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Thread: Effect of sub-type on other functions

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    Default Effect of sub-type on other functions

    How does our sub-type effect our function stacking?

    I'm an ESE-Fe sub-type, and quite a strong Fe sub-type.

    From what I understand if my Fe is very strong, then my Ti would be very strong also.

    I would also then value shadow Fi and Te as well.

    And ignore Si/Se slightly more than an ESE with no sub-type.

    Anyone have a better understanding of how sub-type works?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Fe-ESE will have stronger Ne and Ni, but weaker Te and Ti compared to Si-ESE. It doesn't mean that the Ne and Ni is strong though, it's just stronger than it is for Si-ESE.

    Also, Fe-ESE will have stronger Fe snd Fi, but weaker Se snd Si compared to Si-ESE. It doesn't mean that the Se and Si is weak though, it's just weaker than it is for Si-ESE.

    Simply put, stronger ethics suppresses logic and stronger sensing suppresses intuition. Hence why Fe-ESE is more similar to Fe-EIE and more Beta than Si-ESE and Si-ESE is more similar to Si-LSE snd more Delta than Fe-ESE.
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