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Thread: Post Videos and Pictures of the Information Elements

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    Talking Post Videos and Pictures of the Information Elements (IEs) for Fun

    In this thread, post vids and pictures of how you see the Information Elements--for fun, or reflection,

    examples of what they (IEs) come across like to you, how one might show or describe them, or view them for fun
    in a certain light.

    (You can post videos and pictures of people who are simply that type, or what I was thinking is more of abstract stuff like overall themes, scenes, moods, music, that remind you of IEs--the latter was which I was considering while making this thread.)


    I'll start off by posting something... about .

    You don't have to match this with words, I mean just post stuff yourself. This is pretty subjective, just how I feel about at my core. This old childhood movie is layered with everywhere, just watch the flippin end scene *ohmy* but

    To truly be able to follow this example I'm going to give, listen @0:35 for 10 or 20 seconds, so that you first grasp the orientation of this melody or motif in context of how I'm going to describe.

    Now, when @1:19 comes around I can hear the family and kids in this story playing, the kids via bouncy string instruments and the dual/spouse of the "EII in our story" in low instruments, but once that piano melody comes on, it is this EII of our story and his which is subtlely yet so deeply and passionately resonating about what's going on in this scene, how much he cares, yet he is completely unable to bring himself out to be understood and express his feeling and his love, a feeling of this picture of his family secluded within himself of which he is in essence, subjecting a beautiful vision to, though one that is a true heartfelt reality inside. Flashing before his eyes is his entire life in front of him: a family one is fully dedicated to, and the inner intensity of this rather understated expression encompasses a passionate complete person inside who can do nothing but reflect on this bittersweet moment, and cry a tear for whom he truly treasures, a tear neither simply known a happy or sad, but like an extreme temperature, wholly overtaking. And I'm finding a way to relay the actual feeling or mood of sensed in this piano, that he is trying to say the words "I love you" in a way that they would finally understand what he meant, but the words are just not enough... This melody is relateable in reflection of a family dear to one, or an unfathomable love of a person, that inexplicably exists beyond one's understanding of it. I'm a composer or used to be, so I always pick out like 2 second clips of stuff I like--this soulful piano melody which responds more deeply to this precious moment, does so as if he had just stopped time, in this moment, to simply love them: 1:38-1:50 very sentimental.

    It might take you a couple listens to fully get what is described about that understated piano, to dig into the feeling and sound of him watching over his family play, the little guy, the little young lady, and his wonderful wife, almost as though when the piano part plays he is taken out his own picture in order to hold them closer, to love them more. Try to grasp that. Similarly, if the first video's piano melody is how I envision my at its most fundamental, the same melody @ 0:33 of the next video all the way on thru 1:40 of this video, would be my at its climactic, ideal point, like having that feeling of "This is me, now you finally understand, and my purpose is fulfilled! You know I love you!" sort of thing, and you hear all the background instruments and parts (other people) coming together to join our observing EII, this melody and everything in the original soundtrack is flowing with him as he is unified and finally belongs with it. It's perhaps an idealistic notion that could never be quite that way. Anyway. Don't have to relate to this, just imagine how we can picture our own functions, for fun and learning, whether or not it's perfectly accurate:

    I also post this music because the composer sounds a lot like John Williams who is also EII and my favorite composer, and I relate a lot to his music; this composer obviously took from him to write this score/soundtrack (ie. Superman.)

    I'll end with this quote:
    "Still waters run deep is very true of such people. Expression of feeling, therefore, remains reluctant. The truth is, their feelings are intensive rather than extensive. They develop into the depth. Whereas, for instance, an extensive feeling of sympathy can express itself in both word and deed at the right place, thus quickly ridding itself of its impression, an intensive sympathy, because shut off from every means of expression, gains a passionate depth that embraces the misery of a world and is simply benumbed. It may possibly make an extravagant irruption, leading to some staggering act of an almost heroic character, to which, however, neither the object nor [p. 494] the subject can find a right relation. Its aim is not so much to accommodate to the objective fact as to stand above it, since its whole unconscious effort is to give reality to the underlying images. It is, as it were, continually seeking an image which has no existence in reality, but of which it has had a sort of previous vision." - Carl Jung, Introverted Feeling.

    Please post some videos, pictures, music yourself. No need to explain them.
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    Ti mixed with Ni:

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