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Thread: Historical relevance of the enneagram symbol to enneatypes

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    Default Historical relevance of the enneagram symbol to enneatypes

    Found an interesting historical note I hadn't heard before, calling the nine-pointed star the enneagram symbol proper:

    Quoting from:

    There are lot of strange and arbitrary rules and concepts attached to the types because of their supposed connection with the symbol. The Enneagram symbol really doesn't have anything to do with the types. It was later authors who felt the need to attach meaning to it because it was there or people simply repeated a meaning they heard from someone else. (...) here's Naranjo's clarification on the symbol and the types.
    Source: Interview of Claudio Naranjo, 2010

    More details about the use of the symbol to model and elucidate (mystical?) processes:

    Brief history of the symbol within the personality system: (though I disagree with the last paragraph)

    Article on where Gurdjieff found the symbol:

    So the symbol was used to expand the reach of the personality types, but I'm not sure that the internal connections within the symbol also hold for the personality types (eg: dis/integration). Thoughts?
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