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Thread: The Witcher 3

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    Default The Witcher 3

    Deep, story rich game with tons of emphasis on the characters. Perfect game to try practice your typing on.

    Geralt- Obviously his actions are largely dependent on your choices which is a grey area, but definitely seems like a beta ST. I'd put my money on LSI-Se. SLE-Ti is also very possible though. SLI not out of the question either. (If so he'd be ciri's dual).

    Ciri: Delta NF vibes, seems to value Ne and Fi. Loose and outgoing, but not excessively so. I'd say IEE-Fi.

    Yennefer: Te valuing, thinks long term. I'd say LIE, no opinion on subtype.

    Triss: Hot/cold personality that I associate with a beta NF. EIE, probably EIE-Ni.

    Emperor Emhyr: Very strong Te, LIE-Te.

    Vesemir: Very attentive to what is right or wrong, not afraid to take action either.. ESI-Fi

    Keira Metz: Careless and flirty type with strong Si. SEI, no opinion on sub.

    Dijkstra: Ni and Te, Fe polr with Fi HA is very obvious. ILI-Te with strong Te focus.

    Phillpa Eilhart: Same as Dijkstra, ILI-Te.

    Dandelion: Talkative, loose and whitty type. Very strong Ne. IEE-Ne

    Avallache: Strong Ti. LII-Ti.

    Roche: Tactical thinker. LIE-Ni is probably the most likely.

    Ves: Blunt, just do it type. SLE, no sub. opinion.

    Radovid: Logical and, well, stern. Putin like vibes. LSI-Ti

    Eredin: Classic villian, no opinion on type.

    Zoltan: Blunt and practical. LSE, no sub. opinion.

    Lambert: Whitty Ne-dom like dandelion, but a bit more logical. Fi blindspot obvious. ILE-Ti (Keira's dual).

    Eskel: Likes some healthy competition, strong Se. SLE, probably the Ti sub.

    Priscilla: Strong Ne but not much as dandelion. EII-Ne. (Funny, zolton called priscilla dandelion's "mirror image" just like their intertype relation.)

    Crach an Cranite: Easy going, reasonable type. SLI-Si

    Hjalmar: Very outgoing and talkative. Strong Se. Not much Ti/Ni. SEE-Se

    Ceryese an Craite: Like hjalmar but more logical. No exact type opinion.

    Thaler: SLI-Te Vibes

    Well there are more of course but I thinks thats enough for now. I'll leave this off with this neat find. Do the developers know about socionics lol?

    Bloody Baron- SLE


    Flivatova SLE pic


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    Geralt is either LSI or ESI. xSI for sure. But you REALLY NEED to play the whole trilogy to understand him. If you listen to his comments about knights / witchers sacrificing themselves for the common people and the later comments about romanticism / chivalry(which surprised me) and how good Geralt actually is at understanding people...doesn't seem exactly LSI to me. But he could be either of xSI for sure. And this is only The Witcher 1.

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    Yeah I've only played witcher 3 so this is all based just in this game itself. I heard there are several books in the series as well. I feel like what choices you make can sway him between SLE/LSI/ESI. In the goody two-shoes playthrough I'd say ESI, and in my non-serious "scumbag geralt" playthrough I'd say SLE or LSI. At the beginning he seems very SLE but towards the end you see ALOT more Fi, way too much for SLE. I think its better to assume the good choices as the canon ones, so ESI-Se does sound like a good fit. This would mean he is yennefer's dual (LIE-ESI duality). Also the bad choices make him seem more LSI which would be Ciri's conflictor.
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    Completed this game recently.

    Geralt- IJ aggressor. I lean LSI.

    Ciri: I can see IEE based on VI but I lean Beta NF. IEI-Fe

    Yennefer: NT, LIE works, has aspects of LSI and LII in her characterization. On the whole Geralt and Yenn's relationship is victim-aggressor par excellence.

    Triss: IEE with a bullet, only hot and cold because she's in love with Geralt and he's not in love with her. Obviously this depends on what choice you make in the game.

    Emperor Emhyr: LSE-Te.

    Vesemir: ESI works well.

    Keira Metz: SEI-Fe or ESE-Si.

    Dijkstra: SLI.

    Phillpa Eilhart: EIE.

    Dandelion: IEE-Ne

    Avallache: EII.

    Roche: LIE-Ni.

    Ves: SLE?

    Radovid: SLI

    Eredin: Gamma NT

    Zoltan: ESE

    Lambert: ILE.

    Eskel: LSI.

    Priscilla: EII-Ne

    Crach an Craite: LSE

    Hjalmar: SEE-Se

    Ceryese an Craite: ESI-Se

    Thaler: ILE-Ti

    Bloody Baron -- SLE-Ti

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    Witcher in the game was made under high influence of witcher in the movie played by Michal Zebrowski (ISFJ).
    Types examples: video bloggers, actors

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