From the article from Gulenko, there is an idea that Dominant Type have important goals and they have hard time when their current reality is not in tune with these goal.

I'm asking myself what's exactly the difference with the Creative subtype, who is interested only into his favorite activity, where his creation can shine. In reality, it give the same kind of behavior or I didn't understand ?

I'm trying to know if I'm dominant or Creative. I don't know, in discord I'm the only one always discussing idea, trying to reformulate things, I asking myself if I'm creative. Someone who I could identify as dominant would be far more direct with his first function (for example saying if my idea is bullshit with no argumentation).

At the end all my creativity is directed toward my Fi ideal, but I don't express my Fi directly as I try to keep a kind of statu quo where no one fight each other (Ill not say "your idea is bullshit, Christanity is better" with no argument or stuff like that wich I identify somewhat more with someone who have good faith of his Fi -wich seems to be integrating moral created by other for some-)