A new EII friend I have here seems to fall for one scam after another. Like every single time I talk to her. She seems to fall for one pitch after another. Today, an new one. When she told me about "Whole Tones" - DVDs and book by Michael Pyrrell, and how the musical tones heal I was not so against that idea - I am sure music like color does things for us and could be healing - but knowing how she answers every polished sales pitch, I looked it up, and found the website. The 2 DVDs and book are $50-$100. (She mentioned she thought she was going to get a 7 DVD pkg, but looks like its only 2, and that's when I thought, sounds like she got scammed AGAIN). So the website starts out,

"Hello, My friend. Let me ask you..."

That opening sounds to me like the start of a big fat sales pitch to me. That website is NOT my friend. That website does know me from Adam. Maybe they wouldn't WANT to be my friend if they did.

This sounds like the usual scam she falls for - always comes with a polished pitch.

What does anyone know of this. I imagine there are other cheaper ways to get "whole tones", probably FREE, if that is what you are looking for.

What do you think? https://wholetones.com/