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Thread: Describe the Quadras in your own words

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    Alpha - Fun and a little bit country.
    Beta - Sharp and a little bit rock and roll.
    Gamma - Fun and a little bit rock and roll.
    Delta - Sharp and a little bit country.
    Projection is ordinary. Person A projects at person B, hoping tovalidate something about person A by the response of person B. However, person B, not wanting to be an obejct of someone elses ego and guarding against existential terror constructs a personality which protects his ego and maintain a certain sense of a robust and real self that is different and separate from person A. Sadly, this robust and real self, cut off by defenses of character from the rest of the world, is quite vulnerable and fragile given that it is imaginary and propped up through external feed back. Person B is dimly aware of this and defends against it all the more, even desperately projecting his anxieties back onto person A, with the hope of shoring up his ego with salubrious validation. All of this happens without A or B acknowledging it, of course. Because to face up to it consciously is shocking, in that this is all anybody is doing or can do and it seems absurd when you realize how pathetic it is.

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    A definition of the quadrants I wrote up a few months back:


    In the four alpha types we find a special sense of humor which invites social participation and calls upon culturally known (and “safe”) memes. And since humor relies heavily on the unexpected, the more Si-heavy alpha types can manifest as being cliché and unoriginal in their socialization style. But if Ne is engaged creatively they may be great hosts and entertainers, surprising guests with their off-the-wall commentary. The alpha types will try hard to create harmony and will be quick to see solutions for social arrangements. They will be optimistic about avenues for connection, diplomacy and peace.

    On the flip side, these continued efforts to gain and maintain a positive social opinion may be overdone, raising suspicions of neediness and lack of personal identity. They may become social doormats, keeping their hands full with the troubles of others and the obligations they put themselves into. Their receptiveness to alternate ideas may backfire and cause them to listen too eagerly to information, especially if it comes from sources predetermined to be accurate.

    But this quadrant does have a special countermeasure to these shortcomings in their philosophical edge. In their best form, the alpha quadrant’s ideas will be constructed from axiomatic logic as it pertains to human nature; specifically coordinated at an improved societal architecture. They may be the idealists which remind the rest of society that malleable collective opinions create the limitations we perceive as so unmovable.


    Next we have the beta types, which often develop as smoothtalkers and persuaders. From the articulate and empathic FeNi, to the hypnotic NiFe, to the affable SeTi and the cool geek TiSe, we are drawn to their tailored presentation and confident aura. In their best form, their cultural know-how can lead to the creation of social cohesion, community, stability and equality. Like with alpha types, a strong sense of brotherhood/sisterhood may flourish and invite involvement between people of all demographics. But this acceptance won’t always come free. There may be peace and order but only in the confines of a certain paradigm which may carry superfluous restrictions and misconceptions about human nature.

    A type of sectism can quickly develop and an us-vs-them mentality stretches its root. When this hostility is at its worst, we will find opportunistic social and emotional exploitation, shaming, oppresive social hierarchies, bullying and misleading visions from oracle figures. But this stubbornness can find a source of relief in a feeling of cosmic embrace. When Ti and Ni collaborate to create an all-inclusive principle, sensitive to the empathy shared by all conscious beings, then the beta quadrant recovers its generosity and leniency.

    A sense of aesthetic will permeate the quadrant which aims for simple elegance and function. These types will often make an art of sensation, creating luxurious displays and channels for stimulation. An insatiable gravitation toward richness of experience will ebb across all four of these types and sometimes clash with the moderation suggested by their ethical code.


    The four gamma types share an opposite orientation toward society and culture. While the alpha and beta types advocate a culture with a decent degree of uniformity, the gamma quadrant aims to meet the outer world with an objective approach and the inner world with a subjective approach. Logistics manage the necessities of life while individuality is cherished and preserved – even though they may not always agree among themselves.

    Themes of philanthropy span across this quadrant and their absence of social protocols and obligations is answered with a heartfelt concern for incapable or less fortunate people. Especially in high Fi types, there will be a strong agency for the underdog. While the beta quadrant is susceptible to throwing some under the bus of social condemnation, the gamma quadrant will be passionate about reducing this type of inequality. On the other hand, gamma types will generally expect for people to remain self-sufficient once they can stand on their two feet and will have little sympathy for those who cannot make a success of their life after being given a fair start.

    In its worst form, the gamma quadrant can develop a highly utilitarian mindset which feels self-justified in its success and indifferent toward the weak. They may become materialistic and vain, exalting beauty and individualistic perfection.


    We have seen that among all delta types run themes of quirkiness and nerdiness. Whether it’s in the form of the eccentric nerd, the walking encyclopedia, the unsocial yet sensitive seelie, the tinkering collector, or the fantastical entrepreneur – all share the qualities of independence and off-beat spontaneity. They are imaginative but not always to any conventional means. They are efficient and productive but also quite scattered and roundabout; expending energies in novel directions with signs of promise or resonance with deep personal conviction.

    Like the alpha types, deltas will have a higher level of leniency toward human failure and weakness. They will aspire to create an arrangement that allows for privacy, freedom and functional support. At their best, delta types will be keenly sensitive to the most ethically sound position, however obscure or unconventional, and find novel ways to organize their life to suit that ethical sense. They may also pioneer a new field of study, trailblazing into uncharted territory with the empiricism and mentality of a researcher and the heart of a child.

    In their worst form, their nerdiness can manifest a rather autistic persona and mechanically-minded detachment from people. A father may be an expert at tennis, with halls of trophies in his house and a CEO position, but have an aloofness toward his children; a lacking parental touch. The emotionally oblivious delta type can remedy this by turning their attention within. A connection with their own private world is necessary for this quadrant to avoid the desensitizing steel of capitalism and allow for a convergence of life and work.
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    Alpha: "eat, drink & be merry", loves to discuss "what if" scenarios such as the zombie apocalypse, or who would win in a fight, nit picking plot holes in movies, smoking pot, drinking snobby beers
    Beta: they seem to monologue like alphas sometimes, they wear black, say they hate drama but create it, can be unaware of their asshole ways, can form beta mobs/movements
    Gamma: workaholics, gets shit done, likes the finer things in life, plans ahead
    Delta: they love to teach themselves survival skills and love to hear themselves instruct them to others and revel in it. Old school people and feel out of place and blame everything on this culture/society
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