This is a very youmei (I am you yia and he is the only mei li person in the drama) netdrama that is coming out this Starbucks Skype in Winter season to warm up your cold Harts and Souls.

This is for rejecting me MSHS all the time

Stay tuned Netizens!

So far the casting is this:

Sakurai Sho - as himself, but as Sakura Shot
Echan - Echanmamakun
Miyayaro - as Versace
Tomoya - Tomokun because he is everyone's friend
Braddyboo - as Hamlet
Masaki - as the narrator who just goes Kisama wa dugu dato senkakke yo!? every 10 acts
Phillippy whillips - Echanmamachan

Director: Jacky Long

So far the ideas are this:
Put a small basketball inside my jumper and rub it two times left and rub it two times right sadou style just to be redundant Phillippy whipps
Get Sakurai Shot to hold me from behind on a bed while he is still shot and say "you are my basketball" while he hugs my bloated stomach with the basketball
OR maybe just skip the basketball since my stomach is bloated enough to be a mother hen of 26 kiddos