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    Default Kat Dahlia

    Love her. <3

    What's her type?

    Kat Dahlia

    Nationality: American
    Type: Musician
    Born: July 29, 1990
    Katriana Sandra Huguet, better known by her stage name Kat Dahlia, is an American recording artist from Miami, Florida. Dahlia, a singer, songwriter and rapper, is known for her "razor sharp" lyrics and her "unique, aggressive flow". She released her debut single "Gangsta", in March 2013, to rave reviews. Dahlia released her debut studio album My Garden, in January 2015, with Vested in Culture and Epic Records, the latter of which she secured a recording contract with in 2012. In 2013, Dahlia ranked number eight on Billboard's "Next Big Sound"...

    Kat Dahlia was born Katriana Sandra Huguet on July 29, 1990 to Lebanese-Cuban parents. Dahlia was raised in Miami Beach, Florida.[7] She began rapping at the age of eight and writing songs at the age of 15, ripping instrumentals from YouTube, in lieu of a band.[8] At the age of 18, after saving money from jobs as a waitress, Dahlia decided to leave Miami, and moved to New York City a month later, "on a whim."[4][9] Thereafter, Dahlia became involved in what she describes as a "toxic relationship," which she would later come to regard as a source of inspiration and "writer's gold."[10] She chose the name Kat Dahlia as her stage name after her producer suggested it and kept it, because its soft and beautiful, but still has a dark undertone to it.[11]

    I just want people that like my music to like me.

    Some of my favorite songs:

    “Let us forget with generosity those who cannot love us”
    ― Pablo Neruda

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