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Thread: Hi, I'm Stephanie and I want to be typed! :D (VI and 80q included!)

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    Default Hi, I'm Stephanie and I want to be typed! :D (VI and 80q included!)

    Hi, I'm Stephanie. I've always been really curious about my type and have been wanting to be typed for a while! I'm so excited! Thank you!

    Block I (Ti)

    1. General to specific, specific to general ? What does it mean?

    General means like relating to a larger population, but specific means relating to a small population, like to one person. General could be like, the general feelings of a group, whereas there can be a specific feeling, where one person feels something. And it can be different than the general feelings.

    2. What does "logical" mean? What is your understanding? Do you think that it correlates with the common view?

    Logical means I guess, well it means to be supported by reason and not feelings. Like, this is the logical outcome because it has been proven and there is evidence to support it. It's different from "I feel this way." Logical is more scientific and fact based.

    3. How do you explain fractions on the dial of the clock?

    What? Ok, well. There are minutes on the clock, well on an analog clock, there are minutes. This is hard to explain wow. So, an analog clock is a circle and there are numbers on it. 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. And they are all of equal distance apart, and there are small lines inbetween them. Those denote minutes and seconds. When the long hand is on a number or line, that's what minute it is, while the short hand shows the hour. There is a thin hand too that shows the seconds and it rotates all the way around in one minute. The long hand rotates all the way around in 1 hour, and the short hand rotates all the way around in 12 hours. This is complicated.

    4. What is a rule? What rules do you have to follow?

    A rule is a standard that someone sets for other people to follow. I'm supposed to follow rules at work. Like I'm supposed to wear this vest that has my companies name on it. I work for a summer camp and we had a meeting where all the staff decided we would wear tee shirts, and the boss agreed, but then the boss overuled us and got ugly smelly vests. I refuse to wear the best because this wasn't a rule that I made up and I don't support it. My boss has kind of gotten used to it, but I got in trouble for it in the beginning. I hate following rules that I didn't help create or that I don't support, but if it's something that can be seen as important, I'll try to follow them in order to help society. Like, I've always worked the hardest on group projects because I don't want anyone to do poorly because of me. If I know me not following a rule will hurt someone else, then I follow it.

    5. What is hierarchy? Do you need to follow it? Why or why not?

    Hierarchy is like a pyramid of people and the higher up on the pyramid, the more value the person has. I hate the idea of hierarchies honestly. I cannot believe that anyone is better than me, or that I am better than anyone else. I honestly think that's really stupid, and that's what causes segregation within societies.

    6. What do you think of instructions? Do you use them? Could you write an instruction manual? If so, what type of instruction manual would you most likely write?

    I have a hard time following instructions I think. I get a little lost among them. I'm glad they exist because I couldn't build things without them or things like that. They're kind of like a map though, which I also have trouble reading. I think that my attention span doesn't really work well with them, but I can usually get something done while using instructons, vs never getting it done ever. I could write an instruction manual about how to make someone fall in love with you, and then you accidentally lose interest in them. I'm super good at that. I could never write an instruction manual on something actually functional though.

    7. Please explain: "Freedom is in complying with the laws, but not in ignoring the laws"? Do you agree with the statement? Why?

    I guess that means that if you follow the laws then you are allowed freedom from jail and other liberties that could be taken away. And ignoring the laws isn't freedom because you can potentially have your liberties taken away. I mean, I guess logically I would agree because it's factual that breaking the law can lead to imprisonment. But also, what if you don't believe in a law? That law is oppressing you. You aren't free if you are obeying a law that you don't believe in or support. That really isn't fair. I guess I can agree and disagree with it at the same time. It makes me feel gross though. There shouldn't have to be such solid lines. I don't know.

    8. Tell us how about consistent you are?

    I'm not very consistent, I think. I am so so so indecisive. I have the hardest time making a single choice. I'm terrified of choices that will negatively impact my future! Also, I'm contradicting myself. I will say one thing and then in the same breath I will say the opposite. I don't mean to. I guess I just feel two exact different ways at the exact same time sometimes! But yeah, I have a hard time staying disciplined and getting things done. I start a lot of projects and tend to not finish them. I start out all excited and ambitious but then it gets boring and falls off :/

    9. What is a "standard"? Why do people need it?

    A standard is I guess like a limit I guess. Eh, I guess I wouldn't describe it as a limit. It's a guideline. It's how something is supposed to be. It's predetermined. I don't know. This question is kind of boring me. Okay, so I guess we need standards to make sure that things are happening the way they are supposed to. But honestly, I don't know if we need them. It really depends on the subject. Everyone is different and wants different things at different times in their lives, so a standard can become irrelevant. It's completely subjective. And pointless really. People should only set standards for themselves if they want. I don't think other people should set standards for other people. I don't like that.

    10. You need to put your home library in order. How do you feel about this activity? How will you approach this task?

    Well, this is interesting. I'd really love to be organized, but it's hard. This would take me a really long time. I feel like I'd wanna organize my last name of the author but I would probably rather organize by size or color lol. Either way it would take a while.

    Block II (Te)

    1. What is work in your opinion? Why do people go to work? Are there any parameters where you can distinguish whether you can do this work or not?

    Work is that thing that people have to do in order to get money. And it's also that thing you have to do because you owe someone. In my opinion, work is something that you don't really want to do, but you do it because it's your responsibility. I have a job, but it's not something that brings me great fulfilment. I would rather not have to give much of my time to people who don't really appreciate it, and use it on myself to do things that I truly care about, but alas, we need money in this society. I would much rather use my time to make art, but that's not making me any money. So I'm forfeiting my time to work. It's a shame that we have to work in this society because life is so short and we should really only be spending it on things that make us truly happy. In an ideal world, everyone's job would bring them completely satisfaction and fulfilment. That would be amazing. I don't know if I will ever feel fulfilled if I have to keep working jobs that I don't care about. Probably not.

    2. Is there any correlation between quality and quantity? Tell us if or how the price depends on quality?

    Hmm this is an interesting question. I feel like usually the higher quality something is, the lower quantity. Like sometimes when I get mac and cheese at a restaurant, the higher quality (the better it tastes) there is usually less of it. It's like how in restaurants that are super duper fancy and expensive, they give you teeny tiny amounts of food! I usually tend to prefer quantity. Like on Christmas, I would prefer to see 100 cheap lower quality gifts than 1 expensive gift! I love to see lots of things wrapped up under my tree! It makes me so happy I'm happy now!

    3. How do people determine the quality of work? How do you determine such quality? How well you can determine the quality of any purchase, do you pay any attention to it?

    I guess I don't pay much attention to this. I guess people determine the quality of work by how much it is worth monetarily. If something costs me a lot of money, I'm going to assume that it is high quality. Same with a purchase. I'm going to assume that the 500 dollar ipad is higher quality than the 100 dollar no name brand tablet.

    4. How do you feel if you didn't finish some work? Does it ever happen? What are the reasons?

    Well, it happens sometimes. I have a hard time getting started on things. I've once procrastinated a paper so long that I got a double extension into the next semester! I got an A, which means I could do the work, but I still literally put it off until the night before. I've never not procrastinated. Because of this, I tend to finish things, since it's already so late. If it's work that doesn't affect someone else, say my writing, pfft I'll never finish.

    5. What is "interesting work" for you? Please explain in detail.

    Interesting work for me would be something that can genuinely keep my interest. Usually that would entail something to do with people, since everyone's different and always changing. I would love to work with people. They are so interesting!

    6. You go to the store and see something you're interested in buying; there is a price tag on it. What parameters are you going to use to understand if it's overpriced, underpriced, or priced correctly?

    Well, I don't like this question. That kind of thing is too much. If I want something, I'll buy it! Sometimes I'll google if something is a different price somewhere else, but that's only if it's something very expensive. Like over 50 dollars

    7. When you work and someone tells you: "You don't do it right." What is your reaction?

    That upsets me!!! Like, leave me alone! I do it right! It actually offends me. My coworkers do that all the time.

    8. There is a professional right next to you. You always see that you can't perform the way they do. Your feelings, thoughts and actions?

    I feel sad I guess. But the. I'd have to consider: is this something I truly care about being good at? I used to date a guy who was really good at video games. Sometimes it would make me sad because I wasn't. But I didn't really care about being good at video games. I care about being good at writing, reading, makeup, talking to people. Those are the things that matter to me. So why on earth would I be upset because I'm not as good at something that I don't truly care about. If someone is better than me at writing, I get a little sad and feel a little defeated, but honestly it makes me wanna try a little harder. I want to be great at what I love.

    9. When you have to ask someone else to help you with the task, how do you feel?

    Well, sometimes it feels good to have someone help me. I kind of like the feeling of being helped. Sometimes it's kind of embarrassing. It really depends on the situation. Sometimes I like to seem strong and tough so I'm like I CAN LIFT THIS MYSELF, STAHHHHP! And sometimes I'm like Please help me, I'm dying. It usually depends on if there are cute boys around, too

    10. You need to build a pyramid exactly like in Egypt. Your thoughts, feelings and actions?

    No. I can't do that. I don't want to do that. Why do I "need" to do that? That's stupid and I don't like it.

    Block III (Si)

    1. What is beauty? Do you change your opinion about beauty? Does your understanding correlate with the generally accepted notion? What goes beyond the generally accepted notion?

    Beauty is a lot of different things. I find beauty in so many things. Right now I'm sitting outside typing this, and listening to the birds and its beautiful. Outside is beautiful. It just exists. I am just existing within it. It's so beautiful. Honestly, I think everything is beautiful so this is very hard for me to answer. I think that I find things to be more beautiful than most of my peers. I feel like they can see the moon and can go on with their lives, whereas I see the moon and I can't stop seeing it, and I can't stop dreaming of it. I need to write about it, because it exists, and it is beautiful. It makes me feel something. It's more than just the actual thing. Like, the sound of the birds, or the look of the moon. It's also the feeling that it illicits within people. That is also beautiful. I don't know. There are so many beautiful things.

    2. Please describe your understanding of a beautifully dressed person. What is the core of beauty? How do you explain what is beautiful to a person who has never heard about beauty before?

    Ooo this is interesting. Well, I think that there are so many different ways to be beatifully dressed. I love a lot of different clothes on a lot of different people I really love short dresses on short girls, long dresses on tall girls, suits on men. I mean, it really depends. The core of beauty is really the person wearing the clothes. I love to see someone who feels free and at ease in whatever they're wearing. If someone seems free and happy in sweatpants and a tee shirt, that is more beautiful to me than someone looking stiff and unhappy in a long gorgeous dress. I guess I just think people are beautiful when they are dressed as they please. In my opinion, beauty is just the natural state of a person.

    3. Is there a template of understanding what beautiful means for everyone to use? Is there such a term as "classical beauty"? If so, what is it?

    Well, there is a term called classical beauty. It's kind of just like what everyone would consider beautiful throughout most periods of time. But then there's also like everyone's own taste of beauty. Like I really love beards on men. And I love tattoos on women. Not everyone agrees with that. I think that in society there is a template, but then people also shy away from it for their own tastes.

    4. What is comfort? What is coziness? How do you create your comfort and coziness? How do others evaluate your skill in doing so? Do you agree with them?

    Comfort and coziness is just feeling like you belong in a place at that time. I create it by making sure everything is positive. If I feel a negative feeling, I try to change it. I think others think I'm good at it. I am capable of creating an atmosphere, I guess. Like, I can make it fun if it should be fun. I'm good at making people feel better. I think it's because I try to understand them and put myself in their position. Comfort is really important. I don't feel comfortable a lot of the time, though I'm good at adapting. I don't ever feel comfortable in the beginning, but I'm good at making myself feel comfortable. The best feeling is being somewhere where you feel like you belong. Everyone deserves to feel that.

    5. How do you pick your own clothes? Do you follow fashion? Why? Do you know how to select clothes for different types of figures?

    Well, I don't really follow fashion. I wear whatever I happen to like. I wear shirts that show things I like on them. For example, I wear shirts that have the little mermaid and hello kitty on them. That's kind of weird for a 24 year old but whatever, I like it. I wear a lot of bright colors, and just whatever makes me happy. I know what looks good.

    6. How do you cook? Do you follow recipes? What do others think of your skill?

    I pretty much never follow recipes. I don't cook often but when I do I just put in things I think would go well together. I like to put on some music and just throw it whatever feels right I guess. Unless scientifically it needs something in it to go correctly. I don't really understand science too much which definitely makes me sound stupid, but there is chemistry involved in cooking. If something needs to be an exact certain texture or something, I will look into it so I don't mess the whole thing up! Other than that, it's pretty basic. Putting in everything that I like and makes me happy!

    7. Are you good at color patterns and mixing them and matching?

    Well, I have a horrible sense of like matching I guess. At least I feel like I do. I never really cared about my clothes matching. I didn't even really know it was a thing until I was like 14 and a friend was like "Your shirt completely clashes with your pants." I was like what? We care about that?! If I actually try though, I can manage to match. I know what looks good together and what doesn't now that I've gotten older. I tell my friends that I have a horrible fashion sense, but they always tell me that I have a great fashion sense. It's kind of strange.

    8. If someone is telling you what is beautiful and what is not, what goes with what color and what is not, do you agree with this person?

    Ugh no. That's annoying. Anyone who can "tell" me something of that nature is annoying to me. I would so much rather decide for myself. I value my own opinion on many things, and would first listen to myself than anyone else. Unless it was about math or science. I pretty much can't form an opinion on those because I don't understand it at all.

    9. Tell us how you'd design any room, house or an office. Do you do it yourself or trust someone else to do it? Why?

    Hmm. That's interesting! I think both! I would like a lot of input, but I might want help too! I'm not very good at organizing so maybe someone could help me with that! I'd love to choose colors and furniture! Ooo I'm so excited just thinking about it!

    10. How do you know if a person has bad taste? Could you give us an example? Do you always trust your own taste or do you seek opinions from others?

    Hmm. If a person has bad taste... Idk. I'm trying to think of a person I know who has bad taste... Well, I have a friend who like, is inappropriate around children and listens to like gross music. Like, rock music about killing or whatever. And she listens to it around children. That's bad taste. I don't know. It's completely subjective. I honestly feel uncomfortable declaring that someone has bad taste. Sometimes I trust my own taste, but sometimes I'm like "Should I be wearing this shirt???" I have a Harley Quinn shirt that says "Daddy's Lil Monster" and I honestly never know when it's appropriate to wear it! But for the most part, I trust my taste. I mean, I wouldn't wear that shirt around children or anything like that. Honestly, I think I have pretty good taste.

    Block IV (Se)

    1. Can you line up human resources and make them do things? What methods do you use? Can you press people? If so, how does it happen?

    I mean, I guess I could, but I wouldn't really want to. I feel gross thinking about it kind of. I could like be manipulative and influence them by getting to know them and doing things to show I care about them, making them want to help me I guess. It's kind of easy to get people to want to help me sometimes. I just have to show that I care, and maybe talk about things that interest them. I accidentally let people think I care more than I do quite frequently. I don't like that about myself, but it happens and I don't even realize it usually.

    2. What is incursion? How do you deal with this? Can you repulse? How easy can you do it?

    Well, I don't wanna be attacked. I don't like this. Why would someone be attacking me? I don't like it

    3. What does "my people" and "strangers" mean? When do "my people" become "strangers" and why?

    I guess "my people" are people who you are close to and talk to on a regular basis and strangers are people who you don't talk to regularly. I have a hard time thinking of someone going from a "my people" to a "stranger" for some reason. In my mind, once you're my person, you are always my person. I may talk to you less, or even hardly at all, but once you were my person. you are never a stranger. You are someone I have known, and I will always have known you. In my opinion, strangers are people you have never known. I honestly couldn't consider someone who was once my friend a stranger.

    4. Are there strategies of attack? Can you use them? When is it justified?

    Uhh. I guess there are. I don't know. I'm a little thrown off by this question. Like, attack where? I guess there are war strategies. I don't know anything about them. I guess there are strategies when communicating with people if you're trying to get them to do things for you. I can't say when it's justified. I don't know.

    5. Do you think it's ok to occupy someone else's territory? In what situations?

    Eh, what makes something someone else's territory? Idk if I've ever been in a situation like this, so idk how to answer.

    6. What are the methods of volitional force? When is it most effective and in what situations?

    I honestly have no idea how to answer this question. It's honestly making me really uncomfortable. I don't like the word methods.

    7. How do you protect yourself and your interests?

    Hmm. Well, idk. I don't know if I do. I seem to be kind of trusting of everyone. The idea that someone would want to hurt me on purpose is kind of mind boggling. I don't think I really protect myself.

    8. Describe your behavior in the situations of opposition and if you have to use some force?

    Well, I have strong opinions on things. For example, I strongly support the freedom to choose when it comes to abortion, I support marijuana legalization, I support gay and women's rights. I feel really strongly about these things. Often times I will come across people who disagree with me. I really love when someone can have a civilized conversation with me discussing different opinions, but that is often not the case. If someone strongly opposes me, I get an adrenaline rush and then feel the need to show them why I'm right. Even more so when they insult me in the process. For example, Trump supporters often like to call you things like "retarded" (which is a whole different conversation. Ugh.) and other names. Then I tend to get angry and ferociously call them out as an asshole. I really feel the need to voice and support my opinions.

    9. Do others think of you as a strong person? Do you think you are a strong person?

    Well, it depends. People who know of my past tend to think I'm really strong. I've been through a lot in my childhood and have overcome a lot of things that might hold people back. People who just see me as I am now probably think I'm weak because I'm sensitive, but I just tell myself that they don't really know me, because they don't. In my opinion, sensitivity isn't a sign of weakness. I think I'm strong. I believe that I can do whatever I truly want to.

    10. How do you understand if a person is strong? Are there any signs of a strong person? What is the core of any force? Why do people listen to one person, but not the other?

    I think I can tell if a person is strong if they stay true to themselves. There are some people who I can just know are strong. They're the people who help people without asking for help. Sometimes they don't need help, and sometimes they do. This is a very loaded question. Honestly I feel like most people are strong, but some people just choose to ignore it. Some people like to feel weak I think. They would rather not exercise their self control. I think people listen to people over other people because they demand it. I don't think that is a tell of strength. Sometimes it's a tell of weakness. Sometimes the strongest people are the people who don't ask anyone to listen to them. Sometimes the strongest people don't ask for validation from anyone, or demand anything from anyone.

    Block V (Fi)

    1. What is boorishness? Does your understanding of it correlate with the generally accepted notion? How would you explain what boorishness means to a 10 year old child? How would you explain the same to an adult who does not behave ethically?

    Hmm. Well, boorish is like, rough around the edges I guess. It describes someone who isn't polite or well mannered. I would tell a 10 year old that sometimes boorishness is disrespectful, because it's not using manners. But I would also explain how everyone's different, and what might seem boorish to one person, might be normal to another. I would tell an adult that it's someone who doesn't adhere to Social norms, and that sometimes you have to not be boorish so you can help society. I guess lol.

    2. How would you improve the moral of the society?

    Hmm. I'm not sure. I don't know if I'd really want to. That seems like a lot of work. And it's probably impossible honestly, because morality is subjective. I don't really know. I guess you'd have to give society a reason to have better morals, but who would choose what an improvement in morality is? This seems like a lot of work for something that is inauthentic and won't benefit anyone. I would rather live in a society that is raw and authentic, organic views and opinions rather than try to create something false.

    3. Can you justify somebody's bad behavior by thinking that he/she wasn't taught how to do so?

    Yeah, I can pretty easily justify someone's bad behavior because they were taught to do so. I think it's probably because I was raised in a really bad environment where I was taught a lot of negative things. I didn't properly learn about loving relationships and that has definitely affected my relationships. It's hard to hold someone accountable for something they haven't learned. For example, you can't really get mad at a caveman for not knowing how to speak english. It's kind of similar. Some people learn bad behavior, and it's especially damaging when they're young. I think I can be upset with someone for their behavior, but I somehow am always able to put myself in their shoes and pretty much be like "well, this happened because of this..." I don't think I actually justify it, but I am able to see a cause and affect. I'm not usually able to see it clearly at first as I am blinded by emotions, but eventually I am able to put two and two together.

    4. Give us your understanding of love. Can you love and punish at the same time?

    Love is... well, it's the most simple and yet most complicated concept of all time. I say this because I say that I absolutely love everything all of the time. Whenever someone asks me about a show I'm like "YES! I LOVE THAT SHOW. ITS MY FAVORITE SHOW!" I say I love everything and I call everything my favorite. I tend to tell partners that I love them pretty early on, and yet I'm also very weary of the word. I tend to have panic attacks if a partner tells me they love me first. I recently had a partner tell me they loved me and I almost broke up with him right then and there. Then two weeks later I told him I love him. But I still have panic attacks that I even said it to him. I have a hard time deciphering real love from superficial love I guess. I tend to say that anything that makes me happy I love. The problem is that so many things make me happy. I'm very excitable and can be really happy just sitting outside for a little. Can you love and punish at the same time? Hmm. Well, I think so. That's how raising children works, right? I think if you really care about someone, such as your child, and you see they're not making the best decisions, maybe you will punish them if you truly love them because you want what is right for them. I'm not quite sure. I don't think of that often.

    5. Have you heard about the Southern hospitality? Everything is for the guest. There is also a German hospitality ? the master of the house is always right. What method is the right one? Try to evaluate without the weight of any cultural aspects, traditions, nations etc.

    Eh, I don't know if I believe in either of them. How can you wholeheartedly be like "Objectively, this group is right no matter what." No, that doesn't work. It has to be subjective. Why do you really need to follow either of those methods. I would expect that you try to make yourself happy and your guests happy at the same time. Everyone should have a positive experience. I think that is possible! I don't like either of those other methods because they're too objective and exclusive to only one party.

    6. What is sympathy? When do you need to express it? When is it advised not to?

    Sympathy is when you feel bad for someone who is in a situation that you perceive to be negative. For example, my friend recently got pregnant and lost her job. I feel sympathetic to her, because that's a really bad thing to happen. I express my sympathy often. I always say "im so sorry" a lot. I just feel bad for people who feel bad. I can't help it. I wouldn't express my sympathy to someone who feels they don't need it. For example, I felt sympathy for my friend when she found out she was pregnant, but it's not a negative situation for her like it would be to me. At this point in my life, I would see it as life ending. She is very happy about it, so it would be completely offensive for me to say "I'm so sorry that you got pregnant and now your life is over!" Well 1) that is just an awful statement and doesn't make anything better and 2) because she doesn't feel badly about the situation.

    7. Are there any norms of behavior in the society? Do you follow them? Do people always have to follow them? Why?

    There are norms of behavior in society. I mean, there are things that a majority group of people do or believe, and they are always change. Something that was considered deviant 50 years ago could be the norm today. I think I used to try to follow the norms. Sometimes I still do. I think it's because I want to be happy and I feel like the majority of people are inherently happy. But it takes more for me to be happy I guess. Like the deep down kind of happy and fulfillment. I want to feel that so badly but I don't know if I ever will. I feel better when I'm not following the norms. One of my biggest fears is being average and normal. I want to be different, but I don't think I actively go out of my way to be different. I think I just am. I think pretty differently than most people my age. They seem to be so content living and working. Like work is their purpose. My job is not my purpose. It's just the thing I do to get money. Everything else is my purpose though. Everything that I can do without having to conform to authority is something that I appreciate. I can be my true self, or at least discover my true self. None of my friends understand that I can't be happy working a 9-5 and having a rigid schedule. I hate having a schedule. I hate having plans. I just like to do things right when I feel like doing them. I don't want to plan a time to go watch the fireworks. I want to be able to see fireworks at the second that I feel like seeing fireworks.

    8. How do you know what attitude among people is right or wrong?

    Hmm. Well, I don't know that there's a right or wrong with attitude. That kind of think is about perception, so if someone finds something to be negative, they react negatively. I could perceive that same thing as positive, and react positively. I can't tell someone that they are reacting wrong.

    9. What does moral mean? What is immoral? Does your understanding correlate with the others? How can you evaluate the correctness of your own understanding?

    Well, moral is what is right. Immoral is what is wrong. Those are super vague answers. I mean, morality is hugely subjective. Morals change depending on the culture, which is why norms also vary. For instance, in some cultures they practice honor killing, where they might kill a daughter who has caused the family dishonor. That isn't considered immoral there. But for western world, that is completely immoral all the time! It's super interesting honestly! But personally, I think that people should be able to do what they want without guilt as long as they aren't harming anyone else. Life is so short and if you are living by some rules that you didn't create for yourself just because you feel you should, then it's a waste! The law seems to think smoking weed is immoral. If you believe otherwise, then smoke weed! Who cares?! You're not hurting anyone at all. If you are hurting someone though, then you shouldn't. It's really subjective. To each their own.

    10. Somebody is giving you a negative attitude. What is your reaction? Could you show your own negative attitude toward someone else? If so, how? Could you give a person the silent treatment? How easily do you forgive people?

    If someone gives me a negative attitude, I try really hard to find out why so I can help fix it. I can't stand when people are mad at me! I really can't show my negative attitude towards anyone. I would feel bad. I could never give someone the silent treatment. 1)I'd feel bad. 2) I just wouldn't be able to control myself to stop from messaging them lol. I forgive people really very easily. Almost instantly.

    Block VI (Fe)

    1. "Whole world does not cost one tear of child" ? how do you understand this phrase? Do you agree with this opinion?

    In my opinion, this means that every persons feelings are valid, and that feelings are important. I do agree with this. I think that everyone feels things for different reasons, and it would be ignorant for us to not value feelings for what they are, and to not examine them.

    2. Is it acceptable to express emotions? Give examples of inappropriate expression of emotions.

    I think it's completely acceptable to express emotions. Emotions are the things that make us real people! Everyone feels emotions! Well, besides sociopaths I guess, but even that is a little debable and is entirely too complicated. But anyways, everyone's emotions are valid!!! I think everyone should be able to express their emotions. The only exception to that would be if the expression of your emotion would be taking away from or harming someone else. If you can reasonable express your emotion without doing so, then yes do it! If not, then find another way to express it! There are so many ways to express emotions. An inappropriate way to express an emotion would be to kill someone once you have found them cheating on you or something like that. Sure, that's a valid emotion but you are harming someone else in the process. They could express their emotion through art or just breaking things instead and get the same feelings without the same repercussions!

    3. Can you use negative emotions? In what situations?

    Well, I think I can use negative emotions to propel positive things. For example, the other day I spent a lot of time being sad about children being in hospitals and being very sick. It doesn't feel fair, and I cried over it and was angry, but I can use that emotion to do something great, like donate toys to them, or maybe send them birthday cards! I know I could do something positive with that originally negative energy.

    4. How do you express negative emotions? What does it look like? What do others think about it?

    I physically express my emotions a lot. Most people know how I feel because I show it on my face. When I'm sad or negative in general, I look down a lot. I probably frown. I get really into my own head, and I start thinking a lot. I stop talking to the people around me. When I'm alone I'll write a poem, and I'll likely have tears staining my face while I'm writing it. My poems have a lot of emotion in them. They may not be structurally well written, but they contain a lot of raw emotion and a lot of me inside of it. When I'm sad or upset, everyone else tries hard to make me happy. Sometimes they can make me smile by just being silly, but lately I will either fake being happy for them so they will stop, or I will just continue to be upset. I try to explain why I'm upset, but sometimes I get so emotional that I can't quite think of the right words. And now I'm sad thinking about this.

    5. Shallow emotions ? what does it mean? Are there any other emotions?

    Shallow emotions are feelings that aren't felt very strongly. There are deep emotions that are felt very strongly. Like a shallow emotion would be me feeling sad if someone took the last French fry. It's not causing me a lot of distress or anything. A deep emotion would be me feeling sad because there are some bad things happening in the world. They are different feelings.

    6. What are right or wrong emotions?

    There's literally no such thing as wrong emotions. Do people think that emotions are wrong?! Everyone feels things differently but every emotion is valid. I can feel happy when I do. I can feel sad when I do. Everything I feel is important and valid. Even if I want someone to feel happy, but they feel sad, that emotion isn't wrong! They are allowed to feel their own emotions regardless of what other people want them to feel!!!

    7. Can you change the emotional state of yourself? Of others? To what side ? positive or negative?

    Hmm. This is an interesting question. I think I can. I think I can like pretend to be happy when I'm not, or like force myself to be happy sometimes. I usually do it when I'm with people and they don't want me to bring them down. I can usually make other people happier too. I find that my mood seems to like affect the people around me significantly, so I usually try to make myself stay up as much as I can when I'm around people, which can make it kind of exhausting. I love being around people but if I'm around a lot and I have to control the emotional state, I get drained really easily.

    8. What does it mean to "pour out your emotions"? How does it happen?

    To pour out your emotions is to just completely be vulnerable and say exactly what you feel. It usually happens when I trust someone enough to be completely authentic with them. I am pretty open with most people, but I am only my truest self with a few people. I usually just say everything I feel and it kind of comes out like word vomit because it's something I've held in for a little while. It's being true to yourself and whoever you're telling it to. It's a really important, sensitive thing to happen. I value it a lot. I really like when people pour their emotions out to me. I like knowing that people trust me enough to let me know how they truly feel about certain things. Also, I just really love knowing people.

    9. Does your internal emotional state correlate with what you show externally?

    Well, this question is very complicated to me. I think so yes. I have anxiety, so sometimes I will be biting my lips when I'm worried, or like picking at my nail polish when I'm uncomfortable. But sometimes, I will kind of act how other people want me to be. So if I'm irritated, but people want me to be happy, I'll act as if I'm happy. I'm very accommodating in that way. If it will make other people feel better if I just wait to express my emotions, then I will.

    10. Do you track what mood you are in throughout the day? Do you notice the mood of others?

    I'm pretty much always aware of how I'm feeling, and it changes a lot. I don't track it intentionally, but I do notice mood changes and stuff. I do notice the moods of others pretty well. I can usually sense it just by looking at them. Or hearing them talk. I focus on people's moods a lot sometimes.

    Block VII (Ni)

    1. Do you like surprises?

    I love surprises!!! I love getting surprised It's a lot of excitement! Well, I like surprises if they're good lol. I don't like being blindsided when it comes to negative things. I would like to know from the beginning. But, if someone surprises me with like new makeup I'd be like YES!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! and I'd be super excited. I've always wanted people to throw me a surprise birthday party! That would be so fun and exciting!!!

    2. How do people change? How do you feel about those changes? Can others see the same changes?

    Well, people change in a lot of different ways. Some of them mature and learn to make good decisions even if they hadn't known before. Some people seemed to be mature before, but then all of a sudden they can lose themselves in the blink of an eye. Everyones always changing and growing and adapting. I think sometimes the changes are really internal and others might not be able to see it. For a while, I had an internal change that no one I knew could see. I was struggling a lot in my head. I was changing completely but I stayed the same on the outside until boom! I was a different person on the outside too. I don't think I wanted to change on the outside because then it would be real. It was real. And I lost a lot of myself. No one really noticed until I let them see.

    3. Is it true that whatever happens is only for the best?

    Well, I try to convince myself that. I have a really hard time making choices. I was in a relationship for 6 years and for the last year or 2 I really didn't feel like being in that relationship anymore, but I was too afraid to break up with him. I didn't want it to be a bad decision that would end up making my life suck later on. I didnt wanna lose him and then realize he was the one. I really have no idea when something is for the best, but I sure love to use that to comfort myself. I think that really shitty things seem to happen sometimes. I think that sometimes it's your fault, and sometimes it's not. I think that sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes its a bad. But in the end, there isn't really anything you can do by dwelling on things... Now if only I could take my own advice.

    4. What do you think of horoscopes, fortune telling etc.? Do you believe in luck, lucky fortuity?

    I read horoscopes sometimes. I also bought tarotcards a few weeks ago! I always want to be like "Pfft! Those are stupid! They're fake!" mostly because everyone around me says that. But my goodness, I love them. I think they are so fun and cool. I want to get my fortune told so badly!!!! I really like to believe in luck and things like that. I like to believe that life is more than just science. I really don't like science. I don't like that things can be explained logically. Like, I hate when people describe love as a chemical reaction in the brain. NO. Let it be mystical, and amazing. Don't explain it. Some things shouldn't be explained. Some things should remain a mystery! I should be allowed to believe that love is what happens when two people who were fated to run into eachother see each other for the first time, they just feel something. I should be allowed to believe that if my favorite song comes on in a bar as I am just about to leave, that is a sign that I should sit back down, maybe because something is destined to happen that I can't miss. I want to believe in those things. I think I do believe in them.

    5. Can you forecast events? Is it even real?

    I can kind of I guess. I mean, I can sense the energy of like a room and predict when the energy is going to change. I don't know if thats like forecasting events or anything. I can sometimes know when somethings going to happen, but I mean, not exactly. I always joke that I'm psychic because sometimes I can just predict things, but really I just use like common sense I guess to know what will happen.

    6. What is time? How do you feel time? Can you "kill" time? How?

    Time makes me anxious. I feel like I never have enough time. I'm always so tired, and I hate resting because I feel like that's wasting time. Time is the only thing that matters. It's the global currency. Everyone has time, and everyone has to put their time towards certain things, many of them being things you don't want to do, like work. I feel like I never have enough time! I hate thinking that my time is running out.

    7. Is it easy for you to wait for some important event? What if you don’t know when it is supposed to happen?

    It's super hard! I am really all about instant gratification. Also, I get really excited about events in the future. I will be really excited every day leading up to the event! I mean, I will be able to wait, but I will be really excited Like, I'm going to Disney in 5 months. I can't wait! But also I can because I know I'm not prepared yet But I think about it a lot!

    8. Do you need help creating forecasts and determining how something will end? Do you trust those forecasts?

    I guess I can usually predict how things will end. Sometimes I get way too into things. Like I'll dream of things and how they'll be but they're so blurred by emotion that they're inaccurate. Like when I was a kid, I would dream of going to school far away, but it didn't happen. I didn't have the means. Sometimes my head gets too into the clouds to think of the future properly. Sometimes I'm able to separate my emotions but it's rare.

    9. Are you normally late? How do you react if someone is late?

    It's extremely rare for me to be on time! It's embarrassing but I mean, if I'm not bothering someone then I don't bother trying to be on time. Before I graduated college, I was early to every class! I wouldn't even go if I was going to be late! But now I don't even care!

    10. Imagine the situation where you agreed to meet with someone. Your feelings and actions: a) 20 minutes before the meeting starts, b) 5 minutes before the meeting starts, c) it is time for the meeting to start, but the person is not here, d) 20 minutes after the meeting start time and the person is not here, e) more time and the person is still not here…

    Hmm. Okay, well, 20 minutes before I would be getting ready. When I first meet someone, I put a lot of time into my hair and makeup. I make sure it all looks perfect. I listen to music that will put me in a relaxed, good mood. I have some social anxiety despite having pretty good social skills. I tend to worry about if people will like me and they will perceive me a lot. Then, 5 minutes before the meeting starts I will either still be driving there or will be waiting in the car. When it's time for the meeting to start, I won't think anything of it if they aren't there. I'm rarely on time so I almost never expect other people to be on time. I would be a little nervous about being at that place alone though. I don't tend to like to be alone in public. Then 20 minutes after, I would be pretty worried. I would text them or call them to make sure they were alright and on their way. If more time passed, I might leave, especially if I'm feeling really anxious about sitting alone. I would definitly be worried about them though.

    Block VIII (Ne)

    1. Is there a meaning of life? In what? Is it the same for everybody?

    I think that people can find meaning in life! I also think that some people can't. Some people just think we're here to reproduce and die. I can't say there's anything wrong with either mentality. I always try to find meaning in pretty much everything. I try to find fulfillment in everything I do. I don't think everyone finds meaning and fulfillment the same. For example, my friend finds fulfillment in being a teacher. I find that amazing. She loves to teach kids. I would never be able to find fulfillment in that though. I love that she can. I think I find fulfillment in having people read the things that I write. I like to make people feel things with my writing.

    2. What should be done so people can be happy?

    Well, I think happiness is important! I think that people should do whatever makes them happy, as long as that doesn't hurt someone else, or make someone else unhappy. Unless it's what's best for you. It's complicated. Like, say you know it's best for you to leave, but someone else wants you to stay. They're being selfish, and you might make them unhappy by leaving, but you really have to do what you need to for yourself.

    3. In the situations with a lot of potential and volatility will you trust your own guts, logically calculating everything or will you ask people you trust what should be done?

    I'll ask other people, but if my gut tells me something isn't right, I will follow that instead. I have a really difficult time thinking logically. That worries me

    4. When you meet a stranger, what can you say about them right away? How do you know what this person is all about? Does it take long to understand someone's talents?

    I feel like I can understand people fairly quickly when I meet them. I don't like to assume much about people, but I feel like I can feel if they are happy, sad, negative, positive. Things like that. It really depends on the person. Some people really don't like to open up right away. I like that and don't like it at the same time. I like it because I love a mystery and working to learn about people, but I don't like it because I just want to know people

    5. Remember an interesting person and call out 5-6 qualities you think are interesting in them. What makes an interesting person? Are you an interesting person? Why? What if someone calls you "boring" and "not interesting"?

    Hmm. An interesting person would be... Okay, so the guy I'm dating now., but before I was dating him. God this sounds shallow. I liked him for 5 years before we started dating. He was the most interesting person I had known. He was nonconforming. He would wear suits every time we'd hang out. He would cross the street before waiting for cars to stop. Like he almost got hit by cars several times!!! He would never fall for my cuteness. He would just treat me like the rest of the boys. (Wed always hang out in a group of guys and I'd be the only girl.) He was so mysterious. None of our group of friends knew anything about him. We didn't know if he'd had a job, or a girlfriend or anything. He never talked about himself. He mostly talked about tv, movies and art. I knew he was a writer but I had never written anything he had ever written. I knew he was a reader but I didn't know anything he read. He always seemed to get all of my references, whether it be to music, tv, movies, books, but would never tell me if he liked the same things as me. He was so interesting and it made me want him so much. I didn't know anything about him and I wanted to know everything. He's still interesting now that he's my boyfriend, especially because he does some peculiar things. Like, he needs everything to be done the right way. I'm so different from that! And he's so smart. And he's always quoting literature. He might be a little less interesting now just because I know him so well now, but he's still interesting. He still wears dress clothes every single day. But now he does fall for my cuteness. He says he always did but he tried to hide it before. I think he is interesting because he's so different from me and from everyone else. He doesn't have a smartphone and he has no social media presence, and he's a millennial! It's just weird Sometimes I think I'm interesting. It really depends I guess. Sometimes I think I'm interesting because I think differently from the rest of the people I know. I think more poetically whereas most of my friends think logically. I dress however I feel like dressing. I do my makeup however I feel like doing. I like to go to new places and meet new people and just have as many experiences as I can. If someone called me boring, honestly, I would cry. That's one of my biggest fears. I don't like thinking about that.

    6. What opinions, from people who know you, seem: a) fair; b) not fair; c) hurtful; d) strange.

    Hmm. This is an interesting question. I guess I think about people's perceptions of me often, so this is right up my alley lol... Okay, after thinking about it for a few minutes, this is actually kind of hard. I think it's the categorical aspect. For fair: My friends say I'm bad with money. Thats true! My Dad thinks I'm smart. I think that's fair. My bf thinks I'm a good writer. My friends think I'm excitable and cheery. Hmm. For not fair: My grandmother thinks I'm throwing my life away because I decided that I no longer want to attend law school. My Dad thinks that I can just be happy and feel good without therapy. I don't think that's fair, especially because it seems to have been my childhood that has most negatively affected me :/ Okay, for hurtful. My ex boyfriend thinks that I'm a succubus and a whore. That hurts my feelings. My friends think that I'm just wasting time trying to be a writer. That hurts. For strange: My ex boyfriend also thinks I'm great and going to be a good writer, and that I deserve a lot of happiness. It makes me feel weird that he can have such conflicting opinions about me. I don't know what to believe, but I guess I believe both.

    7. Do you fantasize? What kind of fantasies do you have?

    Well, I guess I always fantasize about my future. Like what it will be like once I get my dream job, and once I finally get out into my own apartment. I daydream a lot too, if that counts. I'm kinda of always imagining scenarios and fantasize about how I'd want them to go!

    8. What qualities should a person have to be successful and why?

    Well, that's completely based on opinion. I think someone's successful when they are doing what they want to be doing. Right now, I'm not successful. I'm in a transitional job. This isn't what I want. Even if it was a crappy job, but I wanted to be doing it, I think that's successful.

    9. What qualities can stop a person from being successful and why?

    Well, self doubt can certainly stop someone from being successful. If you don't believe you are capable of doing what you want to do, then you likely won't even try, and you may never do what you want to do.

    10. What is more important in life ? To be a good person or be a successful one? Why? Is a good person always successful? If not, then why?

    I think it really depends on how you conceptualize these terms. Maybe your definition of a successful person is someone who lives their lives making positive choices for themselves and choosing to not have a negative affect on the people around them. It really depends. I think I would define a good person as someone who tries really hard to lead a positive life, making themselves happy and trying to help the people around them. Honestly, I could also consider that successful. I could also say that successful people are people who make a lot of money. But honestly, I don't consider them sucessful as much as I do lucky. I might consider someone successful if they are able to do what makes them happy and brings them fulfillment.

    This is me!
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    Strong Fe and Si with Alpha values. I would consider SEI and ESE. You say you're adaptable and unstructured, which in the context of the entire post suggests SEI. However, temperament is hard to convey in one post, so it wouldn't hurt to research ESE and SEI.

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    My guess would be SEI. I see hints of strong Fi in ther e (you say "I don't like that" a lot, which is usually high Fi)
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    photos is bad material. make video
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    Hi! Thank you for reading my post It's interesting that you think I'm SEI because I've always been typed IEE! I'm super childlike, and crave being different! I'm also pretty creative and kind of all over the place. I do a lot of laughing and I'm super clumsy and unposed

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