Hey guys -- I've been noticing myself becoming sillier & sillier recently.. I think it's a lot to do with me getting to be who I truly am since I have stepped out of a more depressing phase in my life.

However I have noticed that my humour is very random and the only people that truly appreciate it are other Betas ... the friends I joke around with most are IEIs and LSIs. It's like we can't stop laughing around each other and we become annoying to outsiders because it's obviously not as funny for them. I have had this experience before when my two IEI friends from middle school (years ago damn) and I would have laugh attacks and get looks..

Is this something you guys experience? Maybe this just happens to any two types whom get along psychologically.. but how would you describe your sense of humour?

Mine is sort of off the wall and consistently tied into "What if.. ?" scenarios.. I'll keep running with ridiculous scenes in my mind, like what if you do this and how funny it would be to because it's so over the top .. Also making fun of others quirks/mannerisms is a huge thing as well.. Is the what if thing common for Beta NFs ?

I'd like to compare this to other quadras.. I have some Gammas in my M. Sc program too and their humour is definitely more caustic & biting -- the SEE and likely ESI I know are always ripping on other people... but it comes across mean spirited.. I do the same but it's more light hearted.