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Thread: Reaping the benfits of nine years of Socionics

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    Default Reaping the benfits of nine years of Socionics

    A one time only return to this forum, to share the following:

    This year I'm volunteering at a festival again. Last Saturday there was an introduction meeting, where out of the blue a woman started talking to me. She was clearly SLI and the only thing I thought was: why am I not surprised? Tonight I had a drink with her. Just casual, since both of us are in a relationship....

    For all of you who have doubts about Socionics, my message to you is: hang on, keep pushing your understanding and one day you will no longer be surprised about your social interactions.

    Live long and prosper!
    The future of Socionics:
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    Many black Americans are SEE type.

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    Haven't I been saying that? Doubt is a roadblock

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