I regular have in mind the enneagram instincts in regards this topic, but it no doubt has relevance in regards Socionics and psychology in general.

I've been wondering the extent to which manners of communication are passed down from generation to generation, and to a lesser extent, sideways.

I notice that certain behaviours I have include:
- not wishing to be overheard by strangers to perhaps an unusual degree (and also, to a varying extent depending on what is said: this often means being barely audible, and that I place a large value on the intended recipient watching my mouth move (i.e. lip-reading essentially). I think this means that conversations tend to happen at close distances.
- not wishing to "speak through walls": I think a grandfather and/or a friend's father developed this behaviour in me. It strikes me as rather cold to interact in such a way, and should be avoided. (A slight related behaviour to this is being unwilling to close a door on someone when a conversation has ended (depending on the distance & direction the person is facing): it just sends the wrong signal. This does depend on how formal the relationship is though, and my view of their mental state. If the relationship is formal, I don't especially care.
- not wishing to send emails or text messages or making phone calls, especially if it is fairly easy to see the relevant person in person.
- not wishing to type "personal" letters etc., but preferring to write them by hand, as rare as that is.

I had some other examples, but I have forgotten how I wished to describe them.