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    Default Phaedrus - The Forum Troll

    Read this post:

    Quote Originally Posted by Phaedrus View Post
    Basically, the "Ti-blatherer" wandering around in the heads and coming out of the mouths of idiots like Phaedrus and Hitta are impossible to find in IEIs. Only logical types can think and behave like those two jerks do. That's an empirical fact.

    IEIs are much more sophisticated and polite. They would never come up with such ideas, and even less would they try to "force" their ideas onto others, totally disregarding oppositions and rejections of others. Wake up, folks! You must learn the basic differences between logical and ethical types, not insist on confusing them.
    I don't know if people remember "Phaedrus", but look more carefully at this post. If you don't trust me, just go to that link. How is he not a troll? He just 1) referred to himself in the third person, 2) Compared himself to Hitta, and 3) called himself a "jerk" and an "idiot." My conclusion is that he confused what account he was using, and posted this stuff about himself under the name "Phaedrus" by accident, not realizing that he posted it under the wrong account. This now confirms my suspicions that he (or she) was a troll, and his account only existed to annoy the forum.

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    I was around when he was, and to me, his posts gave me a total different feeling that those of Hitta. So if it was one and the same person, he/she was brilliant at creating two different personalities.
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