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Thread: How To Find Love Online (from the BBC Horizon series)

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    Default How To Find Love Online (from the BBC Horizon series)

    BBC Horizon: How To Find Love Online (1 hour long)
    With Dr Hannah Fry and Dr Chris von Tulleken.

    If you want to wish to watch this, may be best at an increased speed .

    Article on the programme, that will of course be quicker to read:
    (The last 5 minutes were funny: I reckon Fry may be something like LII, while the "other" woman seemed rather like Keira Knightley)

    The programme talked about the work of Dr Helen Fisher (starting from about 30 minutes in, for a few minutes), which has been mentioned on these boards before: I found this the most interesting bit. I'm going to start a thread with her test and ask it to be merged into an older thread, because I would like there to be a poll!

    There is also this 17 minute TED talk by Dr Fry that I have not yet seen yet: The Mathematics of Love
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