So very often in the "What's My Type" section we have people filling those 80Qs looking for some input from others only to have no one be able to come to an agreement over the person's type. I think its about time we actually we take a deeper look at how people answer questionnaires and how it relates to their type.

Most people seem to assume that a well thought out, elaborate answer to a question of a specific function block to be indicator of high function strength. What if this isn't necessarily the case? It could be argued that high dimensional functions come across to the person as common sense and therefore they don't really feel the need to better themselves in those aspects. Low dimensional functions on the other hand could be seen as areas of great importance to the individual since they are weak and society often pressures them to be able to use them adequately. Therefore I think it is very possible that 1D functions will most often contain the most complex, well thought out answers while 4D functions will often contain the most simplified answers.

As for valued/non-valued I think that's a little more obvious.

Any constructive feedback about this is welcomed.