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Thread: My Alpha NT friends - ENTp and INTj

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    Default My Alpha NT friends - ENTp and INTj


    Tonight i went into town with an old ENTp friend. I was a little out of sorts but he truly acted like a great friend. I realise that this guy is a genius. He got 99.95 at school which is basically a perfect score in the hardest subjects. Anyway he said that i should get into Hr because "I understand a person in an instant". We were walking down the street and i initiated conversation with a group of people. One girl started talking with us she was pretty cool and talked for a few minutes. He was carrying the whole conversation. Anyway after she left he said "man you should have jumped on that she went to your uni". I could have got her number easily and hung out with her. That is a perfect example of a comparative(him) teaching someone socially(me). I noticed he was nice to a large group of people later which he possibly learnt from me.

    Then later in the night i met a group of guys from school. There was an INTj who i always liked in the group. He was basically an amazing guy, really kind. He studied physics and he was laid back and quiet. He said that i was his favourite guy from school from outside his immediate group.

    Anyway these two guys helped me in a time of need and taught me that fuck it. I will be friends with anyone who i think is great regardless of socionic relations. I may be an ENFp and my feelings waver, but i will try to not forget what legends they are.
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    cool post. i love it when we can appreciate each other for our strengths. i love to watch Fi people and Fe people work it with others. truly masters of the social arts.


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    meatburger, you should be Alpha.
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