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Thread: Scott Storch, infamous producer

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    Default Scott Storch, infamous producer

    Let's type Scott Storch, his licentiousness is fascinating to me. He produced a ton of big top 10 hits in the early 00s and has a really distinctive sound. He went into backruptcy though because he didn't save any of his money and was careless in general.
    Old interview from his heyday:

    A middle-class Jewish kid who was born on Long Island and raised in South Florida and Philadelphia, Storch was "on the path to becoming a court reporter like his father," says one of his oldest friends, musician Andrew Sonic. But after Storch's parents divorced, the 15-year-old dropped out of ninth grade and began crashing on the floor of the Philadelphia garage studio where Sonic was recording. The Roots were also in residence, making their debut 1993 album, Organix, and Storch, who had been playing keyboards since he was a kid, impressed the band with his talent. "Everyone was blown away by his chops," Sonic says. "He's got black soul in a white man's body."

    Storch never lacked confidence, but as the hits and the money kept coming, his ego swelled and his lifestyle grew increasingly extravagant. "I wanted to be the man, the King of Miami," says Storch, who once referred to himself as the Meyer Lansky of hip-hop. At the peak of his fame, he was living a contemporary version of Fellini’s Satyricon, throwing now-legendary parties at his Palm Island mansion, purchasing a 117-foot yacht called The Tiffany and amassing a collection of exotic cars that included rare Ferraris and a Bentley that, he says, was his everyday "going to the grocery store" ride. He bought piles of bling and Porsche Design and Alpina aviator sunglasses, and traveled to recording sessions on chartered Gulfstream V private jets. ("I would always be going from L.A. to Miami to New York, to Russia, St-Tropez," he recalls. "Costs about $50,000 for a domestic flight, $250,000 for overseas. Yeah, that's an expensive habit.")

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