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    Default Jessica Raine

    I'm currently watching the Agatha Christie adaptation Partners in Crime and interested in reading people's thoughts on her type (She was also in Call the Midwife, something I did not get into, but a series I understand obtained worldwide approval). Never been especially interested in David Walliams (who appears in Partners in Crime also), but his performance was suitably interesting for me to wonder what his type might be also (in relation to Jessica Raine particularly).

    probably almost obligatory to have a photo at least if only so that people may remember who I am talking about if they have seen her before...seems a rather impossible task to choose one.

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    I haven't VI-ed anyone in a long time, but SLE would be my first guess, based on gaze. Ti more than anything. Some would say she is Ij because she's skinny and angular, but I think that is a modern style, and more subject to one's will than gaze, which imo is less conscious. Of course, as an actor, she may modify that, too.
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