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Thread: Create your own symbolic representations of socionics

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    Default Create your own symbolic representations of socionics

    It can be anything socionics related. I'll start you off with an example so you see what I mean.

    Si/Ne= light, goodness, purity
    Se/Ni= darkness, cruelty, corruption
    Ti/Fe = nature, freedom, chaos
    Te/Fi = man, civilization, laws

    We when put these into the quadras we get:

    Alpha: Chaotic Good
    Beta: Chaotic Evil
    Gamma: Lawful Evil
    Delta: Lawful Good

    Alpha: The goodness of nature. To alpha types the ideal world is one where people can live peacefully and freely. This can best be represented by native american culture.

    Beta: The cruelty of nature. Beta types are very much in tune with their inner animals and approach the world with a "kill or be killed" attitude. Both the political and natural state of Africa can best represent them.

    Gamma: The cruelty of man: Gamma types see the world as a place to be exploited and used for personal gains. They can best be represented by corporate culture and the nature of the economy.

    Delta: The goodness of man: Delta types view the world as one where people should live in a productive, civilized manner. Most current first-world governments reflect this.

    In the conflicting quadras we Alpha vs Gamma, which can be represented in the conflict between the conversation of nature vs what's in the best interest of the people and the economy. In Beta vs Delta we have the savage barbarians vs the innocent townsfolk.

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    Lawful - J
    Chaotic - P
    Good - Fi valued
    Evil - Fe valued
    Types examples: video bloggers, actors

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    I would say rational types tend towards lawful, irrational types towards chaotic. Good and evil and don't see as being type related for the most part. Perhaps those with Fi PoLR and/or devaluing might have just a slide edge towards evil.
    LII-Ne with strong EII tendencies, 6w7-9w1-3w4 so/sp/sx, INxP

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