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    Default Hello!

    Some facts about me.

    I am a 4th year marine biology student in university who studies sonar and underwater mapping. It's really dry stuff, mostly with spreadsheets. Working on an internship currently to try to get a job outside of where I live. In my spare time I like to travel, play video games, and read through stuff on psychology. After reviewing some brief descriptions on the Internet I'm stuck deciding what type I am. I tend to go back and forth really quickly in my head between multiple types, and am currently trying to settle on a single type so I can have more stability. If anyone can help me with this please feel free to reach out. I won't take offense to anyone highjacking my threads. Well that's all 4 now, can't think of anything else to add, will add more facts later. Hope I fit in here! Tschao!

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    Hello. I would choose by functions, temperament and asked your mom if all that is

    Also a lot of people want to be a certain type due to desire to be a certain way or because they think it's more desirable. That's nonsense. Every type has a role.

    SEI can look like EII because SEI may roll with their cultural morals or societal religion but ultimately they seek things that are comfortable for them. Just an example

    Marine bio seems like a lot of information and sensory related. I don't see humanist lot doing it as they prefer to work with people, literature, ect.

    Any thoughts?
    Dual type (as per tcaudilllg)
    Enneagram 2w1sw(1w9) helps others to live up to their own standards of what a good person is and is very behind the scenes in the process.
    Tritype 1-2-6 stacking sp/sx

    I'm constantly looking to align the real with the ideal.I've been more oriented toward being overly idealistic by expecting the real to match the ideal. My thinking side is dominent. The result is that sometimes I can be overly impersonal or self-centered in my approach, not being understanding of others in the process and simply thinking "you should do this" or "everyone should follor this rule"..."regardless of how they feel or where they're coming from"which just isn't a good attitude to have. It is a way, though, to give oneself an artificial sense of self-justification. LSE

    Best description of functions:

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    Welcome. We pigs ought to stick together.

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    if you want opinions about type, it's best to make a videointerview

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