Sooo I'm diggin the first episode of Supergirl.

The good: I really like how the villain at the end looks like this social worker from Starr that I know lol. Like their facial resemblance is pretty similar. It really makes me root for the hero and eager to think of the bitchy banter they will have. Also the visuals. The effects are really well done.

The gray: The message about feminism is inspiring, but simplistic and a bit dated. I mean, we already had Buffy/Xena/Charmed/Alias/A plethora of shows about powerful women. It needs more than just that to hold it's ground. (don't get me wrong, there will always be something so magically inspiring about seeing females kick ass) Ironically, Supergirl was the most relateable and likeable when she got her ass kicked by the asshole villain of the week. They made it clear while she is indeed very strong and has many abilities, she still has a lot to learn.

She is us, (crappy job/crappy boss/normal life) but also not.... (bulletproof, can fly, x-ray/laser vision, super strength & hearing). The ideal and the relateable rolled into one cute blonde. Of course some have criticized she just fits some stupid heterosexist standard of beauty buuuut I don't think that's exactly fair. At least it wasn't like in that stupid Supernatural scene where the demon easily slit the ethnic girl's throat while the pretty white Caucasian got away. (and two more non-caucasian ppl got killed in the same episode) *rolls eyes*

The bad: Too many people know her secret identity right from the start, it makes her look really stupid to just tell so many people that she's a superhero in the first episode. But I guess they wanted it to be different and non cliche like with the secret identity thing. And wasn't it kinda stoopid anyway in the Lois & Clark adventures how people didn't know it was superman just because he wore those lawyer half-glasses? LoL. But that kind of campy retardation is sort of what makes superhero shows fun actually. So this is more of a hoping the writers will be able to create interesting dramatic conflict in lieu of her secret identity.