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Thread: Extinguishment pairs classified by function dichotomies

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    Default Extinguishment pairs classified by function dichotomies

    I was playing around with the function dichotomies and came up with a way to classify the extinguishment pairs with the abstract, external, involved and internal dichotomies.

    The elemental dichotomies:
    Club information elements.png

    Defining the 8 pairs based on the dichotomies:
    Type Strong Functions Contact Functions Weak Functions Inert Functions
    IL_ Abstract External Involved Internal
    LS_ External Involved Internal Abstract
    SE_ Involved Internal Abstract External
    EI_ Internal Abstract External Involved
    LI_ Abstract Internal Involved External
    SL_ External Abstract Internal Involved
    ES_ Involved External Abstract Internal
    IE_ Internal Involved External Abstract

    A picture showing how these relate:
    Rotations of N T P.png
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    What I would like is if someone could flesh out what exactly these dichotomies entail and make them more tangible. What exactly does Inert Internal look like vs Contact Internal, for example?

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