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    I've been trying to figure out my type and I've gotten myself down to IEI or EIE based on my understanding of myself and of Socionics. I was hoping I could get some help from outsiders to inspect my thought process to insure I've got it right so far. I'm going to quickly discuss my understanding of the functions and my relationship to them. In doing so I want people to confirm or correct my thinking to either confirm or correct my self typing.

    Se: Taking action, awareness of surroundings (immediate and global)

    I am not a very action oriented person. My life tends to move and progress very slowly. My ESE coworker once got mad at me because some rando was trying to steal from us and I didn't react at all. I'm largely aggressive. Things like driving make me very uncomfortable. I often miss things that are happening right in my face; I moments of realization that "oh wow I'm in a room, oh wow there are things around me," etc etc

    After high school I got a job that I hated. I was trained with 15 other people, and I probably hated the job more than any of my fellow trainees. However, I stayed at that job longer than any of the other trainees largely due to inaction/laziness.

    Si: Bodily awareness, development of objects through time

    A couple of weeks ago one of my students was running in the halls and bumped into me quite hard. The entire day I was nursing my hand because of how much it hurt, but I had no idea why it hurt until lunch time in the teacher's lounge: another teacher mentioned how rough that student had been lately. "Oh that's why I'm in pain!" Another student likes to kick me from under my desk, she enjoys doing so because I don't notice. She likes to time how long it will take before I tell her to stop.

    This is a melodramatic way to put this, but I have a panic attack every time I have to sweep my living room. I despise the fact that I have to maintain the cleanliness of an area that will, no matter what I do, slowly decay through the coming days and weeks. Those sorts of "Si taking care of business, maintaining systems, etc" are nerve racking for me. However, I still do that stuff when others are relying on me to take care of it, and I usually do it better than others.

    I don't really enjoy food. Eating feels like a waste of time. I'm overweight largely because I eat too many processed foods, you don't have to bother cooking those and you don't have to clean up afterwards. I'm a decent cook sometimes, but I'll fail around 25% of the time.

    Ne: Pursuing "seeds of opportunity," considering all possibilities

    I honestly don't know what my relationship with Ne is. Occasionally I'll actively plant a seed for something that I want, but that is very rare. I do consider the possibilities, and I tend to mess up when I run into a possibility that I didn't consider. For example, my friend had a wedding last year. I spent hours and hours picking out the best possible gift and writing a loving note. However, when I got to the wedding, I realized I'd also have to sign a sign-in book, and I sort of panicked; the thing I wrote ended up being kinda dumb.

    Ni: Universal human experience, development of time outside of specific objects

    I think a lot about the sorts of archetypes that (under my current understanding) come from Ni. I'll make serious decisions based on not what I experience, but what everyone else on the planet has experienced. Leaving my religion because of the universal experience of God went against my religion's dogma of being the only path to God. Making sure I focus on complimenting students based on things that everyone likes to hear instead of the obvious physical things (e.g. I had a really tall student who always got awards for being tall, I made sure that didn't happen). Focusing on enjoyment over ambition not because I'm not ambitious, but because of a Nietzschian awareness of the pointlessness of individual's ambitions.

    I hate being late, and I am almost always on time or early without needing to put much thought into it at all (I almost never have to schedule my time)

    Fe: Expression of emotion, evaluating the right/wrong thing to say

    I can be pretty expressive, I'm usually funny, I can play the "social game," I can be an ever-so-hated "plastic person" when I need to be. I can be fairly socially awkward and people tend to say I'm weird, though most people like me (students who dislike most other authority figures tend to like me). I don't know how to reconcile my perception of Fe and my perception of myself TBH.

    Fi: Evaluating relationships, establishing and following values

    I don't tend to have cemented values, they can shift and adapt depending on who I'm around. I can often play the Devil's Advocate, but I don't do it consciously. I actually take the position I'm defending/asserting, and the position can change the next day. For example, in my head I'm often very critical of Obama, but outwardly I come off as a major supporter because of how often I feel the need to oppose his detractors.

    I don't enjoy maintaining relationships, and I usually don't. I have a tendency to cut and run. I've been trying to experiment lately with maintaining relationships, and sometimes it's gone well and sometimes it's bombed. I'm usually pretty confident when someone is mad at me or likes me, every once in a while I can't put my finger on something.

    Te: Effective methods, facts

    I'm not a great worker, I hate studying. I often have to make every mistake in the book before I get things right. I've had Te types walk into a room and solve a problem in twenty minutes that took me ten hours to do before. I never once studied in high school, I was still relatively successful but I largely focused on the humanities. Even in college I very rarely studied and when I did it felt almost actively, physically, painful.

    However, it's not like I don't believe in facts. Sometimes I'll jokingly take my ideas too far, but usually I try to stay grounded.

    Ti: Laws/rules, logical categorization

    I can be a stickler for rules without even realizing why I'm doing it. I like coming up with and discussing logical categorization, but most of the time it's for silly things (are donuts technically a breakfast food?). I'm very smart, I'm a teacher after all. My writing style in college was focused on taking a provocative idea and analyzing why it is important to think about, or simply lacing my analysis with funny/ridiculous commentary.

    I tend to make rules for myself to follow. I do my best to follow them, but once I break them I have a really hard time going back.

    So what do you think? Am I an NF Beta or is there something flawed in my conception of the functions (specifically a flaw that would negatively affect my ability to self-type I 100% realize I simplified things), my conception of myself, or my conception of typing myself?

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