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    Default To be [Your Type] is when...

    The theme for the posts which begin alike
    "To be LSE is when..."
    and then goes a story about how the specifics of your type express in your life

    I'll start

    To be LSE is when you can't just make a selfie for social networks. You prepare to this like to a "special operation". What is a fun process itself for my type.

    You think how the image should to look. Then choose what to buy for that - takes not a single day. Then you deal with Internet shops which (surprise) not always work as should. Then you wait when the stuff will come and other people will do what is needed else. Then you make own preparations and understand that you need to buy additional stuff as (surprise) it's not at home like you thought still, - thanks something can be bought in own town by adequate price. When anything seems is gotten you need to make some work to prepare that stuff, including the clothes. Then you think where and how to organise the photoshooting. As the photocamera has a lot of modes and settings you need to make experimental photoshooting to see how portrait look and to choose the best settings (just an example, - optics distortions on close distance appear to be acceptable only after some zoom, which you need to find).

    The day and time of photoshooting is chosen and assigned. You wait for it, trying to be not distracted to other deals which come out of plans. Finaly the time comes and you begin to prepare the place - it needs the cleaning, temporary placing things to other places, including with using tools. And as you never did before some things - you need to improvise a little, as some of the initial ideas appear to be not good. Whe you start to make photos you understand that it needs to be better. While the assigned time goes away and it needs to be distracted to other deals in that day and to return the photoshooting place to it's common mode. Later you return anyway (as you are stubborn J type and want anything to be finished today as you planed). Do additional series of experiments with the camera and find what and how mb improved to get your "ideal". With 2nd try of photoshooting you make another heap of photos (in sum it was >100 of them), where find another possibilities to improve the result. You saw what photos you get and some were close to not bad ones, but you stop not because you've seen the needed result, but because it's late, you are tired and you need to sleep. Only on the next day you watch what is there, without being asured you've got what you need. After 1-2 hours of watching the heap of photos, of comparing them, you see that one photo is good... almost, you notice its issues and what could be made better but it's acceptable. The photo needs to be prepared in image editor, what mb not so fast and you do this in another day.

    It total, it took significant money and some weeks to get just a single photo. But it's good one. Better than many ones you saw at other people.
    Types examples: video bloggers, actors

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    To be LSI is when you feel the irresistible urge to purge anyone critical of your viewpoints.

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