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Thread: Bands/Groups/Artists with ALL BETA Members :)

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    Default Bands/Groups/Artists with ALL BETA Members :)

    I thought this would be a cool thread to make -- if anyone can think of any ALL beta bands out there/artists.. I just love the vibe I get when I see a music video or hear music that's made from people that are vibing on the same level..

    Actually this brings up something I just thought about -- would it not make sense that a lot of successful groups out there really are of the same quadra, just because they would get along more and be more long-lasting/have less conflict? Hmm.. I think it creates a more special unified sound but what do I know..

    I'm mostly interested if anyone can think of bands that are not just all one type (easier to find imo) but a full quadra.

    First up.. OFWGKTA... LOL.. they just make me happy inside. I think Tyler's EIE... Frank Ocean IEI, Earl ??? .. Honestly the video's just Beta antics

    Secondly, I rave about this band but dayummmm they are incredible! They honestly turn me on.. it's the most sexual energy/chemistry I've ever seen a band have, particularly the main 2 girl and guy. SLE + IEI are dating IRL too, imagine the freaky sex they have.. LOL seriously though.. It's just exploding with sx/so 3w4 energy

    Radiohead's possibly all IEIs lol.. at least Thom + Johnny are.

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    The Clash are almost completely Beta. They seemed to have several drummers though. The core band is SLE, LSI and an EIE.

    Arctic Monkeys is another one. From memory, they may actually have the full set of Beta types.

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