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Thread: Hello, I am [subject name here] from [subject hometown here].

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    Cool Hello, I am [subject name here] from [subject hometown here].

    Hey, everyone! I've been lurking the general typology community for a few years. With Socionics, I haven't really bothered with anything beyond the functions themselves and the quadras, so I don't understand all the vocabulary.

    My type is ILI. Not sure about the subtype, because I relate to descriptions of both to an extent, and because different sources seem to be contradictory. For instance, both of these are from the two sources describing Ni-ILI on Wikisocion:

    Tries to look after his appearance and health, keep himself neat and clean, and dress tastefully.
    Often has an asthenic figure, may be negligent of his appearance and take poor care of his health.
    Anyway, I know it isn't exactly Socionics, but I took a Keys2Cognition quiz the other day, so here's a screenshot of that. My Enneagram type is 5w6 so/sx.

    I'm taking a break from cardboard box hell at the moment; I'm turning 21 and moving out and going to school for engineering. I guess I'm supposed to throw in something fun, so... lately I've been watching Better Call Saul, Mr. Robot, and Revolutionary Girl Utena.

    Thanks for reading! I'd like to clear up that subtype thing soon.

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    Welcome. Your language definitely resembles mine. So does your profile picture, in fact -- to some extent.

    Revolutionary Girl Utena
    Here's another demonstration of Utena's ILI appeal, @malna.

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