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Thread: Transparancy - just a thought

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    Default Transparancy - just a thought

    I'm on the island of Ibiza, Spain. This morning I drove into town to get some hay fever nasal spray at the pharmacy, and walking back to my car I couldn't help but wonder how light I feel, as if I'm walking on the moon, without effort.

    I get in the car and drive to the supermarket, I need another bottle of wine and some coffee filters. After grabbing a bottle of wine, I walk towards the aisle where the coffee is. In the aisle a young IEE woman, about 25 years old, about 15 yards away from me, is filling the rack with coffee filters. She notices me, I walk towards her, we keep looking at each other and start smiling in recognition. She has noticed my tranquility, that is what makes her smile, she likes what she sees. I can tell she is completely at ease, as I am with her. She has no barriers around her, all defenses are down, as if they never even existed.

    I ask her for a box of filters, I thank her and turn around, walk towards the checkout.

    I feel completely transparent. I feel good.
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