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Thread: Hello guys

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    Default Hello guys

    Hi, my name is Zack and I've been reading on MBTI for a while now. I discovered socionics and got some questions.

    I'm not sure about my type yet, hope I can learn more in here.

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    Welcome, have you read about the information elements?
    "The ENFp outlaw lives in the world of "chaos" meaning that he doesn't get surprised by the mayhem he causes or has to deal with in order to accomplish the goal of staying alive. Unlike the strong Si types who notice every tiny detail of pre-conceived madness, he will quite happily do whatever his experimental intuition dictates to survive even if he has to use himself as a "guinea pig" in the process. [...] Strong Ne types like the ENFp outlaw tend to make serendipitous discoveries like finding a creative way of defying death where others would have died if they stuck to "the rules". The long range vision of Ne with a drug-induced short-range Si tactical foreplay reveals the true nature of one's methodical madness i.e. using chaos to stabilize the chaos." x

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