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    Default Dark Tower series casting

    so they have the Dark Tower series by Stephen King in production and say on my facebook thing that Matthew Mcconaughey is in the maybe as playing Walter Dimm/Randall Flagg.

    I can accept him. I think there could be better people, but I could see him pulling it off. Maybe. I could also see always seeing him as mathew mcconaughey and it not working. idk.

    anyways, i started thinking again about who i'd cast and thought it could make a thread, for those who have read the series.

    I only have three so far, and it's not all original. But i could see these people working.

    Roland: Liam Neeson (I want to reject it because he's mr badass Male in movies now and i haven't seen him play much outside that range, but when i think about it, i can see him working just as he is, if that's what he's best as.)
    Suzanna: Halle Berry? (not sure what we do with her legs)
    Randall Flagg: Tom Arnold (this one is totally me, but he's the only person that came to in my mind so far that I went "wow, yeah, he could totally be Randall Flagg. )

    that's all I've got so far (may add to it if i think of some more)
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    Tried to read DT in past, did not like and have stopped.

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