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Thread: Socionics types and Music Preference

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    It's interesting to see the tastes that overlap between me and my family and friends, even if the mutual artists are a bit of a stretch from our most played music.

    So there are some examples of the mutual artists I've realized I like as much as they do:

    My younger ESI-Se Sis: Pierce the Veil, Lil Peep, Eminem, Die Antwoord, Blink-182
    *I think her music might get the closest to me emotionally when it's more Fi and not Se influenced, but she rarely ever gets into e4 territory, its more about defiance than truly looking deep into yourself

    My younger xEE-Fi bro (too early to tell but he is Pe lead): Vaporwave, The Beatles, Blink-182, 90's rock
    *he listens to everything everyone else listens to really, closest to my Dad and my older brother

    My older IEE-Ne bro: Metalcore (he got me into it anyways)
    *listens to music that is more emotional than my Sis, more melodramatic, but still not quite depressive or melancholic enough, whereas my Sis can do the depressive stuff as long as its also hip.

    my LIE-Te Dad: 90s rock and punk, some of the ambient artists I've gotten him into on long boring car rides, Pink Floyd
    *listens to music that stands for something he believes in... he loves anarchist punk no doubt about it as the Clash is his favourite band, and Rage against The Machine is up there too.

    my LSE-Si Mom: literally nothing actually
    *listens to very casual and emotionally soothing music like country and gospel

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    My ese 2w1 mom likes disco
    My lsx 8w9 dad likes arabic opera.

    8w7 7w8 3w2

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