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Thread: Type 5 people based on intertype relations

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    Default Type 5 people based on intertype relations

    I won't give much information. I'm curious to quickly see your impressions about these people.

    Bob is muscular, likes to fight, reminds of his strenght, talks about his experiences in a funny way with a lot of details and says funny one liners in the perfect moment. He got a grin most of the time and he's very down to earth. Together with Jack he thinks Paul and me are crazy when discussing weird theories.

    Jack is practical, silent, gentle, plays soccer, has good mathematical skills and a great sense of direction. He can be blunt, but he gives the impression of doing it just for the show. He's naturally quiet and gentle.

    I am unaware of the physical details, weird, socially blunt, lazy and anxious. I often enter a contemplative state of mind.

    Paul is always thinking about new and weird stuff. He mostly talks with me and is really social and active. We mostly discuss weird theories, like how some countries make no sense, changing the borders etc.

    Greg is the most anxious. He seems very social, but in reality he's quite solitary. He has a huge smile, but he's kind of rude. His humor is based on saying fake stuff and ridiculing the other person if he believes it, and generally on pointing other people's mistakes. He watches a lot of anime, and like me he often enters a contemplative state of mind (less frequently than me).

    Bob often tells me and Greg "don't think about it" with a smile, when we're in the contemplative mode. Paul admitted that he also has some problems sometimes on focusing on reality, because he thinks about a lot of random stuff. When I say something weird and funny quietly to Paul, he laughs a lot and tells the other people too, telling them it's me that said that thing, so he improves my social inclusion a lot. Or he starts introducing the argument to the "crowd" and asks me to tell them too.

    In general Bob and Jack are closer and talk about more "serious" and practical stuff. They are really into material details. Paul and me are more in a constant laughter and brainstorming. Greg isolates himself most of the time, and is really focused on achievements.

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    First impressions:


    Jack-SLI, maybe LSI

    Yourself-just from the included description, IEI. After reading your whole post with you describing how you relate to the other guys, I'm wondering if you could be IEE.

    Paul-ILE, IEE also seems likely

    Greg-ILE and LSE come to mind first, with IEE expressing his Te HA also seeming likely

    After reading your next paragraph about Bob and Paul, Paul sounds more like IEE to me, since he's trying to improve your social inclusion. IEEs seem to do that a lot for those people they like.

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    This is very little information so I'll give some possible types:

    Bob: SEE, SLE
    Jack: SLI, LII
    Paul: ILE
    Greg: ILI or IEI

    You: IEI (based on your posts here of course)
    The higher, the fewer

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    Bob - LSE
    Jack - SEI
    You - EIE
    Paul - Idk maybe LSI
    Greg - LII
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