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Thread: MBTI: How to Ni chapter 1!!! ♪♫**.❤.**

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    Default MBTI: How to Ni chapter 1!!! ♪♫**.❤.**

    How to Ni chapter 1!

    In this video I explain how to use Introverted Intuition to understand the origin of conflicts and the reasons behind a conflict. I'm thinking in particular of xSTPs who have a particular focus on truth and finding truth.

    Hope it Helps!


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    I like your video about INTJs (MBTI Ni-Te). I could relate to your descriptions of how those functions work. Tell us more about the cyber-rabbit (did I hear that correctly?) that acts as your spiritual guide. I knew a Hmong shaman once, he talked frequently of having spirit guides and riding a spirit horse into the spiritual realm to help the souls of the newly dead find their way among other things. He told me that you don't choose to be a shaman, the spirits choose you, and if you refuse, they cause you to go insane. I keep wondering about the barcode on your forehead. If I were to scan it, how much would you cost, lol.

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