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Thread: Pseudointroverts/Pseudoextraverts

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    Default Pseudointroverts/Pseudoextraverts

    I think these are fairly common in the general populace and that's why a lot of people are confused about whether they're introverts or extraverts (aside from the fact that extraversion on many personality tests is heavily biased towards measuring Te rather than having an xe leading function in general). I find them quite easy to tell apart in social settings but I want to understand the mechanics of the functions behind them more. Does anyone know a lot about this?

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    Well, some people seem to think that being extroverted equals making a lot of sound, talk a lot and introverted is being towards silent. Which is not entirely wrong if you look at some definitions;

    But in personality theory such as Socionics it is not that much about behavior that can be pre-learned but the information itself and how the individual relate to it.

    Also in some societies Extrovert is of higher value and that create biases. Some believes that shy equals introvert. People are stupid.

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