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Thread: Advancements in Modern Medicine

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    Default Advancements in Modern Medicine

    The reason that I'm creating this thread, is to bring to light many of the recent advancements in medical technology in the past few years and speculate on what future advancements might potentially lie ahead of us in the future. The topics that this thread can include could range from discussions about the Human Genome project to HIV cocktails, as well as to also share what your perspective on these advancements are. I would prefer that we abstain from controversial topics like abortion laws and gender hormone therapy, because the discussion of these topics will lead to aggravation and insult towards the interlocutor, without having anything interesting or novel to contribute. Debate is welcome, but do not personally attack or insult anyone during the debate and surround the entire discussion around your banter. There will be other people who wish to contribute something new and interesting on the topic at hand. You are also free to digress and connect on other topics that are not directly related to medicine, such as human geography or other social sciences.

    I will provide links to a few credible science news outlets to give everyone an opportunity to contribute and get the ball rolling:
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    Thank you, Avalonia. I enjoy these types of articles
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