Is it important that people around you take your reasoning? Do you have problems with someone who misunderstands your actions?

If I feel like I'm absolutely correct about something, then yes. However, if they don't understand it the first time around and after some explanation they still don't get it then I'll leave them to digest it further.

Not really, I'll see where they are coming from but I'll let them know what my real intentions were if they bring it up.

How do you feel about those who criticize and dispute your logical reasoning and arguments, is this irritating? How strongly irritating is it, if so?

No, they probably have their own reasoning and I'm not too comfortable with logical arguments or backing up my reasoning.

Does it flatter you when people praise your use of logic?


Is it important for you to understand everything? Do you get upset if there is something you don’t understand?

I would say so, but no I don't get upset if I don't understand something. I'm confident that I will figure it out eventually anyways.

How would you react and what would you do if the head of the company you work for caused everyone to act according to their own rules, which proved damaging to the productivity of the company? This company gives you a well-paying salary – Do you adhere to the rules, or attempt to ‘sabotage’ or otherwise dispute their efforts?

That would be annoying and I would probably start to make fun of them for it, maybe not to their face if it's a large establishment and I'm scared of losing my job but if it's something small that I don't have to worry about then I would poke fun at them to their face.

Do people who are inefficient, unproductive, and otherwise make questionable actions in regard to efficient action bother you? Why?

Not necessarily. Only if I find them to be an irritating person in the first place, but I wouldn't say that my response to them solely relies on their inefficiency.

Do you like to find some imperfection and fix it? Do you like to work with imperfections and upgrade them? Example?

Sometimes, if I set up a system by myself and feel that it needs some tweaking then I'll do it. Not when it comes to other peoples' though.

Do you want to become the most informed person in your surroundings, so that if anyone has questions, they can turn to you for advice or help? Does this please you?

Not really, but if I turned out to be the most knowledgable person in the room then I would be more than happy to explain it to others.

Can you restrain your irritation towards people you really don’t like?

Yes, but I would try to make it known by staying silent or being quiet with them, hoping that they get the message.

Do you separate people into good and bad, and adhere to that principle strictly in your life?

Sometimes, but I rarely stick to it. I would change how I act to them rather than waiting for them to change.

Are your sympathies-antipathies towards people constant? Are you sure of your relation to anything?

No, they can change depending on what they're doing as of the moment. For the most part, yes.

How confident are you in your assessment of anything, in regards to your emotional attitude towards them? (likes dislikes, attraction repulsion etc)

Pretty confident, however they can and most likely will change.

Do you have a tendency to look for likeminded people in terms of your ethical views? Why or why not?

Not really. I'll enjoy discussing my opinions with them but it's not too important to me.

Does it anger you when people act out of negative emotions: for instance, anger or envy?


Can you say that your opinion on any occasion is too often a compromise, and for this reason not really yours? Provide reasoning and/or examples.

My opinions can change as more information comes in, they are never the end-all be-all. I don't like to broadcast my opinions unless somebody else agrees with me or I know that somebody who I agree with will like them. So in a way, I guess.

Do you have a tendency to improve poor relationships no matter the cast? Why or how?

Not really. I have people who I'm already on higher ground with and would like to focus on them more.

Do you communicate with people on a business level?

Not at all. I find it irritating when people do do that.

Can you come up with clever ways to cheer up frustrated friends? Is this easy for you?

Yes. It kind of just comes to me, and I don't actively seek it out.

How hard is it for you to make important decisions in your life? Explain?

Sometimes hard, sometimes quite easy. I don't really find decision-making to be that hard really, as the decisions that I do make already kind of fall in place beforehand.

Do you lack interest in people who are not internally conflicted? Do you like to dig into those that are? Why or why not?

I lack interest in people who don't know how to deal with their own problems when the answer seems quite clear, even after I tell them what they should do and don't listen to me it gets irritating. I would like to help them, but at a certain point it becomes a waste of energy.

Do you avoid activities that can shake your inner harmony and self-confidence?

I'll try them out if I feel like it, or if somebody is pressuring me to do it then I can give in quite easily. Unless I think it's a terrible choice right off the bat then I'll stick with it.

If there is suddenly some kind of internal conflict, how does it affect you?

I can feel it, and I'll ask them if there is anything that I can do but if there isn't then that is theirs to deal with.

How do you feel when people conflict, destroying the harmony of the external world?

I come back into my shell and stay out of it!!

If someone says your house is a mess, how do you react to it and what do you feel?

A little shrug and next time they come over I'll tidy up a bit more if I remember to. I wouldn't really care. If I did, I would have made sure to clean up a bit more before they came over.

Do you seek out new opportunities in the world and actively pursue them?

Not really, unless I feel that they can help me out in some way.

How important to you is the comfort of your home? Are you afraid of poverty?

It's pretty important. Although I don't live an extravagant lifestyle, I like to have a bit of comfort in my home.

Are you afraid to miss out on possibilities the world has to offer? Why? How much of a concern is this?

Not really, if I think there's a possibility to be taken then I will but I'm not actively seeking them out.

Does it upset you if someone sweats, or uses rough language, destroying the harmony of the external environment?

Not really.

Is it important for you to be like everyone else?

Not really. I try to fit in but at the same time, I have my own style as well!

Do you have a desire to avoid external conflicts and seek a place to stay where they don’t exist where the atmosphere is harmonious and consistent?

I like my solitude but if I can't escape the situation then it's not a big deal. I'll wait until it dissolves.