detectors?
  118. I am an INTJ and a nebbish
  119. Success rate of INTj and ESFj marriages?
  120. The Alpha Quadra: Analysed at last!
  121. INTj: it burns in my heart when never have a gf
  122. Discussion of LII-INTj subtypes
  123. INTj Uncovered from socionics.com
  124. What's your type and what do you do?
  125. ENTp is the most common type?
  126. INTJs-Revealing one's emotions
  127. INTjs as natural leaders
  128. Bandit on the loose - INTjs and ESFps
  129. What are some hobbies INTJ's pursue?
  130. where can i find esfjs?
  131. The positive aspects of LIIs-INTjs as romance material
  132. restlessness, is this an ENTp/ILE trait?
  133. ESFjs: feeling left out among other alpha types?
  134. ENTp trait or brain problem?
  135. good for a laugh
  136. Friends as lovers
  137. ENTps and drama
  138. Question for ISFps - -
  139. INTjs as kids
  140. Don't want to be an INTj
  141. Synthesized Feelings
  142. LVL 40 INTJ LFG
  143. Hi, I'm an INTj
  144. the ENTp grin
  145. Molly Sims ESFj?
  146. ENTPs and feeling emotions
  147. Can an INTj be ?
  148. The Gift and INTJ want
  149. ESFj's feelings hurt by Dual?
  150. ENTps at handywork, are you handy?
  152. ahahahahahahahaha
  153. How to get close to an INTj
  154. INTj and INTj: A fun story to tell small children!!
  155. Written by an INTj
  156. ESFj photographic VI (not video VI)
  157. ENTp: an explanation of functional analysis
  158. ESFj and ISFp: an explanation of functional analysis
  159. INTj: an explanation of functional analysis
  160. "Evil" ENTps
  161. Are all INTjs absent-minded
  162. INTjs what do you look for in a potential mate?
  163. ESFjs: ditzy and air-headed?
  164. ENTps and obligation
  165. ENTps and time management
  166. 3 year old ENTp
  167. INTJ with INTJ (relationship advice)
  168. ENTp and INTj with people they don't like
  169. INTj and ENTp, part three
  170. Hello from an ESFj
  171. INTjs: the most narcissistic type?
  172. Type Schmype
  173. INTjs: Are you good at maths?
  174. Settling in to my personality type (INTj)
  175. I dont "GET IT"
  176. INTjs and the Cross-type theory
  177. Dual-seeking suggestive function of INTjs (Fe)
  178. What types do YOU feel resemble you?
  179. ENTps and Alter-Egos
  180. Mirror type differences ILE-ENTp and LII-INTj
  181. Just fooling myself sometimes (ENTp)
  182. INTjs difficulty in forgiving
  183. Damn INTjs
  184. What's the point of quadras?
  185. ESFj questions
  186. INTjs: Are you optimistic?
  187. I am not cold
  188. ENTp description an socion.info
  189. INTjs and social conventions/practices
  190. Recommended Reading, and Re-Reading for INTj's
  191. INTjs and stress - how to destress?
  192. ENTp emotions
  193. being passive aggressive
  194. My niece type ENTp
  195. INTjs do you often feel on the verge of failure?
  196. hijacking threads
  197. control issues
  198. ROFL
  199. Limitations of the body (my confrontation of an issue)
  200. what INTJ enjoys
  201. Common Misconception of ENTP
  202. ENTps having poor judgement when it comes to people
  203. INTJ and Purity
  204. Alpah-Gamma Conflicts
  205. Solitude or socializing and relating to others for INTjs
  206. INTjs and frames of reality "being in touch w/real worl
  207. anyone see today's Dilbert?
  208. INTjs and success
  209. this guy has to be an ENTp
  210. Are these INTj traits or not INTj? : Vote please
  211. poor at generalizing, is this an INTj trait?
  212. INTjs: strong need for autonomy ?
  213. How do INTjs see ENTps?
  214. What are INTJ's doing for Valentines?
  215. Happy Valentine's Day Fellow Alphas (not just the INTjs :P)
  216. Alpha T-shirts
  217. ENTps and ADD
  218. INTJs inability to push their talents
  219. ENTps anger in conflict situations
  220. What to do when you are bored?
  221. Are INTjs really weird?
  222. BAI
  223. INTjs falling in love and vulnerability
  224. Success tips for INTj
  225. ENTps falling in Love
  226. What do INTjs do for fun?
  227. ENTp is
  228. An INTj profile
  229. INTjs being too cold to others
  230. Honey, I'm home!
  231. Alphas and kinkiness
  232. What kind of sport do LIIs-INTjs practice?
  233. Alpha Quadra observation
  234. INTjs are accident-prone
  235. intelligence
  236. 271 topics with new messages
  237. How old are you(intj)?
  238. i'm looking for a better word then HATE
  239. lil ISFps smarties
  240. On the emotional intelligence of INTjs
  241. ENTps and psychological distance
  242. violent ISFps
  243. What is your pet peeve?
  244. INTj + SpeedDating = ???
  245. Who's your favorite superhero?
  246. Alpha is the laziest quadra
  247. When there's nothing left - motivation for academic success
  248. Hello! I am one of you guys now!
  249. INTj: cause, or symptom?
  250. Alpha and poetry