This belongs in the religion forum, so here we go.

This story is so fantastic. And I only share these conversion stories here if they are truly (in my mind) spectacular.

This woman is a Jew, and I have a particular love for them, having known a few. They truly have their own culture and way, and the New York Jew is that, amplified. She is like that. I love to see how God works in people's lives and how He speaks and how He is with everyone, because it is always different and unique, and especially special for that person. God meets people exactly where they are, and he did with her, in a way perfect for her. Her story is unique like that. An example of this is in the "Lord got quiet today" quip. You could see her friends were used to God speaking to them in a different way! But even so there is a certain sameness to God's voice, and one of her friends was able to tell her the meaning.

This story has it all. I love the way she hears and talks to God! Then how she truly finds the absolutely perfect man*. What a love story! I bet they are Duals, though I didn't guess their types (Clearly she is Exxx and he Ixxx) (Now I am thinking they are ESxx and INxx) (Hmm, which Quadra, then?). Then a miracle healing (actually there is more than one miracle healing in this story). Just love her, and her with her husband. It's a good story.

I like to listen to a Sid Roth show from time to time to bless myself with some inspiration, and joy. I like to hear God's work in people's lives. However, I skip past the opening and ending sequences, and two "commercial" breaks - one is long - in order to just hear the story. So that way it's never a whole 25 min.; it's closer to 15-17 I think. Clearly they have a lot more to say, but TV has to watch the clock, and Sid cuts them off to get in his spiel at the end.

Some of my favorite lines from this story: "Lord, he's not my type at all." - "He doesn't wear a Brooks Brothers suits, and he's not a doctor or a lawyer..." - "No." - "...I said to them, Did you notice how quiet the Lord got today?"

And here it is:

* And this story reflects my firm belief, affirmed by my personal experience, that if you ask God to find you the spouse for you, He WILL answer that prayer. You can count on Him to bring you that perfect someone for you! So you really don't need to kiss those frogs... Draw some boundaries for yourself and keep them, because you can be confident the right one is out there and you will know it when you find him or her..