These birth times are quite speculative. A member from Donald Trump's camp stated that he was born at 9:51 AM. Donald Trump released a birth certificate which stated he was born at 10:54 am on June 14 1946. Now the thing to understand about this birthtime, is it is highly likely that it occurred during wartime, which means daylight savings was in effect. If this is the case his chart would look like this.


If this is the case, he'll be running Rahu Mahadasha until April 2017. At the time of election, he'll be running Rahu/Mars/Mercury. Rahu for Trump is in the 10th house, showing his exaggerated success. Mars is in the 1st house, and is a very strong planet. Mercury is in it's own house in Gemini. A very beneficial time for election.

Hillary Clinton was born at either 8:02 AM or 8:02 PM. Many believe it to be PM instead of AM. If this is the case her chart would look something like this.


She have Jupiter/Moon/Jupiter running. Jupiter is the 7/10 lords in the 6th house. Moon is the 2nd lord in the 10th house. Not completely horrible, but not gonna win it for her. Now of course if the 8:02 birthtime is accurate she's gonna be hard to beat. She'd have libra ascendent, with Venus,Mercury, and Sun rising. She'd be running Sun Dasha, which the dasha of a neecahbhanga sun is very strong.

Of the two birthtimes, Clinton's is more likely to be wrong. There are all sorts of various birthtimes which people have quoted.