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Thread: The Socion on The Dancefloor

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    Default The Socion on The Dancefloor

    I always notice some interesting patterns when the 16 types hit the dancefloor. So I thought I'd share my observations here. Hope we can gather more opinions and experiences, I bet you folks have plenty of insights as well. My notions are structured within four sections: Quadra, Duality, Temperament, Club.

    1) Observations by Quadra

    Alpha: Very exuberant and encouraging dancers, especially the SFs. The NTs are - as expected - quite experimental (). Want/persuade everyone to join, actually love it when someone steals the show. Always leaves me thinking, "what a hilarious mess". Use elements of pop culture.

    Beta: Loud like Alpha types but a lot more aggressive, especially in footwork. "Beta types are cautious dancers" said no one ever. Even the INFps can get really into it. Out of all types, Beta has the most dramatic styles because of and values. Hardly go unnoticed. Usually experienced, Beta loves clubbing, festivals, concerts etc.

    Gamma: Focus on expertise, quality over quantity. Tough movements. Perceived reputation - / - matters to us so we won't get all goofy (only SEE might do this but will use their charm to get away with it). The people Gamma is with > general atmosphere on the dancefloor. Fiercest quadra. and values create adjustment to every genre.

    Delta: The combination of valuing and seems to create the funniest moves ever. They don't go all out like Alpha types though. No risky stuff, Delta is very responsible and wouldn't like to get injured. Most adaptive to the song, blends in. Compliments others on their dancing, knows who's talented.

    2) Observations by Duality Dynamic

    Dual couples always seem to have complementary styles. The energy flows from extrotim to introtim. That's why I-types have to be stimulated via their dual-seeking function first in order to let go. Vice versa, E-types can often be loose cannons (style-wise) that need channeling via their suggestive.

    ESE spreads the energy, ILI collects it.
    ILE invents something, SEI makes it appropriate and danceable.

    SLE heats up, IEI cools them down.
    EIE `sweeps´, LSI provides boundaries.

    SEE creates chaos, ILI fixes it.
    LIE rushes forward, ESI supports.

    LSI sets the routine, EII cultivates it.
    IEE clowns around, SLI crafts a realistic style out of it.

    3) Observations by Temperament

    The Ejs do well with back-up choreography, but especially the PoLR ones struggle with coordination. So they keep everything more subdued because they dislike to embarrass themselves unless their HA is willing to make efforts. PoLR Ejs are doing much better. Some ESFjs I know can really rock the show (they are unaware of the consequences, that's why). Very eccentric and loud. ESTj - not so much, very adapted to whatever everybody else is doing. Common element: angularity.

    The Ijs have very distinct unflappable styles, they also do well with incorporating choreographic elements. PoLR is quite a curse because the music's potential is not entirely considered, nor are there novel movements. So an LSI or ESI can sport repetitive moves. Do very well in standard and latin dances where there are steps and figures to follow. PoLR - reserved dancers, don't try to fully express themselves. Can get creative, but direct challenging will discourage them. So no dance battles.

    The Eps are cocky. Really. and dominants alike. PoLR has some pretty offensive moves in stock, or just very otherwordly ones. PoLR lacks in congruence, a lot of random/senseless improvisation is going on here. They don't care too much about the details of the beat. An Ep will always take all opportunities available to make something out of it. On the one hand, they assimilate, but on the other hand, their extroversion makes them stand out. Statement dancers.

    The Ips are often shy and hide their potential. IFxp types are the best dancers imo, but they need somebody or something as a trigger to show what they got. Veeery fluid. The dominants know exactly what they're doing, it's quite incredible because of their bodily awareness. leading gives off an extraterrestrial vibe, the movements function on their own. They dance best when they are not self-conscious. As introtims, their styles are more silently intricate due to subjective focus.

    4) Observations by Club

    SF: They dance because it's fun. "Raise the roof" - That's what the social club aims to do. They jump, turn, use their extremities a lot.
    NT: Quite ingenious when experienced. More centered than the SFs, i.e. use their shoulders & hips more. Concentrated.
    ST: Sturdy type of style, grounded. No sloppy execution whatsoever, STs won't do something half-heartedly. Also very concentrated.
    NF: Strive to excite or inspire. Playful, inventive, dance with a twinkle in their eyes. Head in the clouds.

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    The only dancing I can do 1) grinding. 2) bachata. Those ballet lessons I took when I was 6 did not pay off

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    There's almost nothing I love more than watching grown men dance.

    You want to win my heart over? Get into a dance battle.

    (It's even better than watching them hug.)

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