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Thread: Supervised Duals

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    Default Supervised Duals

    How should someone deal with a dual that is currently being supervised?

    I imagine that there would be different approaches that could be advised depending on the specificities of their relationship to the supervisor, your relationship to the dual, and the extent to which the dual wants to continue their supervisee relationship.

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    Its probably naturally really easy to make them feel better. Talk and what you bring up will spring them to talk. And when they do, if youre really attentive and enthusiastic about what they express, they'll feel great since that's been shut down by the supervisor
    I would say that ethically you are still supposed to act as if you have unilateral responsibility; but simultaneously you have to be able to see the other as a fully autonomous, free, aware person.

    Medicalizing social problems has the additional benefit of rendering society not responsible for those social ills. If it’s a disease, it’s nobody’s fault. Yay empiricism.

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